A Brick wrapped in a Prophecy

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Scribe Notes

Adventure: A Brick wapped in a Prophecy
Session: Winter 813wk
Night: Wednesday
Location West Harbour
Level: Very Low
GM: Ian Anderson (Supervising GM: Helen Saggers)


  • Aaron a male human E&E played by Helen
  • Horton a male human mind mage played by Errol
  • Brunhilda a female giant solar celestial played by Michael Scott
  • Alandis a male elf Ranger played by Fabio.
  • Lim Water mage archer played by Bernard.

Employer:Guild Astrologers

Payment:5,000 sp cash, 2 free resurrections or regenerations, 20pt Healing potion,lessers and sundry guild services.

Summary:A prophecy has landed on the astrologer's desk wrapped around a gold brick. The astrologers would like a group of junior heroes to fulfill it.Even those with B colleges will be acceptable.

Opposed rolling combat system play test

The Prophecy:

One big one wet one cat one enchanted one new
And on the rising on the third they will be upon the north green.
And yea they will have beer and nuts and cloth of drying.
Oh think of the children...
The little green men will be routed and the big green men vanquished.
The ravens will lead and the crows will follow.
They shall alight in the valley of the gloom.
They shall sleep and they shall wake.
There will be noise and Sarah will stake.
Green in the darkness there will be
The soul will be offered (Translated by Samuel the OLD MISTY Priest).
The former men will be met and there will be running away.
Onwards and downhill.
First the lake then the salt.
The ship shall go and then it shall stop.
Where it went they know not.

Scribe Notes:

1st to 3rd Frost: Meet the children

The party is off on their merry way with a hand puled cart full of equipment and provision for the mission, in particular beer and nuts! They are on their way to the north common.
On the 3rd morning a thick mist envelop our heroes. The party is wary of it and, with weapons drawn, are greeted by a huge figure which resembles a giant white snake. The huge dragon confer with the 5 and confirms that they are who it was looking for. After gaining consent from the party the 5 are transformed, along with their equipment, into mist and airlifted. After few hours airborne, the flight comes to an end, in what seems to be a cave. While the mist is dissipating, the come to the realization that they are standing in a pentacle, drawn on the floor with Silver Birch. On closer inspection the cave described in form of picture graphs, the history of the local people and animals, as well as depicting Magical creatures. After the miss is completely disappeared, the notice they are not alone. They are in the company of 5 young children who are as astounded as the party them self.
Bob, Kate, Mary, John, and Michael, aged between 6 and 8, proceed with the explanation of why they have summoned our heroes.
They come from further down the valley, the explained and the main city near them is Lake Town, a location that our heroes are not familiar with. Their nearby village was attached in broad day light by 10 Goblins, which they report to 2 Orcs. The youngsters are normally not allowed in this cave as it is a mystical and magic place for the locals of the valley, but they did not know where to go so they hid them self here. They also knew that somehow they needed something Silver to summon the magic so they decided to use Silver Birch.
As the Goblin and Orcs made their way into the village from the main gates, the kids were able to flee, but the parents were rounded up and looked in the village barn. By the description of the children, it appears that one of the Orcs is in charge of the party, and the 2nd Orc is capable of using magic. The children explain to our heroes that the Goblins are armed with Short bows and knifes, the Chief Orc wears a Metal Chain Mail, and the second Orc has a horned helmet.
The 5 children are able to describe the settlement to our heroes with fine details. They explain the cave is located North/East of it, and the terrain is covered with forest. The main Gate is located on the North/West side of the community as well as having a second gate that takes to the fields were the big village bull is located. The 30 houses are surrounded by a palisade "Which is easy to climb" the kids say, and a ditch, at approximately 50 feet from the forest edge. The barn where all the adults are kept captive is situated on the South/West side of the village.
The party inspect the outside of the cave and after recuperating some energy with a meal they prepare them self for the inspection of the village.

3rd Frost: Giving back the town

The Big, the Wet, the Cat, the Enchanted and the New one are gathered around the fire to discuss the plan of attack. The objective is to free the town from their captors, without raising any alarms, or having anyone of the nasty creatures fleeing. The children have drawn a detailed map of the town and we can see the palisade has 2 weak spots. We decide that might be best to free the captive villagers via the barn thatch roof. As the main gate is guarded by one of the goblin and some others are scurrying in the village, we need to ensure we pay particular care in entering without noise. We will approach the town wall with a couple of ladder. One will be used to climb over the fortification, when the second will be used as a bridge between the barn roof and the palisade. The group sets of by building the rudimentary ladder on instruction of the Enchanted one, Aaron. Once they are ready the party is ready for their mission.

During the stealthy approach to the palisade, we come to the realization that the abductors are inside the barn and are shouting orders as well as intimidating the villagers. Our strategy comes immediately to a halt as we need to take a closer look on the situation.

The Cat, our mind mage has a quick inspection of the barn with is ESP spell and detects that there are few hostile creatures as well as loads of frightened one. The wet one, our water mage, carries on in placing one of the ladders on the village wall and cautiously climbs on it. Once on top he discovers a ledge on the other side were he can walk easily. He climbs down while the New one, the "asparagus grower" follow closely. Once inside the two elves moves cunningly closer to the two barn entrances, so to inspect the situation.

Inside the two orcs and a goblin are standing with their back to the main entrance which is left wide open. On the opposite side of the barn, by the secondary entrance, four more goblins are keeping hold of 4 children.

Wile the weather is closing in and a thunderstorm is brewing in the air, some more goblins make their way to the barn with what resemble a meal on wheel; they are struggling to push a wheelbarrow full of animal's carcasses. Once inside the orcs help them self to some meet while the goblins throw some of it to the villagers. After the meal some of the goblins leave the barn headed for the tavern, while the rain starts by the bucket load.

The party regroup and decide to inspect and attack the tavern as the noise of the thunderstorm will be covering all the commotion. We climb over the palisade and inspect the village inn. Only 4 of them goblin are inside getting merry by the pint load. The 5 stealthily and under the protection of the "walking unseen" spell enter in the main hall and in less than no time the 4 nasty are finished. Subsequently the New one armed with his newly found best friend "the Sap", quickly subjugates the nasty at the front gate, under the watchful eye of the Wet one who has is bow loaded for precaution. The party of 5 now proceed to inspect the town, and when no horrible creatures are found the direct them self to the barn.

A new plan is quickly shaping up. The wet one help himself to some oil from the Blacksmith shop and successfully oils the external hinges of the barn doors. The Cat position himself in view of the Chief orc. He will try to control his mind and manipulate him. The Big one and the Enchanted one prepare their weapons, while the elves make their way to the back door. The New one with his friendly Sap, knocks out the two awaken and standing goblins with a mixture of stealth and dexterity as well as finishing the two sleeping goblins on the floor. The mind mage is in control of the chief orc and his moving him toward the goblin. The mage makes the orc hit the goblin who goes for a short flight to his death. The big one disposes of the second orc while the Enchanted stops the burly blacksmith who is brandishing the goblin and using it as a weapon, in the attempt to kill the standing chief orc. "We want him alive" Aaron shouts.

The New one notice that one of the villager is relatively calm, and upon questioning, he notices her spy skills are far more advanced than him. She is Molly, the wife of the burly Blacksmith, and he immediately decides he does not trust her; he suspiciously keeps a close watch on her.

As soon as the captors are defeated and the only standing one is tied up, we informed the villager of the mission assigned to us by the 5 children in the Magic cave, which are subsequently recuperated as well as all the livestock brought in from the fields.

The orc is then interrogated by the mind mage, with loads of disapproving from the New one, the "asparagus grower".

The interrogation

Despite Alandis willingness to torture the nasty orc, Horton offered to hypnotize it and spare him unnecessary suffering. The orc gladly accept and after the mind mage performs his spell the orc begin its tale.

The orc received his order from the Boss orc on behalf of "The Spectre". It does not know the name of "The Spectre", the only things it knows is The Spectre has loads of friends in the goblin nest up the valley. Its orders were to simply take the village and the villagers and wait for the Orc Shaman and its entourage of 6 elite goblins. The Shaman is on his way to sacrifice the village and power up "The Spectre". It also knows that "The Spectre" does use magic but it does not know the reason why "The Spectre" is coming but he is the big dog, at the top of the food chain. It knows "The Spectre" is under ground up a side valley with an approximately 100 beings army. Also he talks about a Vampire who is supposed to assassinate someone in Gloomy Vale

The orc is asked to identify a little portrait found in a pocket of one of the dead goblin. It does not know who he is. It only knows it is supposed to help him if it is met and listen carefully to what he says. The orc also talks about a Vampire which will be attacking other villages.

After the interrogation the party consult with Jonathan, the head of the village. He informs them of the existence of a valley at about 7 day walks from here. This is the same direction the orc has given of the goblin and orc nest. The place is called Gloomy Valley which has a smaller side valley known as Gloomy Vale and is governed by the local Baron a knight. This is our adventurer next destination.

The party and the villager are off to sleep, but not many will be sleeping well tonight.

4th Frost: The enemies are near

It is the morning of the 4th day and the 5 are getting ready to depart from Robertson Village. According to the captive orc, they will have 3 days before the Orc Shaman will arrive with his elite forces. The heroes plan is to visit 2 village upstream and 2 downstream to figure out from which direction the nasty will come. Subsequently they will try to inform the Lake City Mayor, as well as asking for reinforcements and support, before adventuring toward Gloomy Vale.

While preparing Alandis approaches Molly to ask information and contacts. She recommends him to visit one of her friends. His name is Roberto the Vice sheriff of Gloomy Vale. She says he is a good contact and will be more likely to believe him than the locals. Meanwhile Lim asks Chief Jonathan for a letter which will make them more credible to his friend, the Mayor of Lake Town. He cordially accepts. The others in the party sort all equipment and provisions into sacks, along with the weapons and armours of the orcs. Brunhilda and Aaron prepare few of their spells needed for the day and with Star-wings on our back, Unseen and Witch-sight, we fly away from the village headed north toward the 2 villages upstream.

After 20 minutes flight, they reach a small village of approximately 50 people. There is no sign of orc or goblins, and life continues for the villager, oblivious of what is yet to come. They continue flying to the next village. Within the hour from their departure from Robertson Village they reach the next big village, which can hold 300 living souls. The place is known as Upforest. Unfortunately there is no villager in sight and only one chimney is smoking in the village. Horton approaches cautiously and cast his ESP spell. What he senses is what the party had feared most; one human confident of brandishing his shield and sword, one malicious and evil figure, 6 more malicious creature and 150 people unafraid of it all.

They discuss the best course of action. The villagers are undoubtedly under some sort of spell of control, and the heroes are outnumbered. Lin suggests dropping grenado and torches on the barn. If they are under any known mind controlling spell, this will probably break it and allow them to attempt fleeing. Due to their time constraint they have no time to ambush the village and fly to inform the other towns. So they deploy their attack with 2 granado and 3 torches, and as they hear noise and commotion coming from the goblins, the fellow 5 immediately circulate back to the little village to inform them of the upcoming events. At a last glance the barn is well set alight.

The companion land at a short distance from the little village as they all remember well how dangerous is to fly in to a town. They most certainly remember their training with the flight masters at the guild. The village gate is open and as they enter they attract the curiosity of a wood cutter. They explain the gravity of the situation to the crowd that is forming around the adventures. When all villagers have been informed and convinced of the coming events, the heroes spend some time assisting with loading the horses for the evacuation. The woodcutter villagers will be safer in Robertson, as they are ready to defend the town.

Once the woodcutters are on their way, the flying heroes direct themselves toward Robertson town. Once there, they proceed with informing the villager of the unfortunate event of the barn in Upforest Town. The 5 companion were too late and all they could see was a barn engulfed in flame. They also advise the locals of the influx of villager from the wood cutter town, as well as the incoming 7 horsemen we have spotted on the road. The horsemen did not look that promising so we suggest to the villager to keep the gate shut at any costs.

Unfortunately time is short so, the party takes off toward Lake Town after providing the villagers with the relevant information. On the way to the Lake they encounter a dozen of villages, so the 5 stop in all of them to explain what they have seen and what is about to happen in the valley. The closed they get to the lake, the more sceptical the villager become.

While in flight Aaron remembers the insignia seen on the shield of the 7 horsemen, it is an Orcish religious symbol. It is now dark when the heroes finally land safely just outside Lake City; everyone except Lim who goes for an unexpected swim in a bog. Nevertheless he is happy to be near such a large body of water. The group call the guards, as the gate is now closed. They ask to speak with the person in charge and after a short wait they are greeted by the sergeant. After a brief explaining of what they have seen and after showing the letter from the chief of Robertson, the sergeant requests that the 5 take a bath before meeting the Mayer.

They are then taken to the Pointed Stick tavern for a wash and for refreshing. While walking the narrow streets of Lake City the party realize they are walking on wooden planks and the city is built on stilts. Once finished refreshing himself Alandis take the chance to speak with some of the patrons of the tavern. It is the town guards favourite hangout and Alandis is searching for information about Roberto the vice sheriff of Gloomy Vale. He learns that he will be dealing with a very dodgy character.

After a while Alfred the Capitan of the guards arrive to escort the 5 to the Mayor, along with 12 guards. They are taken in hall with few chairs and 5 gentlemen at the far end of the room. They are introduced to Thomas the Mayor, and they hand over the letters from Robertson town as well as explaining the situation.

They explain of the planed assassination in Gloomy Vale, as well as their uncertainty of who will be the target. The Mayor suggests that he is happy to send some soldier to help defend Robertson Town as well as inspecting the situation. He is also happy to send troops in Gloomy Vale, but he would like for the heroes to lead the way and investigate. He will provide the heroes with sealed letters for the sheriff of Gloomy vale and for his assistant Roberto. He will leave the heroes to discuss details with his assistant Edward and his guard Capitan Alfred.

The 5 proceed in explain how they got here as well as presenting the Goblin dagger to confirm its origin. The locals confirm been from the Rugandian goblin, a tribe followers of the God of plenty. These goblins do not follow the local religion of "OLD MISTY" the dragon, like some of the goblin in Gloomy Vale.

During the conversation the 5 discover of the existence of a prophecy that talks about them, however Edward and Alfred are not willing to share. They recommend the heroes to talk with the priest of the Church of OLD MISTY in Gloomy Vale. During the conversation they are made aware that Lake Town does have some treading business with other town on the other side of the lake, however this knowledge is a secret kept by the Boat men. The sailors also keep wit them the secret about the offers of favours to THE OLD DEEP the protector of the lake.

The heroes also discover that the "12 days of Chaos" are due to starts. "Apparently" the two describe, "during those days, BAD THINGS HAPPEN". Alfred informs the heroes that he will be able to send his troops but he advises that it would take up to 20 days for their arrival. He suggest that the heroes consults with the sheriff in regards of the Tiberian goblins, follower of the OLD MISTY religion; they might ally against the Rugandian goblins.

After Lim prediction of a misty and foggy weather for the next morning, the heroes are escorted to the Flying Duck tavern, where they have dinner and a good night sleep.

5th Frost: The Prophecies

An hour before dawn they are woken up as planned. Our heroes notice some weird wet circles on the walls of the bedrooms. The DEEP ONE they think! Outside the fog is thick.

They walk to the stables to see the city scouts on their way, and collect all the required paperwork for the sheriff. The spells for the day are planned, prepared and casted. After having a new set of wings, witch-site and breathing under water, the heroes take off, up the valley.

The flight is pleasant enough due to the ability to see in the fog. By dawn they reach the junction were they veer up towards Gloomy Vale. By mid-morning they spot a large town. As they touchdown to enquire, Alandis is more than happy to impersonate a sack of potato. The town guards greeted them by the gate and inform them of the location. They have reached their destination. This is Gloomy Vale.

They are escorted to the Keep by the Sergeant, where they are made to wait for Roberto, the sheriff assistant. Roberto arrives and after a lengthy conversation our heroes discover that he knows of the prophecy of the 5, but he was not expecting them so soon. The also discover that the prophecy is been around for hundreds of years. He also suggests we speak with Samuel the OLD MISTY dragon Priest about the locals' beliefs. He mention of the existence of another cult which worship snakes, and they occupy some ancient and abandoned tower.

They heroes are then escorted to meet the sheriff, which after a brief conversation, recommends them to the Priest. They enquire about the local goblins and he put forward his assistant Roberto. The conversation moves to the tower, at which point the sheriff mention the existence of more than one. He believes to be approximately 6 of them.

Subsequently they are returned to the keep for lunch where the Sergeant directs them to the temple. He also endorses the Rams Inn for the night.

As they approach the temple they notice the dimensions. Gloomy vale is a 5000 people town and the church is of noticeable size. It has bells in the belfry and loads of statues. The building has a magic aura of a non-sentient been.

They 5 spot two disciples in robes and enquire about Samuel. The two offer to escort them to the priest. While walking they explain to Brunhilda, the prophecy. As soon as they begin, they realise the heroes are the prophetical one. The two acolytes tell of the 5 who are coming to defeat the goblins and rescue the area. The pupils present the heroes as THE 5 to a man with darker robes who also wear a medallion of a coiled dragon.

The heroes spend some time in dialogue with Samuel. The Priest informs then of the existence of another prophecy which involve goblins and undead. One talks about the undead army, and one more that talk about the snake cult and the ruined tower. Samuels explains that one of the prophecies also talks about a soul to be offered in one of the tower. The tower is infested by undead and is location is known to the goblins, so the heroes must get to them to ask for assistance, as well as visiting the goblin shaman, as he might have some sort of protection for them before venturing in the undead territory. Samuel also believed the existence of an old candle and a chalice, inside the tower which was robbed a long time ago from the church of OLD MISTY.

The heroes discuss how to defeat the undead. They speculate on the use of holy water, to be turned into mist with the help of the OLD MISTY and OLD DEEP. Samuel initiate the 5 on the two creatures/gods which are believed to be working together. Some of the locals believe, they are the same been. However the heroes are faced with the trouble of transporting the holly water. Pastor Samuel suggestion is to find the chalice, for the safe keeping of the water.

The discussion them moves on the defences of Gloomy Vale; the town needs to be able to protect themselves against the undead army. Samuel is happy to bless all weapons, and explains of the magic placed upon the area by OLD MISTY.

As the sacrifice still needs to occur, they think that some one of the cult of the snakes is the target. They think is important to pay them a visit; the closest on is the Night soil.

After the enlightening conversation with the priest, the heroes make their way to the Rose tavern. They want to talk with the Night Soil, one of the Snake Cultist. On their way they send a message to Roberto; they are asking him to arrange some gems and precious stones as presents for the Goblins. The Heroes will be collecting them in the morning.

As they arrive at the tavern, they decide to start spreading rumours so to attract some of the Cultist. As they entertain them self with a game of dice and some ale, the heroes are waiting for a turn in events. As expected, in the mid-afternoon -early evening, some one approach the heroes. He is curious to know all the information they have. They decide to discuss details in a private setting, suitable for "business". The figures lead our heroes through some dark alleyways and small squares destined for his home. The place is cosy, and welcoming. The man opens a trap door under table which leads to a bigger cellar. The basement is quite spacious with some interesting walls decors. They are crawling with snakes which do not seem to bother by the presence of the man and the heroes.

The 5 discuss with the man and inform him of the plotted assassination/sacrifice of one of the snake priest/priestess. He is aware of the existence of a priest/priestess but he has never met the person , nor does he know where he/she is located. Brunhilda asks if the snakes can point to the location and the man is very convinced of the snake tracking ability. The heroes suggest the man to make his way to the cult priest tower to inform of the events afoot. After the purchase some venom the heroes depart from the cultist to make their way to the recommended tavern, The Rams head owned by Tom, the sergeant brother.

The heroes are welcomed and taken to the best spot in the local. The substantial meal taste great and the ales are refreshing. The Keeper arranges the accommodation for the party, and the heroes are on their way to bed. However the night will not go without a trouble. Shortly after mid night they are suddenly weaken, by the sound of someone breaking in. They are quick at prepare all their spells, and in few minutes they make their way downstairs, to assist Tom and 2 halfling in defending the Inn from the intruders. The cocky Vampire is quickly restrained by the wet one and the cat one, while the big one runs away in fear. One of the halflings, Katherine is more than happy to stake the vampire with Sarah's chair while the enchanted one and the new one are engaged with the vampire minions, which at the passing of the undead, they are awaken from the mind controlling spell. The 2 are from the town of Midvale, further up the valley. They do prove of no much help as they have no recollection of any happenings.

The town guards and some of the priests make their way into the tavern to assist with the injured Innkeeper which is seating on one of his chars, with his daughter on his lap. The heroes noticed one of the holy men giving a strange look of disbelief toward Sarah the daughter of the tavern keeper, and inform the heroes that he will discuss with them in the morning.Horton organises to have a chat with the halfling at a more convenient time, at their village.

A pint of ale to refresh is served to the 5 before making their way to bed. The night goes by without any further incident.

6th Frost: Off to see the Goblins

After a hearty breakfast the party is off, towards the temple. They meet up with Samuel to discuss last night events and to collect the necessary information. They talk about Sarah the daughter of Tom the owner of the Rams Head. Samuel and his priest had their suspicions about the importance of the child; however they were not convinced of it until last night events. Samuel also advises of is priest findings in regards of the undead. The Vampire was a young one; approximately 100 years, and also that he has a pact with spectre. Alandis present 3 vials found on the body of the Vampire. They contain the blood of ............ The party trade the vials for some Carbuncle potions, and their off to see Roberto.

The party is taken to see Roberto, who is happy to provide the information and directions to the Goblins location. He also hands over a bag full of what Lim recognise as been full of rubies. The heroes are faced with 1 solid day of walk to Midvale and 2 further days of walk before reaching the goblins territory. Roberto also provides them with the information regarding the ruins of some of the towers, which appears to be located in areas past the goblins. He also recommend to approach the horse merchant, as he can provide them with some horses to be traded with Midvale. That will also make the journey easier.

After collecting the horses, and striking a deal with the merchant, the 5 are again on the road, directed towards the town of Midvale. Two miles out of town the party recall the direction of the Halfling village; they diverge from their path to a smaller, south facing path. A mile up valley they are welcomed by a spectacular and much smaller valley, dotted with Halfling houses. They ask directions and are quickly pointed toward Katherine House.

The party are greeted and welcomed by Katherine and the second Halfling from last night. Brunhilda detects a high aura and she enquires about her knowledge in regards of last night Vampire and her knowledge of the prophecies of the valley. They also provide information in regards of the plot. She explains her story; she is one of the destined one and she knew of the vampires in the valley. She believes there are more vampires around as she is a slayer. She has defeated more in the last weeks. She has also heard rumors of an holder vampire which is now part of the leggends.

The heroes are quick at recognise her talent and invite her along with the other quieter Halfling: her cook. She is more than happy to join the crew.

After getting packed Katherine and the cook are in travel with the heroes. During the journey she recounts her story to them. She discovered to be one of the destined one through a dream. She than trained with the dwarfs, and she is been slaughtering vampires as well as snakes worshipper for the past 10 years. She also recalls her meeting with the 3 dragons of the valley, Old Misty, Old Deep One and He Who lives under the Mountains.

The party now of 7 spot the chimneys smoke of Midvale just before dusk, but it will take them few more hours before reaching the gates of the Town.

They are welcomed by the guards, which direct them to the horse merchant and to the best Pension in town. The Swan Wings. After giving the horses to the merchant the party are on their way to the Inn, where they purchase the best room available and good food. After the experience of the night before the party organise night watches, however the night goes by without any incident.

7th 8th 9th Frost: Forest and Goblins

Morning comes and the party is greeted by the servant with an ample breakfast, as well as the Capitan of the guards. The heroes provide him with information of the missing hunters, the vampire, and the movements of the orks in the adjacent valley. They provide advice on having the returned hunters checked by a priest, so to ascertain they are not controlled by one of the creatures mention previously. After a substantial breakfast the Captain thanks the 7 and departs.

After casting the protective spells the party is off again on their journey towards the goblins.

After 2 solid day walking in the thick forest with no incidents, the party is greeted by a goblin ambushed at noon of day 9. Lim quickness of mind is able to convince... more precisely, confuse the goblins into guide us to their leaders, which they much oblige. The 7 are guided and escorted by 30 goblins and taken to their nest. On their journey to the cave entrance the Rangers of the group loose their orientations.

Three miles deep into the Goblins nest, the troops and the party reach the 1st chamber were a gigantic wood construction is been fabricated. Aaron recognises it as a well contrasted dam. One more mile goes by before reaching a 2nd chamber where it appears to be a communal feast, and is filled by goblins. The group is lead to a smaller hollow next to the chamber where they are greeted by what appear to be the chief of the goblins and a Shaman.

"Welcome, we have been waiting for you" says the leader, much to the surprise of the party as well as the captor troops.

"Waiting for us..." Alandis asks "....waiting to do what"? The reply comes swiftly from the leader of the Goblin King Fred with approval from Shaman Galebl Brox. "To retrieve the chalice, of course...As it is stated in the prophecy." He continues by explaining that plan of filling the dam with holy water, so they can flash flood the caves and destroy the spectre and his plans.

The 7 are informed of the morning departure of Goblins elite troops. They will be marching with a couple of guides towards the magic tower. The tower, the shaman describe, is a frightening and haunted entity. He is not sure but he suspects to be haunted by lesser undead.

The party is escorted towards their accommodation, all while the shaman enlightens them on the jade box which holds the chalice and the 4 candles within the tower. They walk by what it looks like a crazed alchemist study. Those are the shaman quarters, where an accommodation has been made available for the brave men.

The shaman continues by clarifying that no one has ever returned from the tower which is located 2 days walk from the cave. He believes it was placed there for the safe keeping of the chalice and the candles and is not quite sure what it is inside or what the tower is. He will be happy for the party to make a decision on it.

The shaman offers to the party some potions while they strategies, as well as getting some magical silvered coating on the sap of Alandis. Galbel Brox also describes to the party the significance of the prophecy passage regarding "The offer of the soul". The shaman will be giving a soul tattoo to the heroes. It ss a tattoo that allows your soul to make things, mundane things, not weapons. "What you are is what the tattoo is" he explains. "So think of what you want on your skin".

After the planning has concluded Lim remains in the quarters while the rest of the party is off to join the goblin feast.

10th 11th 12th Frost: Goblins, forest and a terrifying tower

After a good night sleep the party is awaken for their journey to the tower. They prepare their spell in the high mana quarters, and quickly joining the 50 strong troops of goblins, a couple of guides, and Little Jonny the herb gatherer assistant to the shaman. In the confusion some of the party notice the 2 Halfling running away with other goblins.

Outside they are greeted by a misty day with fine spells, perfect for marching. The group spend the next 2 day marching and on the 2nd night the troops are organised for the next day. Everyone except the 2 guides will be marching to the tower.

On the morning of the 3rd, after the spells are casted the platoon is mobilised toward the tower. They do not need to walk far to reach the stone path to the tower. They are surrounded by what the rangers describes as bramble.

As soon as the structure of the tower is fully visible the entire goblin force are dispersed by fear of the frightful tower. Brunhilda goes berserk and with shield loaded on her arm is charging the tower. The 4 heroes and little Jonny proceed in following Brunhilda, which has quickly slammed the front door open and is attached by some dark figures.

The party hears her screams coming from inside the tower and fear for the worst. Horton is next in an attack the remaining zombies. Once the rest of the party arrive they see only 4 dead zombies.

The main door behind them slams shut as the other inside the tower opens.

The heroes regroup and inspect the area. As they move in they are met by half a dozen of ghoul and equivalent number of skeletons. The combat is fierce; the giant and the enchanted one defeat the 6 skeletons white the rest of the group looks after the ghouls. The party subjugate the undead not without injuries of their own. Alandis is badly battered and unconscious not because he was toppled by 5 ghouls, but thanks to his companion, the giant who decide to swing her club in the pile of bodies.

After the fight the mages recast their protective spells as they are in a high mana area. The mind mage scan the area with his ESP and identifies something on the lower levels. The long room has 2 set of stairs, one directly opposite the door that brought the heroes inside which climbs upward into the tower, and one by the short wall that leads downward.

The heroes venture down the second set and straight into the long corridor. Ahead of them on the left hand side they inspect 3 doors which are safekeeping a whole heaps of furniture and junk. They continue walking until the corrode take a turn to the left. As they pass the next door they are met by set stairs which spirals upward as well as downward. The direction is downward for the heroes. They come to a short corridor with a door. They open it and inside they discover another room full of junk; however there is another door at the other end of the room. Lim proceed in inspecting through the key hole and identify that something is happening, some sort of sacrificial ritual as he identify a body on an altar and an elf just in front of it. He takes his time to inform the party. The tactic; open the door and stop whatever ritual is taking place.

The door is swung open, while Lim shots his arrow and miss the target. Horton swiftly jumps on the elf while the others enter the room ready for a fight. What looked like a sacrificial ceremony turns out been a necromancer table with an 8 feet flesh golem. The room is surrounded by 10 of the unearthly beast. The heroes are quick at eliminating the dark art mage and all his creatures.

They return to the spiral stairs after patching them self-up, and then continue downward. They reach the water reservoir of the tower, at the bottom of the stairs. They identify a group of Fossegrim. Lim is quick with is conversation and manage to gain safe passage in the water towards the other set of stair in the room.

He also collects 6 vials of the reservoir water for future needs.

The part of six ventures upward on the new set of spiralling stairs. After a short climb the reach two doors which are locked from the inside. The party continues on to what resemble le next floor. Two corridors stretch out north and south from the stairs. They spend some time inspecting the area, and after realising that nothing is of importance of this floor they decide to continue upward on the stair.

They continue for approximately 100 feet before reaching an horizontal door on the ceiling. The Mind mage perceives an old and powerful mind on the floor above. Lim inspect the door for traps before climbing in the hexagonal room. Alandis follow.

The furnished room in 50 feet across and has 5 windows and a door way to the balcony. On each window and in the doorway is perched a black raven. As soon as the adventurers enter the room a raven fly across the room towards a cupboard. Apart from the birds there is no one in the room.The heroes inspect the cupboards and after removing an old trap they discover what they were seeking; a box made of jade. They all try to pick the lock with no avail, so they all start searching for the correct tool. After a brief search they discover the secret location of the key.

They all huddle around the box, and after a closer inspection they all realize how foolishly they were in believing the legends. The box is actually made of very well lacquered wood, and it does contain the 4 candles and the chalice needed for the ritual. They are the correct candles as they depict the 3 deity of the areas: The dragon, the kraken and a giant earthworm.

The party close the box and prepare to depart. They look out of the balcony and they realize they are 2000 feet up in the air. Something bizarre is going on as they haven't climbed inside the tower for that long to get to such high ground. However, unwilling to make their way down they decide to fly. The ravens on the balcony do not seams fazed by the heroes casting spells. After putting wings to the whole party, they depart and fly to recuperate the rest of the goblins. 4 of the experienced heroes land gracefully in the tower front yard, while Alandis pays a visit to the bumbles in his not so graceful crash-landing.

After the goblins have regrouped the platoon is on its way. They will spend the rest 2 days marching back to their cave, where the candles and chalice are given to the shaman for divination.

15th Frost to 15th Snow: Ritual preparation

The goblins are happy for the heroes to take part in their life for the 4 weeks preceding the ritual which will take place in the week before the days of chaos. During this time Lim is happy to practise is water magic wile aiding to fill the dam, while the other heroes practice and train with the goblins elite in diverse skills. They also help the shaman in recuperating some rocks to make Greek Fire and Granados. This time also gives a chance to learn the goblins language in preparation for the ritual chants. On the day of the full moon, the goblins have a special gift for the prophetic heroes. It is the ritual of the Soul Tattoo.

16th Snow: Ritual

The day of the ritual is finally arrived. Lim performs his magic so to create a water altar where the ceremony will take place. The goblins and the heroes begin their chanting which will slowly increase in tempo and loudness over the course of the next 2 hours.

The shaman completes the ritual by placing the herbs contained in the chalice in the water, which starts to glow and have a will of its own. The dam is released and the water charges downhill towards the cave of the spectre. Few minutes later, an explosion resonates in the cave.

The water will take another few days to dissipate, so the goblins start the celebratory fest in honour of the 5 heroes.

17th Snow to 29th snow: Mystic Water

Few days later the party and the elite goblin depart in their spelunking venture. The water of the previous days appears to be dissipating and have left chaos and destruction in its wake. The cave appears to be empty. Dark shadows populate the walls; at close inspection they resemble the creatures that lived down here. They resemble explosion marks; must have happened once the creatures got in contact with the blessed water. Scattered around the caves are piles of scrap metal, the remains of the weapons accumulated by the enemy forces. What ever lived down here is no longer present.

The mages in the party perceive a crackling noise, and at close scrutiny they discover the powerful free flowing mana. The crackling sound is due to the mana arcing. Lim approached the area and try to control the mana as it seems to be concentrated in a pool of water. The water appears to be alive. It has an aura of a sentient been and according to the mind mage It has the curious mind of a young child and wants to learn. As he cast his spell he also conclude that the sentient been has learned the spell as well. Aaron enters the water to inspect it and the body of water rises to surround him. Lim cast a water breathing spell to protect Aaron. The body of water immediately learns the spell too. Alandis is growing curios of the strange phenomena and starts playing with the water. Another column of water lifts him from the ground, and a pair of gills appears on his neck.

Lim ask to the Goblins to fetch some barrels as the party as decided to transport this water up to the goblin cave. They return with Johnny and 20 or so barrels.

The party suggest to the water based creature to enter the provided barrels. At hearing the suggestion the body of water splits itself to fill the barrels.

The party returns to the Goblin main chamber, where they meet up with Galbel Brox. They all inspect the creature. It closely resembles water elemental which has been created on this plane. It appears it requires magic to stay alive. Galbel Brox suggests that of creature been created during the ritual. The party recon that whatever it is it should be taken to Lake City; there the heroes have a chance to meet some boat-men which might lead them to The Old Deep One. The goblins will escort them to Gloomy Vale as loads of discussion need to take place regarding the Chalice and the candles.

To transport the barrels the goblins have to build special carts so it will take them until the end of the days of Chaos

30th Snow to 4th Ice: Return to Gloomy Vale

The heroes along with what appears to be a goblin army, depart towards a new entrance to the goblin nest. The heroes do not recognise the entrance, and once outside they are surprise from what it expects them.

30 Shire horses loaded with the scrap metal found in the below caves. One of the horses is loaded with the green Box and 4 baskets contain 4 halflings. The heroes recognise the magical disguise of the goblins.

It will take the best of 4 days to get to Gloomy vale. Although slow the journey goes by with no incidents.

The party direct itself to the temple where are welcomed by the acolytes and are escorted trough the temple ground where are met by Samuel, some senior priests, guardians dwarfs and Harold the Unfathomable; he is one of lake city senior boatman. Galbel Brox reveals himself once on the temple ground. The heroes brief the welcoming party of their experiences. They heroes enquire about the 7 horsemen and they are updated. Robertson Village managed in defeating and disposing of them. They were goblins on Hell Hounds.

The conversation them move on the sentient been found in the cave. Harold agrees with the idea on contacting The Old Deep One which will assist in finding what the creature is willing to do. He will be more than happy to provide us with some letters for his subordinates. The party is off to debrief with Roberto which also provides them with a letter for Lake Town.

They 5 make their way to the Rams Head Inn were a month or so ago the fight with the vampire took place. The Owner is glad to see the party and provides them with a feed, good beer and a place where to rest.

5th Ice: Logistics

Logistic planning and execution during the day; the iron scraps are sold, and some horses and a cart are rented for the safe keeping of the 20 barrels where the water creature is been resting. The horses and the cart are loaded for tomorrow's trip.

6th Ice to 8th Ice: Junction Road

The party leaves Gloomy Vale directed west toward the main junction with the bigger valley. The trip will take until the afternoon of the 8th Ice. Once at the junction the lookout for the barge docks on the river. They approach the only bargeman present and as they mention Harold they are met with a look of disbelief. They present one of the letters from The Unfathomable and his behaviour is immediately changed. He calls over his crew of keelers to help load the barge. Departure is set for early morning and the party is welcomed on board for the night.

9th Ice: Placid River

At the crack of dawn the Bargeman and his crew are ready to descend the river. The trip is comfortable on the placid waters and before sunset they arrive at Lake Town docks. The Bargeman hurries on the docks the while his crew unloads the fragile cargo. After a short time the boat owner is on his way back to the barge, accompanied by another man. The second man is wearing a uniform closely resembling Harold's one; he introduces himself as Capitan Alberto.

The group hand over the 2nd letter. The Capitan is surprised however is happy to help. He is happy to have the barrels transported in a safe area of the docks; he also recommends to the heroes to head back to the docks within 3 hours. Sail will be set early and he will need all 5 of them for the proceedings.

The 5 make their way to the council hall where are met by the Capitan of the guards and a couple of bureaucrats; they debriefing is quick and the letter from Roberto is handed over.

The heroes then return to the docks, where a group of sailors guide them to a lakeside tavern. A vast array of drinks is served to them; the Sailors encourage the party to drink with the presumption that if they want to learn how to sail they need to drink the knowledge. The drinking continues.

10th Ice: Old Deep One

Once awake the 5 realize the reality of their massive hangover, as well as possessing a certain degree of knowledge of sailing.

Once offshore the 40 foot vessel governed by 20 of Capitan Alberto's crew reaches a bank of thick mist. Some of the acolytes n board, start chanting. Few sailors heave some pig carcasses overboard. From the mist an unmistakable Kraken flipper appears, moving closer to the boat. Slowly it approaches the boat until touching the barrels of the sentient been. It is ready for our questions.

Old Deep One reveals the creature intention of continuing traveling with the heroes and is the heroes' task of figuring out how to best transport it. Once it has finished the flipper moves on touching the heroes. It communicates to them; once their mission is completed their blessing will be revealed.

The sails are set towards Lake Town to sort out the cargo and provisions for next day trip. The Venerian see is located at 2 days sailing from Lake Town and some of Alberto's sailors are happy to assist them there.

11th and 12th Ice: Sandspit

The Party is on board and the goods are safely strapped on the sailing boat, which without delays departs Lake Town docks. It will take them a couple of day and skillful sailing to reach the calm lagoon at the other end of the lake. During this time on board gives our heroes plenty of opportunities and time to practice their newly acquired skills. Once the boat's anchored the sailors unload the boat. They also explain to the party that from this point onward they will have to proceed by foot.

A group of helpers from Sandspit town arrives with carts and sledges and quickly load the cargo and happily transports it to the township. The town is walled and well protected. The white houses have tiled roofs and are rocked on a side of a sheltered harbor; by the docks there are some large warehouses. There are no guards in view, and the villager seams happy to carry weapons. To the train eyes is clear the all have some knowledge of combat. None are faded by the presence of the Party which is headed to the docks to find safe passage home.

The news are not good, no one is headed north towards Seagate. Is winter and due to various rumors of an imminent drow invasion no one is willing to venture that far for business.

On further investigation our heroes discover that Captain Jack the Orc is due to dock in Sandspit town by the evening; he might be able to help them.

The five after ensuring the Water Sprite is safely stored in one of the docks warehouses, head to the local watering hole for a drink and a rest.

Is early evening when a very ugly man, with 1 elf 1 dwarf and 2 humans take seats in a table adjacent to the heroes. They ugly human resemble the description of Captain Jack the Orc.

After offering a round of drinks the heroes approaches the man and his crew, and asks for assistance in transporting the heroes and their cargo towards the Duchy. They are willing to offer their services to assist with sailing the boat. Unfortunately the Captain and his crew have no business in that part of the world and are not willing to venture that far. Captain Jack however, he has a proposal for the party; he has seen a 30-40 foot sailing boat governed by a motley bunch of elves. He thinks that capturing that boat will be useful; he would like to put his hands on whatever they have stored in the cargo, and the heroes could do with the boat.

The heroes are not willing to risk it and are not convinced by the idea so they ask for proofs. The heroes are invited back to The August, Captain Jacks boat. The Dwarf casts his Water of Vision spell in the kettle, and in front of them the sail boat previously mention appears. It appears to be manned by a crew of drows.

The party spend the evening with the crewmen discussing the plan of attack as well as negotiating the terms of the agreement. Once a decision is reached and the assault is planned for the coming day, everyone returns to their accommodation for a good night sleep.

13th Ice: Salt water and Ice

It is early morning when the adventurers reach the town docks. The cargo is safe and secure on board of The August, and the crew is ready to set sail.

During the day all the mages on board prepare their spells for the attack. It will take the ship a whole day to get to destination, as the attack is plan for night fall. The party wants to take advantage of the dark to approach the drows boat.

The plan is simple: fill the drows boat with arrows wile approaching it, and then board to finish the surviving crew.

The August is approaching and at approximately 650 feet out the arrow start flying. The archers are using poisoned arrows to increase their killing chances. The Captain of the drow is quickly and silently killed, the helm-man is the second to go before while he raises the alarm. The boat is significantly slowed while The August approaches swiftly.

A dark robed drow and a fur dresses drow appears on the deck along with 4 archers and some swordsmen. The mages and archers retaliate in vain as the bound water created by the Water Mage Lim is protecting The August and it crew. The opposing Ice Mage creates a wall of ice which is counterspelled by the Elf Namer on board of The August. The approach is swift and the scallywags of Captain Jack along with the heroes prepare to board the drows boat.

By the time The August is by the port side of the drows vessel, six of the drows crew are dead and Horton is in control of the mind of one of the archers standing on the bow. The boarding is swift. Alandis and Brunhilda use the force of the impact to jump on the bow of the vessel while Captain Jack's scallywags ready themselves to climb on board. Lim is busy firing arrows to the Necromancer wile Horton is attempting to control the Mages mind. The fight is vicious and some of the drows crew are quickly eliminated.

All of a sudden two more figures appear on the enemy deck. They are a water mage and a huge Vampire. Few of the August crew along with Aaron retreat, in fear, below deck.

The Necromancer is fatally wounded by Lim so Horton changes his target; the water mage could be useful in attacking the Vampire. Alandis shout to Lim "Get Splashy out here"; Lim is quick in instructing the August crew "Release the grog" while noticing the increase tremor coming from the barrels below deck.

Lim successfully sticks an arrow into the vampire which retaliates with a gravity spell. Alandis and Brunhilda eliminate the 3 archers on the bow wile Horton has succeeded in take control of water mage. The scallywags with their protection are butchering the opposing drow crew.

The water sprite (Splashy) surges on deck, lifts Lim 5 feet in the air and carries him towards the undead while Lim equips the two weapons for the fight; the clash is powerful. The drow Water Mage controlled by Horton is washed overboard along with another drow. Brunhilda jumps in aid of Lim.

The Augusts crew quickly disposes of the drows. Horton runs to protects the Ice mage, which is unconscious; he could be useful for interrogation. Brunhilda, Lim and the Vampire are now on the open water, supported by the water sprite, 15 feet in the air. The two heroes are pounding the undead while the consecrated and bound water of the sprite is inflicting more damage to the undead. The vampire has no more options but to turn in gaseous form and is subsequently trap and captured, as a bubble, by the bounded water.

The fight is over, the drows mages are interrogated and the boat is inspected. Below deck is full of Tea and Coffee, as well as 12 chained slaves; this is the original crew of the vessel. The 12 are looked after by the healer, and are questioned by the heroes. During the search charts, maps and plan are discovered. The information gathered seams to unveil a plot for a drow invasion of the elven nation of Elfenburg, via one of the rivers which crosses the Sea of Grass. The heroes decide that the plans need to be delivered to the Guild in Seagate so they can inform the elves in due time.

14th to 22nd: Sea, Sea, and more Sea

It is dawn when loot is finally split and Captain Jack and his crew depart. The heroes, due to the imminent drow attach to Elfenburg, are in a hurry to present their findings to the guild. They will require the assistance from the vessel original crew to support the heroes in sailing the boat to Seagate. It will take 8 days for the ship to get to destination.


  • 7x Goblin healing potions
  • 5x Walking Unseen rk5
  • 6x Witchsight rk5
  • 2x crossbows
  • 2x Orcs glaives
  • 2x Orcs Chain Mail
  • 2x Orcs horn helmet
  • 2x Gate goblin trinkets
  • 1x OLD MISTY talisman
  • 0x Neurotoxin venom
  • 0x Arrow Flights Amulets
  • 5x Carbuncle Amulets
  • 1x Bag of Rubies
  • 5x Protection from Ghoul infection potions
  • 4x Restorative
  • Necromancer loot
  • 4x Greek Fire Granado
  • 5x Vampire teeth Amulets
  • Ship Cargo
  • Drow Ship Restoratives and water of healing

Persons of Interest

  • Bob, Kate, Mary, John, and Michael: the 5 children that have summoned the 5 adventurers
  • Molly; the blacksmith wife. She has advanced Spying skills
  • Jonathan; Robertson village chief
  • The Orc Shaman and the elite goblin squad
  • "The Spectre"; the baddie! He works for the Vampire (appears to be dead now)
  • The Gloomy Vale Sheriff
  • Roberto, dodgy character Assistant of sheriff and contact of Molly
  • Thomas the Mayor of Lake Town
  • Edward assistant to the Mayor of Lake Town
  • 7 horsemen with orcish insignia, turn out been goblins on hell hounds, and killed by Robertson Villager
  • The vampire who will assassinate someone in the Gloomy Vale (dead now)
  • Samuel the Priest of THE OLD MISTY
  • OLD MISTY the Mist Dragon
  • OLD DEEP,a Kraken protector of the lake,
  • HE WHO LIVE UNDER THE MOUNTAIN, Dwarf god, a giant Earthworm
  • Galbel Brox, the goblin shaman
  • The Night Soil, a snake cult follower
  • Tom, the Inn Keeper of the Rams Head
  • Sarah, toms daughter. She has an Avatar aura and she is one of the destined one
  • Katharine, the Halfling Vampire slayer, and destined one
  • Goblin King Fred
  • Little Johnny, the herb gatherer and Galbel Brox apprentice
  • Dead Necromancer, did not last long
  • Water Creature, similar to a Water Sprite, renamed Splashy by the party
  • Harold the Unfathomable, Senor Boatman
  • Captain Alberto, of the boatmen
  • Jack the Orc, Captain of The August
  • Dwarf water mage, crewman of The August
  • Elf Namer,crewman of The August

Aaron a male human E&E played by Helen Horton a male human mind mage played by Errol Brunhilda a female giant solar celestial played by Michael Scott Alandis a male elf Ranger played by Fabio. Lim a male elf water mage played by Bernard

Standard Buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur A H B D L
Greater Enchantment (A) 7? + 1 on two areas Permanent (until mission ends) Y Y Y Y Y
Sparkly Thing(B) 10? +22% Def 1/2 in close 5 1/2 hours
Ablative ? +32 Armour Absorbs hit points before disappearing Y Y Y Y Y

Seagate Times Stuff

Whats Hot, Whats not

  • Star Wings at daytime. Star Wings in Mist Dragon Territory.
  • We are using the vampire slayer to protect us. Vampire slayer is using us as bait.


Have you have tried sexing a mist dragon???
No, how's it?
It is easier to fly over the mountains than through!!!
Guild members are far more dangerous unarmed!
Can, a cult of one person, be called a cult? Yes a Cult of Personality

Adventure Summary for the SGT.

After been summoned by a group of children and transported to a magic cave by a dragon, the 5 heroes (Aaron, Horton, Brunhilda, Alandis, and Lim) have disposed of the goblin and orcs who held the kids family and village captive. Subsequently the group has flown around the valley to rescue one village of woodcutters, and set the barn of Upvalley village on fire in an attempt to rescue the villagers. Subsequently, the heroes have continue their flight toward Lake Town, interrupting their journey only to:

  • inform Robertson town of the incoming Woodcutters and the 7 Horsemen spotted on the road.
  • inform the dozen villages of the recent events.

The heroes are now in the stilt built Lake Town and are getting ready to meet the Mayor.

After the encounter with the Mayor the heroes have departed fro Gloomy vale were they have met the Sheriff, his assistant Roberto, and the priest of the OLD MISTY Church. They are now planing what to do next. After a succession of meetings, they finally retire for the night when the Inn is attacked. The get read of the intruders before a sound night of sleep. Next destination Goblins territory.

After sorting out provisions and horses, the heroes are of to recruit a pair of vampire slayers, before reaching the town of Midvale. After a good night sleep the party is again en-route towards Goblins territory. It will take them 2 days before been ambushed by the latest. The heroes are guided to the Chief which welcomes the arrival of our heroes.

After exchanging information with the Shaman, the party is of with a platoon of goblins towards the tower. As they arrive they are greeted by is frightful presence and all the Goblins run away except the herb gatherer. The 5 run after Brunhilda which after going berserk decide to attack the tower.

The courageous men, are now fighting for their life against undead. They venture deeper in the tower were they defeat a Necromancer and his 11 Golems. They reach the top pf the tower were they find the chalice and the candles. They return to the goblin were after 4 weeks of training they perform the ritual and defeat the specter and his army.

Spelunking allow for the discovery of a water creature resembling elemental, so the party decide to take it to The OLD DEEP. The goblins assist wit the transportation until Gloomy Vale were the will stop to decide the fate of the chalice. The party continue assisted by few boatmen in their endeavours of taking the creature to the old deep one which suggests the will take it with them. So the set sail towards Sandspit a town on the cost of the Venarian see, where they might find a way to go back home.

They meet with Captain Jack the Orc which is wanting to repossess whatever goods are on board of a sailboat governed by drows. The plan is drawn and the attack to the boat takes shape in the open seas.

The battle is vicious and every drow and the vampire on board are eliminated. A close inspection of the vessel leads to the discovery of the original 12 crew members which have been enslaved, a cargo of coffee and tea and plans for an attack of Elfenburg. The heroes swiftly had back to the guild of Seagate to report their discovery.