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The main Scribe Notes

1 Thaw 805
Guild Meeting. Request for assistance announced by Engalton. Items picked up and help arranged.
2 Thaw 805
Meet in Newhaven and discuss our plans. We become aware that uttering Rashak's name draws her gaze upon you. The Castle Defense System protects us from Scrying, but we know that she is trying. A flesh golem flying at hundreds of MPH is killed by the Elementals protecting Newhaven. It had basilisk eyes and was magically trapped to inject poison into anyone touching the body. We start watching more closely for assassins and taking portals where possible.
3 Thaw 805
Party splits up to gather information. Morgan talks to the Duke , Engalton to the Church and Sabrina to the Elves. The remaining party members stay in Newhaven and drink heavily. It could be our last opportunity.
4 Thaw 805
Sabrina still gathering information. The rest of the party reforms in Newhaven
5 Thaw 805
Sabrina returns from the Elves. In the light of the new information she contacts Odin. It looks like a god war is upon us.
We travel to Grobbenbonk's tower. Grobbenbonk can provide us with amulets that protect against Possession and Heart Attacks, so we can now gather information about the Dark Circle more easily. The price was high, but worth it.
After some negotiation we head up to the Temple of the White Goddess. The Temple has been reshaped. The White Goddess removed the Book of Knowledge to prevent it falling into the hands of Rashak. The Guardians of the Temple are gone, but the Naga is making weapons before she leaves too. We ask the Naga some questions and become aware that we are being watched by Rashak. The last few questions are asked using Mind Speech to avoid detection. Return to Newhaven and the safety of the Scryguard. We contact Clementine using Name Summoning to talk about the Sceptre of Sigismund.
It seems inevitable that a squad of assassins will attack us now. Rashak is aware of us as a threat. We need to increase our vigilance. The signs look ominous. From this time forward we will always travel together. Splitting up will surely result in our deaths.
6 Thaw 805
We board Morgan's boat and head for the Lunar Empire. After about an hour of flying, we are attacked by some flesh golem constructs (see combat for more details). We continue to a location a few miles from the Temple of Death and land the boat. Seir is summoned and we have a long conversation with him. He confirms some of our ideas about the events that have transpired. We travel onwards to the Temple of Death and have a brief conversation with Death. Dunlan dies as a result of being near Death itself.
7 Thaw 806
We return to Newhaven and plan. We prepare for an assault and fly into the Dark Circle to a volcano south of Seagate. A Titan called The shape of fire resides in the volcano, having been rescued by Vychan and Engalton recently. Since the Titan owes Engalton a favour, he agrees to help us destroy the undead in the Dark Circle. After some discussion, we convince the Titan that the best way to destroy the undead is not to destroy the entire continent, but rather come to our aid when we call.
We leave the titan and fly towards a location where we believe the undead forces are trying to get into a temple. On the way there we see a flying force of undead moving to intercept, so we land and prepare for combat. We destroy them all in around 30 seconds and continue to fly towards the temple.
The temple is very obvious from miles away. The undead forces have dug a huge pit, approximately 1 mile across and hundreds of yards deep. In the middle of the excavation is an enormous temple. The entire area is swarming with undead (estimated thousands), mostly lesser undead. Around the temple itself is clear space for around 100 yards, then a ring of tightly packed lesser undead fill the surrounds.
We land safely on the temple. We power up and fly towards what looks like a group of undead engaged in a ritual. We destroy the greater undead in seconds and clear enough space to work. The Lich appeared to be performing a ritual (probably a Blocking ritual). It had a chalice filled with blood. Buried in the ground is a Kyanite crystal which we successfully remove and put into a sack. We have heard that if a living creature takes possession of the chalice it explodes. We have no time to properly divinate the chalice so Saydar gets his Spectral Warrior to pick it up and put in his sack. The chalice explodes, destroying the Kyanite crystal and the sack.
We notice the Cairn where the remains of the Skeletal Knight flew to. We fly over to investigate and Detect Undead with 600 ft radius when we arrive. There are approximately 1400 lesser undead within 600 ft. Within 120 ft are about a dozen greater undead, including Wights, Night Gaunts, Liches, Spectres, Mummies, Skeletal Knights, and a Vampire.
The Cairn contains a Chaos stone. We think that they are using the Kyanite Crystals to amplify the effects of the Chaos Stones in an attempt to corrupt the Guardians of the Temple. We quickly fly to each of the Cairns and destroy the Chaos stones within.
We fly to the location where each Kyanite Crystal is buried and remove each of the Crystals. We meet some resistance and destroy some undead. The last crystal is well defended and a short but brutal fight results. We return to the safety of the Temple and resurrect Saydar, Dunlan and Liessa.
We decide to investigate the Temple and look for artifacts that will protect us from the Death Curses. Sabrina and Engalton divinate the entry. Sabrina enters the Temple.
A giant minotaur who is a servant of Death walks through the undead army outside the temple towards us. He informs us that we are in danger. The undead have summoned a storm that will flood the entire area.
Sabrina collects the six horns that we need. A number of powerful magic items remain in the temple, including the 72 banners of the Powers of Darkness.
We leave the temple and return to Seagate.
8 Thaw 806
We cure the party members and form up into teams of two so no one is alone when going about our business. Teams are;
Saydar and Vychan, Morgan and Sabrina, Liessa, Engalton and Dunlan.
Sabrina and Morgan travel to Granit Peak Holdings to fix the armour. Saydar and Vychan travel to the temple of Sier in Seagate. Vychan calls his master who gives him a map and some books. Engalton organises the curses to be removed from party members, and talks to Guild Security about being made invisible to scrying.
9 Thaw 806
At our request, Guild Security lead us to the Temple of the Fates. Our threads are removed from the weave, ensuring that we do not show up in any astrology, predictions, srying or other detection. We return to Newhaven and start preparing for the main attack.
10 Thaw 806
We spend some time divinating magic items and training.
11 Thaw 806 to 2 Seedtime 806
In an attempt at misdirection (since we suspect that there are spys in the Guild), we pretend to give up on the adventure. We start ranking spells and other training activites.
2 Seedtime 806 to 14 Seedtime 806
We prepare an ambush site and continue training.
15 Seedtime 806
Our ambush works flawlessly. We attack and kill Rashak.