Richard of Foxcourt

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Richard, Count of Foxcourt. AKA Tricky Dicky.


Summer 817wk
Richard of Foxcourt was restored to his lands and titles and all charges have been dismissed by royal decree after Richard's innocence was proved. See The_Fox_vs_The_Marquessa
Autumn 805wk
In the aftermath of the assassination of Duke Frederick of Aquila a jury of his peers found Count Richard guilty in absentia on charges of sedition and passed sentence of exile (to be at least 1000 miles from the Western Kindom) upon pain of death. (Not that there was any evidence, or indeed any indication that Richard was involved in the assassination, rather that the political climate in the Kingdom in the weeks after the Duke's death was such that nobles needed to be seen to act, and Foxcourt made a convenient target... and he was no doubt guilty of many things, if not this).
Autumn 799wk
Richard dissapeared from public life for a few weeks after entertaining some guild members on his estates. The two leading rumours are that he was persuing a discrete liaison with the guild member Dellith, and that he was abducted for questioning. No evidence was presented, accusations made, not charges laid, but on returning he ordered that Aryan, Brutus, Dellith, Dikembe, Gideon, Razor, and Tixellanif be bought to him in chains if they entered within his lands.
Autume 793wk - Seige of Drakenburg
Richard was reduced to ash by Whitefire. Believed to be irresurectably dead, he was seen less than six months later looking perfectly healthy.