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The main Scribe Notes

Contributions by Guild Members

Resources are organised before the guild meeting. Around 750,000sp have been spent on expendable items for the attack (invested, potions, rituals etc.). A number of guild members help by donating services, providing investeds, trading for items and casting spells.

Isil Eth donated a significant sum of money to be spent. Items are borrowed from:

Turf conducts a Namer summoning ritual every morning to attempt to summon Saydar. As long as nothing goes wrong, Saydar chooses not to be summoned. Turf also provides some potions and other support magic.

Guild members that provided services include:

Razor and Erzsabet watch the Linking Lifeforces in Newhaven. Erzabet has been taught everyone's ITN and will do name summoning each morning. She will have the ITN's shrived away after the mission is complete. A painting of each party member is stored in Newhaven Castle. Razor uses these paintings to communicate will the party on the top of the hour, and keeps a set of up-to-date scribe notes about everything that happens. In combat the linking lifeforces show injuries and Razor will immediately contact the party to find out what is happening.

A number of mercenary Guild Members required payment in advance from the party and offered nothing for free:

Spells and effects

The following spells and effects are placed on each member of the party:

Normal conditions

  • Flying Armour
  • Witch Sight(21) - 11 hours
  • Shadow Wings(11)
  • Armour of Earth(20) - 1 AR, 42 Def
  • Strength of Stone(20) - 21 EN
  • Fire Armour(20) - 100 points
  • Fireproofing(6)
  • Water Breathing(6)
  • Waterproofing(6)
  • Vapour Breathing(6)
  • Greater Enchantment(20)
  • Lesser Enchantment
  • Mind Cloak
  • Mind Speech
  • Blending(21)
  • Linking Lifeforce(11)
  • Fizgig charm - 3 X MR re-roll
  • Dunlan charms
  • Grobbenbonk charms
  • Wicca Amulets

Combat conditions

  • General Knowledge Counter spell Celestial (Cast rank 14 Engalton)
  • Special Knowledge Counter spell Celestial (Cast rank 14 Engalton)
  • General Knowledge Counter spell Necro (Cast rank 14 Engalton)
  • Special Knowledge Counter spell Necro (Cast rank 14 Engalton)
  • Strength of Darkness(21) +12 Str
  • Necrogeny potion(17)
  • Spirit Disruption potion(15)
  • Herbalist potion - WP
  • Rune Shield
  • Quickness
  • Trollskin
  • Spectral Weapon(15)
  • Weapon of Darkness
  • Feather Falling
  • Resist Pain potion
  • Resist Temperature potion

The BIG One!!!

Long Term effects

Effects provided at Guild intended to last for the season, or one shot charm type effects.

  • Greater Enchantment(Villa/Various, Rk20)
  • Flying Armour (Mortimer, Rk 12, 13 wks, Lift 650 pounds, 0-65mph, TMR 0-90, Underwater 0-30?)
  • Linking Lifeforce(Rowan, Permanent)
  • Fizgig charm (3 X MR re-roll, 2,500 EP cost)
  • Blood charms (Dunlan, Choice of 3-4, -1 FT per choice)
  • Grobbenbonk charms
  • Wicca Amulets
  • Jasper Amulet (Quarash, Resist vs Drain)

Censor Potions - Part 1

Potions provided through the Censor that are Talents, or effects, that will not be removed by Lords/Knights.

  • Necrogeny potion (Saydar, Rk17, -6 Drain)
  • Spirit Disruption potion (Saydar, Rk15, d-4+15, resist for half. 1xWP or ash vrs undead, 2xWP if resist)
  • Herbalist potion (Shoka, +6 WP or AG)
  • Resist Pain potion (Liessa, Rk 6, Cannot stun)
  • Resist Temperature potion (Liessa, Rk 12, -4 damage off Fire and Cold attacks)
  • Malshak potion (Sabrina, 30 min, free extra attack up to 5 hexes distant without movement)
  • Quozolt potion (Sabrina, d10+6 hrs, ignore shield defence, evade acts as bonus to attack)
  • Fire Resistance (Sabrina, 24hrs, Prot Normal Fire, -20 fire damage per spell/effect)
  • Moon Godess potion (Liessa, Double TMR, +10 SC, +10 IV, +1 die on all damage done, 10 hrs)
  • Aquatic Affinity (Aqualina, Rk11, +44 Swim, Aquatic creature bonuses)
  • Enhanced Vision (Glass, Rk 16, see through fog, mist etc)

Censor Potions - Part 2

Potions provided through the Censor that are Spells, that can be removed by Lords/Knights, in Rank order.

  • None at present

Spells - Part 1

Spells provided by Party/Guild Members that can be removed by Lords/Knights, in Rank order.

  • Blending (Morgan, Rk 21, 22 hrs)
  • Witch Sight (Morgan, Rk 21, 11 hrs)
  • Strength of Darkness (Morgan, Rk 21, +12 Str, 220 mins)
  • Lesser Enchantment(Various, Rk 20, Permanent)
  • Armour of Earth (Vican, Rk 20, 10.5 hours, +1AR, +42 Def)
  • Strength of Stone(Vican, Rk 20, +21 EN, 21 hrs)
  • Fire Armour(Dunlan, Rk 20, 100 points of ablative Fire Protection)
  • Quickness (Logan Invested, Rk 16, 160 secs x (D-5), will use Brilliance instead - see below)
  • GK Counter Celestial (Engalton, Rk 14, D+19 mins, +72MR)
  • SK Counter Celestial (Engalton, Rk 14, D+19 mins, +72MR)
  • GK Counter Necro (Engalton, Rk 14, D+19 mins, +72MR)
  • SK Counter Necro (Engalton, Rk 14, D+19 mins, +72MR)
Wicca SK Counter might be more useful than Necro Counter for some people. Saydar will have Necro Counter down in the area if possible. Andrew 11:44, 14 Nov 2005 (NZDT)
  • Mind Cloak (Liessa, Rk 13, 14 hrs)
  • Shadow Wings (Morgan, Rk 11, 6 hrs, Stacks with Instil Flight??)
  • Brilliance (Engalton Invested, Rk 10, Quickness plus covers target in brilliant light, 1xPC to be targeted, -40 to opponent SC, very good alternate to plain Quickness)
  • Mind Speech (Liessa, Rk 8, 90 mins)
  • Fireproofing (Dunlan, Rk 6, 7 hrs, may not stack with Fire Resistance Potion, Potion is better)
  • Water Breathing (Dunlan, Rk 6, 7 hrs)
  • Waterproofing (Dunlan, Rk 6, 21 hrs)
  • Vapour Breathing (Dunlan, Rk 6, 3.5 hrs)
  • Trollskin (Vican or Invested, Rk ??, ?? secs)
  • Feather Falling (Dunlan?, Rk ??, ?? hrs)

Possible Additions

  • Buoyancy (Aqualina Invested?, Rk ??, ?? hrs)
  • Gaeas (Engalton, Rk 20, Purely if high rank as another to be removed)
  • Compel Obedience (Engalton Invested, Rk 16, Purely another to be removed, dangerous consequences if Engalton controlled though)

Spells - Part 2

Spells provided by Party/Guild Members that cannot be removed by Lords/Knights.

  • Rune Shield (Keshah, Rk 20, 21 hrs, +25 Def, breaks to annul Spec. Grev.)
  • Spectral Weapon (Saydar, Rk 15, 20 mins, +16 BC, +5 Dmg)
  • Weapon of Darkness (Morgan, Rk 21, 25 mins, +8 Dmg, -8 on Dice)


Other abilities outside the above.

  • Call of the Wild Hunt (-1d10 from all damage recieved, +20 Def, 3d10 for Unengaged IV, Hunt members radiate fear, all weapons blessed with effect like Rk 20 Weapon of Darkness which effects all entities, but probably does not stack with weapon spells or other magic)
  • We are all currently 'Severed from the Thread' of reality. We can not be scryed, magicaly detected, or remotely targeted (IE; Earth Elementals can not see us standing on the ground many miles away, etc).

The main Scribe Notes