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Know as ALANDIS OF THE MIGHTY PEN,Spy surveyor extraordinaire.

It has been revealed that Alandis is Vadagh, a race created by the Lords of Order working from the Elves of Middle Earth. He has skills as assassin troubadour, courtier, range spy and thief. Enjoy fine wines and food and the sound of combat. Played By Fabio



  • To Master the magic arts (Alandis is now training at the Fire College and he is due to complete is training by late spring 814)
  • To become infamously known as the top sword for hire
  • To meet a dragon in combat ( and after A Doomsday Like Any Other campaign he has had enough of them for an elf lifetime, an yet the keep appearing)
  • To travel to Kinlu and learn the culture and sword fighting skills
  • To Invent something
  • To discover his origins

Ranking above Standard

  • Fatigue. 1 point above Racial Max (somehow he managed to lift Mjolnir)
  • Rapier may be ranked at 11 due to a visit to the temple of War.
  • Alandis now has no limit to the fatigue increase (as described in the The Coils of Spring - Alandis, Copper Scroll: Of Discipline & Mental Fortitude)