Assault on Masada

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Assault on Masada
GM: Jon McSpadden
Session: Spring 806 wk
Night: Thursday nights
Level: Extreme


First Group: GM: Jon McSpadden

  1. Engalton Jono Bean - Wizard & Namer - Party Leader, and
  2. Boulder Hamish Brown - An agility Warrior Giant, followed by some Unknown persons.
  3. Clementine Kelsie McArthur - Air Mage (When required)

Return the Twelfth Veil to Naunet, Drive the evil from Masada. Recover the powerful Necromantic items for safe keeping (honest).
Although this is thought impossible, we are attempting to attack Masada. This is a private mission organised by a number of well-known guild members, and some not so well-known.

We meet in a well appointed highly defensible ready room in the heart of the guild. The usual round of introductions uncovers an unusual degree of talent, if the roguish and off beat can be described as talented.

We aim to take apart Masada, we intend to prepare over the next 7 days and attack after the stone elves and church knights on the night of the full moon. Dunlan calls for a combat between Boulder and Morgan and after bets are agreed between himself and Saydar and the flashing of a few blades this is decided.

We are joined by a black raven and after knocking it out decide to meet its master at the F & F. In the pub we happen to come across Odin who does not seem too impressed that his bird is dead and that we are not accompanied by Sabrina. Saydar challenges him to a drinking competition and a few blows are exchanged. It appears he wants to give a powerful two handed sword (the sword of the ghost king) to someone who is a greater noble and able to best him. Boulder wades in and delivers a good blow to get his attention, they round on each other and Boulder is dispatched by an unlucky effect of the sword (death) though because of a charm from Dunlan he has one pulse to live before the death will take effect. In this pulse Boulder is able to deliver a killing blow to Odin who turns into a raven and flies away as Boulder gasps his last breath and dies. However the sword is liberated and Boulder is resurrected by Engalton.

We agree to travel to Sanctuary to visit the shrivers there and get a death aspect curse removed from a local and bottled. We take Morgan's flying ship, land a little outside the port and sail in. Once at the shrivers Engalton is given a parchment which contains an invocation to summon Sekhmet a goddess (in person!) they also agree to sell us a few death curse potions and mention in passing that the Naga is looking for Engalton.

We visit a local pub where a naga is known to live and she tells Engalton that her sister from the Gatar Depression is looking for him to give us some weapons. Surprisingly Saydar comes away from the brothel smelling unusually sweet.

On returning to Seagate we begin gathering other necessary equipment. We purchase 19 magical traps at 10,000sp each and put a blades spell into each. We also gather a few other necessary bits and peaces. We also visit the Duke and request help. His personal astronomer gives us a DOOM.

To some it is likly to be very acurite to others it does not bear mentioning and probably should not be read. Since it may have long lasting and far reaching implications you may like to track down Morgan if you want to read it.

The Dukes General has this to say

Their are 16,000 church knights and 2,000 stone elves attack with them and they should provide some cover while you get inside the main keep. After that your on your own.

Saydars spectral warrior is acting funny. It does not go away when he goes to sleep apparently this is odd, also it keeps bringing him small dead animals and on enquiry eventually explains that it is killing the animals which are becoming inhabited by evil sprits. Engalton has an amulet which will capture one of these and upon doing so we discover they are being sent from Masada to spy on us. So far we think none have gotten through.

After ascertaining the location of Clementine we set off into the north east and after 700miles we find her. She is central to our plan because she has the scepter of some old king which is said to be able to destroy the vale. (Oh the vale is the thing which kills every living thing trying to enter Masada).

On the morning of the 6th day after the guild meeting we arrive at Masada to find 16,000 church knights and 2,000 stone Elves. There is also a Naga there which has 6 Sabers for Engalton as previously aranged. 3 are black and 3 white. The black ones kill things and the white ones heal things - only 2 of the party can actually wield sabers. We rest.

At Masada


Leading the Church Knights is Sir Gaius and Mazaizu Erelim of Michael is also present. Mazaizu blesses Engalton and Boulder giving each of us +50% magic resistances until we sin. Engalton keeps getting death buzzes because the church knights are burning sinners at the stake (6 every few minutes). The rest of the party seems strangely absent to everyone, apparently they are all unwoven which means in reality these scribe notes do not mention them and their actions and words do not count (these are not the party you where looking for - even though you are looking right at them). Boulder is sure to say his name loudly several times to each dignitary he meets. The various leaders do seem impressed that Engalton and Boulder are going to act as the Seagate strike force alone.

This leads to some interesting interchanges which do not actually appear in these scribe notes:
Saydar - Can I take a look at that invocation to summon Eris? Engalton - Excuse me?
Saydar - Where you not listening to your Mil Sci? Engalton - What?
Saydar - I have spent all this time ranking mil sci and really I should have ranked brewing.
Mazaizu tells us that Sechmed is also known as Eris. The leader of the stone elves is Sir Kesirus.

Our plan:

After discussing several variations which probably involve the death of Clementine and may not involve the death of 16,000 Church Knights we settle on this. Engalton and Boulder will take Clementine to the vale and she will hit it with the scepter of some old king. Then we will run until the vale disappears. The stone elves (who volunteer) will clear a path through the thorns and assail the keep of Masada itself and the Church Knights will back them up. Mean while Boulder, Engalton and others will teleport into the keep to take out the worst of the leaders of Masada while they are otherwise occupied. Our primary intention is getting the loot.

Saydar creates a Bone ladder near the Vale in order to allow Engalton and Clementine something to climb to hit the vale. Unfortunately due the immense necromantic power emanating from the whole area the ladder turns into a deadly bone tree with nasty spikes.

We charge in and attempt to climb the tree this proves painful, meanwhile each pulse the party is within 200 feet of the vale we are taking rk30 hellfire blasts. We retreat after this initial foray and re-cast fire amour.

The Veil

Engalton and Boulder then take Clementine to the veil. Engalton levitates up and Clementine strikes it while Boulder waits. There is extremely load shattering sound, Clementine disappairs, and we are surrounded in dense mist. We can see only 15 feet. We are still being struck by rk30 wiccan hellfire's each pulse.

The Nuuu

Mission accomplished we begin the retreat when we are assailed by 4 nasty looking ghouls. The first two attack Engalton and he must make a 5 times will power check. Boulder strikes one with two swords with enough power to kill a dragon and the blades pass right through (even the one that that kills undead in a single blow). He is also hit and makes his 5 times will power check.

3 pulses later we are flailing away we have been accosted in close by these 4 ghouls in this pulse we both make 2 times will power checks. Engalton has a good idea and tries hitting one with a white saber of healing and this delivers a savage blow to the beastie. The four unmentionable party members arrive and use mind mage empathy to deal to the ghouls. Boulder carries his last one to Liessa (but you did not hear her name here) and she kills it with her compassion, lucky this as he just made a 1 times willpower check and the next pulse was fast approaching. Boulder then charges over to Engalton and kicks the one of the remaining nasties off Engalton while Engalton resurrects the other to death as we are a little desperate.

We retreat and pass on the necessary information to the Church Knights who apparently keep losing their souls and being irresurrectibly dead. They fear better once they start healing the dammed rather than trying to kill them to death. We head to our tent to regroup and make a plan for the second stage assailing Masada itself.

The Attack

Shortly after we have teleported into the main keep upon the mountain top intent on destroying what looks like a dark lord of some sort. He and his six minions enter Masada via a black veil portal, and travel to one of the many keeps atop Masada. We are close on his heals Boulder kicks in the door while Morgan attacks one of the two guards at the door, they DA as not quite living, not quite undead, and not quite demonic. Thus we struggle to affect them. Boulder and Morgan force them back however and make room for the rest of the party in the entrance way of the keep.

Lord Azzur & the Dragons

Engalton communicates with the entities and they mention that they are minions of Lord Azzur who has come seeking treasure. We parley and he quickly agrees to join our force for the purposes of getting the loot, and destroying the Dragons.

Lord Azzur knows the way to the first few Dragons. We charge. His 6 Soul Golems engage the dragon from the front while Boulder runs around the dragon and attacks it from behind Morgan comes in from the side. It is slain in a few pulses. While the world will believe that Boulder strikes it up the rear into its heart and out its chest; actually that person whom you have already forgotten (whose name begins with M) makes the killing blow through the side of its chest.

Lord Azzur quickly removes the treasure into a portable hole, and through a portal into the basement of his keep. We agree that we will meet up and split this evenly later.

Lord Azzur looks to leave after the first Dragon. Boulder calls Lord Azzur a coward and he agrees to keep travelling with us to accost another dragon. This time the approach is longer and we are assailed by a wizard's eye which casts 3 little darts per pulse each of which causes death. Luckily Morgan casts rk21 light and we move on unseen.

We find ourselves in a tunnel, we know the dragon is close and there are many undead in the walls. Boulder moves 12hexes (half TMR) and strikes it in the face twice as a diversion, while the rest of the party approaches. Eventually Lord Azzur's 5 Minions (one was killed by the last dragon) engage the Green Dragon also Morgan attacks from the side.

Saydar and Dunlan are attacked by two spirits, which Saydar destroys with a spell called blades - Nasty that.

The Green Dragon, breathes fire, casts TK Rage, strikes Boulder 3 times with claws and bite and creates a gust of wind knocking several people over in the first pulse. While the world will believe that Boulder crippled both legs on the other side to him causing death it was likely that actually it had something to do with that person who's name you have forgotten (begins with M) who is also crushed as the Green Dragon falls on him.

Saydar (who's name you have already forgotten) rushes in and drinks the Dragons blood, Morgan, Engalton, Liessa and Boulder follow suit. This causes internal haemorrhaging and big pain to all particularly Boulder who (thinking more is always better) drinks it 3 times. We are all close to death... who knows why we did that?

Dunlan helps Lord Azzur remove the treasure into his Keep. Boulder finds that he can cause the dead spirit of an illusionist to rise from the dead as a ghost and we have resurrected the E&E guild council member whose name shall not appear here.

Acting quickly we travel several levels of tunnels intending to assault the Bone dragon next. We find ourselves in a large cavern filled with hundreds of skeletons. We begin using some magical traps to destroy them. Boulder goes around the side of the cavern and discovers that the wall is an illusion. Engalton starts putting down counter spells.

We have cleared most of the room of Skeletons when an Effreet appears on the far side of the cavern. Boulder is given the order to charge and he does so. Morgan teleports to the far side of the cavern into the shadow and lurks expecting more minions. Boulder engages the Effreet dealing two wicked blows to it. Other party members prepares spells.

The Effreet charges being a multi hex monster it tramples Boulder and almost everyone else as it heads for Liessa at the back of the cavern. Three more Effreet arrive and charge in the same manner as the first. Boulder charges back across the room to engage an Effreet. A fire giant (fire Mage) appears by the where Boulder has just come from. Every party member except Morgan and Boulder are being mauled in close by Effreet.

Morgan engages the Fire Giant as does Boulder; mean while Dunlan has caused the Effreet to become uncontrolled. Riders fall from 3 of the 4 Effreet. Liessa is in close with both an Effreet and its rider when 4 prehensile tentacles emerge from her face guard, grab the rider by its head, open its skull and eat its brain. Then they briefly lick her lips before grabbing the head of the Effreet for its next course.

Saydar has released 4 Spectral warriors from his staff (he has twenty which have taken him 10 years to put in), Engalton has drawn a two handed sword rated for close, Dunlan is head butting his and a bone dragon and 8 nasty looking warriors in amour appear near the fire giant.

Boulder is ordered back across the room and engages an Effreet and Morgan engages the Bone dragon. Saydar's spectral warriors have killed his opponent and he casts a Blades spell on the other Effreet, this kills the Effreet engaged with Liessa so she misses her second meal.

The Bone giant goes into close with Morgan who is dealt a crushing blow. The Effreet goes into close with Boulder. Morgan tries to strike the Bone dragon with his sword (which also rated for close) when he realises because of the strength differential his base change (which is normally over 200) is reduced to 0. An assassin appears behind Engalton and stabs him doing massive damage and teleports off again before anyone actually sees him

Engalton realising that things are a little dire teleports Morgan Dunlan and Liessa out to a clear space in the cavern, Liessa removes the dragon's willpower and rolling a triple cripples it. Boulder manages to remove himself from close with the Effreet and is about to jump onto its back, Saydar casts another Blades and his Spectral warriors finish off another Effreet.

Morgan charges in and slays the mighty bone dragon while it is down and the other minions are quickly cleaned up. Unfortunately once the fire giant saw how things were going he withdrew. through an illusionary wall and teleports off

We gather the treasure quickly and Engalton locates the fire giant. Dunlan recasts a few vital charms before Engalton teleports us off after the fire giant. We appear on the side of a cliff before us is the door to the second layer of the main keep which is set as 3 huge rooms each 300 feet apart down the cliff face of Masada, each is connected to the others by a path.

We are about to heal each other when 500 odd Skeleton archers see us. We are all pelted with many arrows from the wall hundreds of feet above. Boulder is targeted with a nasty spell. 5 magic spears appear each doing a special Grievous injury to him and 20 odd endurance. Boulder copes with the endurance damage but his amour is shredded.

Engalton teleports the party off the cliff face to the white tent where we began. There he spends 5 pulses healing Boulders specs; we get healed up and put on fire amours again. Engalton decides to take us into the middle room of the main keep to avoid the arches. We know that there are 30 Drow wizards casting in a circle inside and that that is were the rank 30 hell fire are coming from.

The Main Keep

After 2 minutes we are ready. Engalton teleports us into the middle level of the main keep. As we arrive we each have to make a saving through against namer special -50 for Boulder and Engalton -100 for the rest. Liessa roles a 01, Saydar uses 9 remaining power points to succeed, Dunlan does not appear but we are all sprayed with frog guts, Morgan with no chance of success transfers the certain irresurrectible death effect of the vale onto Boulder, who has to save again. Engalton is of course OK.

Saydar walks from the tent to the beer hall with the guild master, and has a beer. Mean while in the keep - the Engalgoons have surprise. After all who would teleport into a room which would cause certain death - the most defensible position in all Masada? the 30 Drow Wicca are in a large circle casting hell fire, each is guarded by a panther. The fire giant and an Orc general with a hobbit and 3 elves are gathered together on the far side of the room.

Blades, dragon flames and black fire all go off in the first pulse. then the party is hit with several Rk 30 hell fires. Boulder charges the fire giant and delivers two vicious blows, Morgan casts black fire on the Drow and their cats, Engalton tries to control the Drow, Liessa assists Boulder by throwing a tangling hag rope at the Drow which are now behind Boulder, and Saydar casts blades.

The fire Giant causes a brief concern as it tramples over Boulder and through the party however Morgan catches up with it and finishes it off. The Orc General attacks Liessa and Boulder attempts to come to her rescue striking the general from behind however his black rock sword is pulled from his grasp and enters the void which is contained within the general's cape.

The Orc escapes three Drow are feared and leave via the lower door. The rest are destroyed. Boulder is able to raise the Drow as ghosts using the Ghost kings sword and they must obey his command for one battle.

We quickly re-group and Dunlan appears from the path outside with Lord Azzur. He is given some grief for avoiding the dangerous assault. Dunlan renews the fire armour and we charge up the Stairs after the Orc and towards the top level of this main keep.

As we near the top level we are assailed by hundreds of skeletal monkeys and rats each one has an invested hell fire, whirl wind vortex or Necrosis attached which goes off once they come within range. Boulder has the job of charging into the room and triggering two magical blades traps when he is in the thick of it. Unfortunately as he charged into the room he spied a giant zombie skeleton on the other side of the room so he had to go over their and cut its head off.

Things started to get interesting the rest of the party began to arrive in the room. Boulder did indeed cut off the zombies head though the zombie was able to reflect this kind of attack so Boulder suddenly had to defend against cutting his own head off. Luckily he had one of Dunlans charms which absorbed the first spec grev. However things started to get really interesting as monkeys and rats started to go off and in the next few seconds 12 rk20 hell fires struck the party.

But for a bit of luck it would have been all over. Liessa fired a sonic blast through the room towards undead behind the far wall. Blades traps went off thanks to Dunlan and killed the rest of the critters. Morgan and Boulder took out the last two skeletal zombies.

In front of us there is a wall, to the left and right their are two tunnels leading away from us. We elect to travel in two groups down each of these tunnels. Boulder and Morgan charge off down the left tunnel coming to a large stone door, Boulder flies into it and smashes it to peaces. Morgan flies into the room beyond and finds four evil pacted half naked women around a 10' diameter glass sphere with various visions of the action around Masada in it. Morgan slices the first of these women in two and a daemon bull begins to appear in its place.

Boulder flies through the room and manages to observe Saydar's order not to kill any more of them - instead he tries the stone door at the back of the room by the handle and finds it is not locked. Party members are letting off blades traps to destroy the two skeletal Lords and 6 skeletal knights in the far room.

The daemon appears and attacks Morgan who lays into it doing massive damage. Boulder attacks from behind and manages to finish it off. One of the blades traps has killed the other three pacted women and 3 more daemons begin to appear. The first one did massive damage to Morgan and he is in a bad way. Engalton opens the stone door on the other side of the room.

the massive daemons appear one charges and knocks most of the party off its feet eventually ramming its horns through Dunlan against the far wall, he is maimed and dieing. Engalton gets Morgan back up and running. When Mr. Bamph (the assassin) appears behind Liessa stabs her and disappears before Liessa stops time to turn around and attack back.

The second daemon charges and attacks Saydar. Things look grim; in one attack the daemons are almost killing us each time. Saydar releases 4 spectral warriors from his staff Dunlan Morgan and Boulder release 5 blades traps between them. Engalton heals Boulder of 75 points of damage.

The third daemon now turns on Boulder and puts him to -20 in one action. The first are almost had it, and are being subdued by Dunlan, Saydar and Morgan. The door which Boulder began to open now swings open to reveal the Orc general which escaped earlier with 6 knights and two casters.

Engalton uses wound healer to heal Boulder of his damage and it is at this point that Boulder remembers that because he carries the sword of the ghost king he has 27 Drow Wicca to command. He commands them to cast hell fire on the Orc and his party in the next room.

The room fills with fire, Morgan finishes off the last of the daemons Liessa heals Saydar and Dunlan. We breathe a sigh of relief, wonder how we can get a 10 diameter glass sphere out and recover from the extreme combat.

We prepare to assail the third layer however this is the lowest layer and we imagine that we may have taken out the worst of the foe.

Lower levels

We witnessed many odd things when we entered the lower levels of Masada. The effect of the Twelfth Veil to Naunet, on the party was odd and we need not talk of it hear. We suffered some deaths when in the lower levels, but in the end we managed to safely return the Twelfth Veil of Naunet, but less said about that the better.

The Clean up

A few hours later after the start of the attack it was all over. We joined the leaders of the Church forces Sir Gaius and Mazaizu Erelim of Michael and Sir Kesirus leader of the Elves who took part in the attack. We as a force suffered light lose of life all considered. We spend a few hours with the leaders 'discussing the outcome of this victory'.

The party then returned to the guild by way of Morgans flying ship.

Duke Leto upon hearing of such a great victory campaigned for the party to be awarded the Alusian Cross, which the Dwarven Clans and Elven High Council and King Ulric Schwarzrotgold of the Western Kingdom, Duke Leto and the Guild bestowed upon the party. Other members that the Duke can remember are awarded the Order of Merit.