Balrogs & Mithral

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Balrogs & Mythril
GM: Hamish
Session: Autumn 808 wk
Night: Wednesday nights
Level: High (chance of permanent death)
Location: Jon & Julia's place in Avondale Map


Party full

  1. Shoka (Human, Male, Air Mage) - Jon
  2. Viola (Human, Female, Illusionist) - Bridget
  3. Liessa (Human, Female, Mind Mage) - William
  4. Isil Eth (Elven, Female, Mind Mage) - Ian
  5. Engalton (Human, Male, Namer) - Jono
  6. Erzsabet (Human, Female, Namer) - Julia

Modesty (Skunk, Female, Healer)
Bedevere (Dog, Male)
Chesme (Gryphon, Female)
Zephyr (Owl, Male)

The Elves of Alfheim.
Open up the way gates of old.
negotiable; depends upon the manner of our return, if we return

Being a true and accurate account of the adventures of Shoka Blacktooth Esquire.

Duesday 1 Fruit 808WK

Having awoken too late to attend the Guild meeting I position myself in the hallways near the meeting chambers, watching the guild servants, noting which chambers receive the finest foods and wines. The room I choose has: Engleton, Liessa, Isil Eth, Erzsabet, Viola, and a collection of animals inside.

I nonchalantly take a seat and help myself to the wine.

The Party

Despite the fact that we all know each other very well, the Guild Rep insists on introductions. Viola is apparently no longer pacted to Renove (a good thing), has an Owl named Zephyr (supposedly to guide her) and is learning to be a Namer (so much for the owl's guidance). She seems more nervous than usual. Engleton is his usual bombastic self, has a skunk which he calls his Modesty and informs us that he will be party leader, Modesty will be scribe, and Liessa will be Military Scientist. Oh, he is a namer as well. Erzsabet has a wolfhound named Bedevere, and is also a namer. I introduce myself, Shoka, a beginning Air Mage and no longer pacted to Seir. Chesme a gryphon (who can also appear as a human) will accompany me. Liessa is her usual scary self, a Mind Mage. Isil Eth is an Elven Princess and a Mind Mage too. (I suspect she actually likes her family as she is no nearer to taking the throne; either that or she is just enjoying adventuring too much.)

Despite the fact that my prohibition has expired no-one seems keen for me to be party leader. However, Modesty does call me aside and ask that as she will be busy being party leader and preventing Engleton from doing anything silly, would I mind scribing for her?

The Mission

Nominations and SGT Snippets


Best Death




Hot and Not



Reference Information


  • The Queen of Alfheim


Standard Buffs

"A" = always on, "Y" = Yes please, "-" not required, blank = as required

Magic Rk Effects E1 E2 Va V2 B1 B2 Li IE Sh Ch
Vapour Breathing 20 10 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y -
Feather Fall 7 4 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y -
Mind Speech 11? 2 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y -
Mindcloak 11 6 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y -
Counterspells From Eng. (Colleges) -
Herbalist Potions 10 +8 AG/MA for 2 Hrs -

Mil Sci


Engalton Modesty Viola Zephyr Isil Eth Erzsabet Bedevere Liessa Shoka Chesme

Marching Order

Engalton Modesty Viola Zephyr Isil Eth Erzsabet Bedevere Liessa Shoka Chesme