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Azure, on a mount vert tree argent
Azure, on a mount vert tree argent
Isil Eth
Isil Eth

Isil Eth at

Isil Eth is a tall, slender elfin princess, with very long blonde hair and radiant blue eyes. She is usually of pale, clear complexion, although she can tan if trapped in a desert. She always wears very expensive clothing and hair styles that are either slightly ahead of fashion or centuries of retro. Her favourite colours are blue and white.

There is an aura about her, especially about the head, hands and feet which normally are garlanded with flowers. She literally glows most of the time, so she does not stealth in the dark.

IE is normally accompanied by 5 bodyguards, a maid or two, butler and a few servants. Her entourage totals about 60 whilst travelling light, or more for a formal occasion.

She is adorned with a couple of rings, earrings, a tiara and torc. All tastefully bringing together diamonds, sapphires, and true silver.

Isil Eth is best known for her ability to Spend money, drink breakfast, and initiate fashions.

Isil Eth is an agent for Manwe/Varda/Yavanna and as such can state their views on most things to do with Elves. She can also speak to them on behalf of the elven race.

Isil Eth helped quell the bloodshed in the recent Aladarian Issue, and has been appointed Sheriff of the Aladar / Aquila border region (essentially she supervises the judicial system of northern Aladar and southern Aquila).

Isil Eth's right hand acts as a holy relic and she can take oaths, Bless people and Bless Holy Water. She takes less damage from draining, and undead wilt in her presence: her mere presence once killed an entire ball of undead dancers.

When not adventuring Isil Eth is rarely at the Guild, although a note addressed to her there will probably reach her within two weeks. She can usually be contacted at one of her estates across Western Alusia.

She has introduced viticulture to southern Aquila and rumour has it she introduced it to Borderlay some time in the last 5,000 years.

Her official residence in Carzala is Grace Wind Estate, some five miles from the Guild. Messages can be left for her there.
Burgelfin: An Appartment in the roof of the Regent Hotel, taking up the entire four floors.
MMH: An Appartment in the richer quater, being out side the mountain, and taking up all of the block other than the nice rooms above the stables.
Aladar and Aquila: to be advised (some castles and palaces may be salvageable).
Bordelay: to be advised (some vinyards may have survived).
Alheim: The Crystal Palace; small appartments at the palace of the Warden of the Eastern Marches and Eidolon.
Party Roles
Bit of a combat ambulance with ranged Empathy (AG 26+ allows her to quaff a healing potion at the same time).
Isil Eth acts more often than others and can ripple cast a spell.
TK Rage combined with Enhance Enchant makes for a compelling argument.
Reasonable diplomat.
An Avatar from Manwe is likely to turn up should Isil Eth die, to protect her body and take it to be resurrected.
Isil Eth is becoming a Master Courtier of Western Alusia (having achieved Rank 13 so far).
Her useful skills include Healer (with the ability to resurrect), Troubadour, Ranger, most spoken languages, horse riding and flying.
Rapier (9), main gauche (7), dagger (9), battle axe (1), shield (4)
A Mage of the College of Sorceries of the Mind. IE has most spells to above Rank 6. Phantasm is at Rank 14, mostly for fun.
She can consecrate the ground to increase magic resistance and deplete the effects of unnatural beings.
She has several magics specifically targeting undead, unholy, constructs etc (ie unnatural) entities. These are mostly based around divine light summoned from Varda and Manwe.

Her out of college talents include:

  • Converse with Anima
  • Aerial Affinity
  • Elvish vision
  • Healing Trance
  • Puisance
  • Fly at Whim
  • Iadano (fast draw)
  • Transmute in an Eagle

Her out of college spells include:

  • Enhance Enchant
  • Whispering Winds
  • Cleansing Flame
  • Glowing Sunlight
  • Spell Barrier
  • Teleport
  • Eldar Weapons
  • Light of Truth
  • Spell of divine Light
  • Comprehend Tongues
  • Creating Glade
  • Rest Eternal
  • Astral Journeying