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GM Information is in a separate page for ease of printing.

Current Status

Whilst a Guild member of some seniority, Gerald has encountered a number of situations which have altered his physical age. Up until recently the majority of these have had the effect of aging him beyond his pure chronological age.

But most recently he has been able to reverse the ravages of time upon his physical form and now adventures as Gerald Jr, Bastard (acknowledged) son of Gerald du Claary-Graal (self-styled Knight of Gryphon Pass).

Gerald Jr is a little more headstrong, a little more curious (if possible) and rather more of a courtier than his "father".

Skills and Abilities

Gerald styles himself a mediocre/competent mage, even though he has a couple of high rank spells, a couple of additional college spells, and knows almost all of his College.

He also styles himself a competent fighter having decent ability in a number of weapons, but he considers himself to be an excellent Archer (not quite in Kin's class though).

He has a range of skills some Urban and stylish, and some Rural and common.