Send Lawyers, Knives and Money

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Scribe Notes High Lady Mourne Desolate-Sky of the City of Dylath in Terranova is in a spot of bother. It is so troublesome she has asked the merchants of Parties Interested in Riches And Trade Everywhere if they could acquire any slaves able to help her out. PIRATE assures the Guild that any such slavery will be of limited duration.

This adventure would be ideal for those looking for masterworks in Spy, Thief, Courtier and Troubadour. Warning - in this game you probably won't be taking any of your own gear.

Alandis played by Fabio
Pierre the Halfling played by Ian A
Villa played by Michael Young Party Leader/person to blame
Boabdil played by Antonio
Human the Fool played by Michael Scott Party Mil Sci
Prudence played by Julia McSpadden Party Scribe
Eltan aka Stupid Stupid Rat Creature Earth Mage and fighter with speed. played by Joe Parker

The job

  • contact must be confidential. Must not share that we are from Seagate
  • guild would like any information on our employer
  • why did the Drow go to war
  • how prepared for war are the Drow
  • Drow have been taking slaves and are good at looking for magic items
  • employer Lady Mourn Desolate Sky

rep from Pirate

  • Carlos

Will drop us off with real slavers, Pirate has a man on in inside called Miguel.

  • what do the Drow trade in?

Dinner and drinking. Then we travel to new terra. It is hot and there are wild animals. We are chained and put to work on a galley. The galley is controlled by skirt wearing hobits We row for a week.

The prophecy

When the six stars fall from the sky, And the son of one of the most high is released, Then the four shall walk abroad once more,

  • the son is Michaels son. Michael son should not trust the willing one.

Into the Drow citadel

We come to a Drow citadel on an island. There's distinian vessel. There's vessels from Azure

We see a team of guards inspecting the galley. We get hosed down and cavity searched.

There's lots of hobbits slaves,  humans,  a few elves,  half dwarf/giants called mul. 
The cave is made of bound stone.
  • the elf is from the blessed Isles. The Drow have conquered them.
  • we meet Sir Jackson from aladar
  • erlan the chatelean for lady mourn, we are given amulets which need to be coloured
  • courtier blue
  • orange is a cook
  • red fighter
  • purple mage

Outside there are strange insect creatures. Many slaves . We are marched off through the city. The city is clean and tidy and doesn't smell. Additionally the Streets are literally paved with gold, small samples taken to verify quality.

The sewers

We are sent to the sewers to clear a blockage. We meet Lord smoking ash, a vampire. He is owed a debt by Lord smoking ash junior, a deciple of bune.

As a reward we are given a day off. Meet at the plaza at dusk.

The the thieves guild

Located in the heart of the city, has commissioned us with the escape of a slave. Mission Accomplished We are now members of the guild and the next job is to access the temple of Istoo and steal the crown used for the rituals. They provide us with a detailed map of Istoo Temple, along with informations of the dangers within

The temple of the gods

We spend 2 days plotting our heist. We visit the temple during the day, as well as inspecting it with wizard eye at night. We also approach the temple from the sewers.

The temple has 4 change of the guards, which take place at regular interval. The temple is surrounded by a moat, filled with water and water elementals. It has a preliminary courtyard which is patrolled by a devil. The second part of the temple comprise of a covered maze. It has the ability to detect if the being inside is a true Drow. If not, the walker will be lead to a trap and certain death. A second courtyard patrolled by a chimera comes next. The Chimera could be easily charmed by a troubadour. The open roof of the fortification gets covered in a diamond wed at night, and is patrolled by the spiders, who's number is never been identified. It takes 30 minutes for the web to be erected, and it dissipate with sunlight. Before getting to the chamber of the artifact there is a room of darkness which has a detailed step pattern to follow. Anyone straying from the path has never been found. The temple has a preparation room for their priest. It has a latrine which is easily accessible from the sewers.

The plan is to access the temple with the evening changes of the guards, sneak past the devil, climb above the maze, before the spiders spin their webs. Sneak past the Chimera, and finally access the artifacts room, via the accurate step pattern in the room of darkness.

Before entering the temple we suit up with our armor and under invisibility spell we proceed in executing the plan. No one notice our presence so we easily sneak past everyone and enter the artifact room.

In the room we find the artifacts used by the priests during the ceremony along with the tiles and vessel used for the Supposed random selection of the sacrifices. We also discover a secret compartment which hides a different set of 8 tiles made of formally living material. This allow the priest to manipulate and cheat the system. We remove the tiles along with the crown(for the thieves guild), the robes, spear and glove of Istoo. We go and inspect the preparation room where we find enough myrrh for Villa to perform an anti-scrying ritual. We exit the temple, undetected, via the latrine. After storing the artifacts in the Assassin's Inn room and performing the ritual, we bring the crown to the guild of Thieves, and we return to our Lady to report our findings. We plot the next step. The plan is to bring the tiles to Lady Ravaged Visage, since she is unpredictable and usually acts before thinking, and let her discover the secret of the temple and see the Drow society unravel.

The parade

Given the choice of being in Aims Parade or Seirs Parade, we opt for the smaller Seir parade, allowing Lady Mourn Desolate Sky to be in the Aim parade. With assistance from Desolate Sky's majordomo and illusions plus disguises we manage to look enough like Lady Mourn Desolate Sky to pass most inspections.

During the Parade we are greeted as a Drow Noble House should be and received an invitation to dinner with Galathar Tempest.

Chaos ensues after the parades apparently meet at the same point, fisty-cuffs ensues for all. With some quick hands, sly spell casting and fancy footwork we manage to disapear our Lady Mourn down a side ally and get to the real one, spot the assassin that was trying to kill her, Pierre wrestles the assassin to the ground and then Human swaps the disguises of our resident Nameless Noble and Lady Mourn. With our new found assassin and assassination attempt we politely excuse ourselves from the engagement an go back taking the Cockatrice blood coated dagger with us.

The meeting

Audwin of hartmoor.

The patient

  • Haldir. Comes from the woods. Eldar.
  • Wizard seems to have all branches of magic
  • Ascension war
  • astronia betrayed us all. Sier. Newly ascended gods had a plan to steel the human gods realms

The underground

  • The forum, the administration buildings on the island.
  • the commerce exchange is in the yellow quarter. The tower of sorcery is in the yellow quarter
  • the tower of bones is in the mage quarter
  • the historic records are in libraries , one is near the Senate and


Any major trickery or thievery needs to have a donation to Seir or be noticed. Donations measured by individuals doing said event, enough to appease Seir.

Our three favours for Seir are

  • Assassinate lady J
  • Bring body to Seirs temple
  • Bring Glove of Istoo to Seirs Temple ont the dusk of the 3rd day.

Big biffo and we exit the city.

outside the city

The jungle is nasty and full of surprises. It takes us a full day to get to the rebel base. Chat with the Raphaelite warriors. Walk a day arrive back at the city in the evening, then break back in.

We scout the city. Place the tokens with their owners

Buy information from an assassin.

  • jssin soul is in a gem in her house.
  • 3rd day of the week she is at the baths
  • accompanied by an illusionist succubus
  • she is much blessed, best to use a soporific. No fire attacks or draining
  • she likes gladiatorial bouts in the morning


Human the Fool

Portal to Drow Territory Via the plain of Salla'm'karr several seagoing vessels from the plain also in evidence.

Sea elves are among the captured slaves their lands having fallen within the last season or so.

Given that power in Terranova is viewed in terms of number of slaves, should advise any nobles dealing with the Drow to copy the amulets and have all their retainers wear them so the Drow understand they are persons of rank/note.


The city is patrolled by groups of groups 15 guards. Each group includes 2 Muls, 2 giant insects, 2 magic users, and warriors up to rank 5. All groups are headed by a Drow.

A second type of guards group patrol the city and is composed by 3 rank 7 warrior Drow.

All Guards look well practised and experienced, however the look more interested on what does happen inside the city walls, and not worried about what does happen outside of it.

Buffs 'n' Stuff

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Al Pi Vl Bo Hu Pr El
 Greater 20 +21 Season Y Y Y Y
 Armour of Earth 20 +42 Defense +1 prot 10.5 hours Y Y Y Y
 Strength of Stone 17 +18 Str / end 18 hours Y Y Y Y
 Waters of Strength 8 +11 Str Y Y N Y
 Waters of MD 10 +13 MD Y Y N

Healer Rank 13. 124 base chance, time reduced by 26 mins for 1 hour procedures.

Troubadour Rank 19. 116 + Base stat(GM Choice).

Thief Rank 28. Lots of formula using between 5 x rank and 11 x rank. so bonus is 141-289 + Perception or MD.

Spy Rank 29. Same as thief basically, but if spy is a higher value, can use instead. 3 x rank to 7 x rank usually. 85 + MD being lowest 224 + MD being highest.

Ranger Rank 22. 91 + rank chance for most things, some are 5 x rank + Perception. So 113, or 111+ perception.

Warrior Rank 11. +22 defense, +11 Iniative, +2 damage

Assassin Rank 11. rear hex + 11 damage 16% chance to spec. Surprise 27% front hex 8%

Stealth Rank 33! 3 x Characters Ag + 194

Mil Sci Rank 5. 31 + Perception. Perceive tactics 56 + Perception

Merchant Rank 6. 30% discount on common items or 9% markup on selling common items.

Courtier Rank 7. 56 + 3 x Agi or 3 x PB, whatever is more appropiate. .


  • A point in endurance, strength, or will power
  • one slave amulet,2 green, yellow
  • dagger
  • poison dagger
  • wand
  • coins
  • mail shirt
  • a potion
  • soul catchers * 40 and a lizard
  • 60 soul coins
  • a magical spyglass
  • a bird coin for getting in touch with the resistance
  • seven protection from good amulets
  • small case of vibrating quills
  • 299 soul coins (50 offered to Sier's temple)
  • 50 soul coins
  • Istoo temple Spear
  • Istoo temple robe
  • Istoo temple Tome
  • Istoo temple Glove
  • Istoo temple Silver sword
  • Istoo temple Crown, This is the commissioned item from the thieves' guild and is handed to them.
  • 1 slave with a Green Medallion
  • the funny organ of the poo monster
  • 30,000 worth of jewels and gems
  • 4 potions
  • 1 small potion vial
  • devils sword
  • devils whip
  • elemental earth
  • 4 collars
  • 5 amulets
  • lumps of obsidian
  • 5 trident, lodge on a hit
  • 16 x 15 moss of healing
  • 8 x seaweeds of strength
  • 1 x water magenta spear. Allows you to cast scales of the deep. Water x amour spell
  • 500 x 3 expense making waters of MD
  • dagger incubus X2

Prisoner Interrogation

Priests of Alloces have commissioned the Killing of High Lady Mourne Desolate-Sky

The Commissioned assassin is an alchemist and merchant from Urklash. He has been paid handsomely for the murder and has all his money stashed in a room of a nearby inn, along with his personal slave. His other slaves, 6 of them, have been left with a merchant in his home town.

He provides us with a map of the temple as well as recipes for poison potions.

He gives us details of two new poisons, one is a paralysing poison derived from a spider, and the second one is a fruit. Once eaten (about ½ a fruit) it will melt the insides. The effects will take 30 minutes to kill. The seeds might root inside the dying body.

We plot to move the 6 slaves from Urklash to Lady Mourne Household.

We also retrieve the assassin personal slave along with his possessions.


  • Ash alliance- runs Terranova
  • Ashen dawn family
  • Lord Arl, infinite hatred. Neighbours
  • Lady hastos of the blood moon family
  • Lord falin inferno , is odd
  • there are fake amulets.
  • families, Ashen dawn, blood moon, desolate sky, ravaged visage, infinite hatred, staking menace.
  • smoking ash mostly died out.
  • basalt high priest of the temple gods. Prime target. For thieves
  • interval Ashen dawn is conspiring to get himself declared legally female. He started the war. To curry favour.
  • Sier and Aim are at odds
  • bune has cocatrice poison
  • the Drow are running out of slaves, and soon won't be able to feed the city
  • the priests of allocies want a war and sent assassins
  • there are slave camps outside the city
  • jssin infinite hatred support services the war
  • holicast against the war
  • galathar tempest made lots of slaves.
  • large demand for slaves.
  • the Drow control the pass to korath
  • 40 years smoking magma.
  • Recently 6 stars have fallen just outside the city walls.
  • 500 slaves traded per day.
  • korath will use up slaves in 20 years
  • the city is well defended, some rank 5 warrior's.
  • the previous queen ascended and this is why the queen might be getting slaves
  • the leader of the slave resistance is called Takor One-eye
  • Istoo is the temple in the middle the city
  • slave 100 is hiding and from kithan
  • 4 emperors. Leviathan Araman appolian and Istoo. Sons of Bale the first immortal
  • Drow can not afford the war
  • 8000 Drow lost in the war 30000 slaves. Intervar is missing there is a death warrant on his head
  • one trapped "aims multiple incineration" spell

Loot rolls

  • 23 Prue
  • 37 Pierre
  • 47 Alandis
  • 48 Eltan
  • 77 villa
  • 98 human