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From left to right -Morgan, Saydar, Sabrina, Dunlan, Engalton, Vychan and Liessa.

GM: Jon McSpadden

  • Engalton Jono Bean - Wizard & Namer - Party Leader
  • Saydar Andrew Luxton-Reilly - Necromancer - Mil Sci / Scribe
  • Liessa William Dymock - Mind Mage
  • Sabrina Dean Ellis - Namer - Pet of Ajax
  • Morgan Michael Young - Celestial Mage
  • Vychan Sean English - Earth Mage
  • Dunlan Callum - Blood Mage

Mission: Attack Rashak and win

Level: Extreme

Overview: Although this is thought impossible, we are attempting to attack Masada and kill Rashak. This is a private mission organised by a number of well-known guild members. In the unlikely event that we fail to kill Rashak, we will at least understand the defences of the Dark Circle a lot better than we currently do.


The mission is extremely dangerous. A lot of preparation has been done to increase our chances of survival. Engalton spends weeks tracking down people and resources. Many other upstanding guild members help substantially. This section outlines the preparation and assistance gained for this mission.

Information Gathered

The information we have gathered is included in this section

Events and Timeline

The important events and timeline is included in this section

Current speculation and plans

A summary of what we currently understand of the situation, along with any plans for the near future.


A summary of any combat is included in this section