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Scribe Notes


GM: Dean Ellis
Season: Summer 818 WK
Night: Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday then Mondays, starting 7pm on 19th Dec
Location: 81a Norman lesser Drive, St John's, Auckland
Level: High/Hight+

  1. Alandis the fire eye, Fey who walk in shadows, played by Fabio
  2. Lila of the golden dress - Kelsie (Party Leader while not in Cloud form)
  3. Jessica a Mind mage with control issues - Rhys
  4. Mungo the humble So Named by Odin Himself - Michael (Thinks he is MilSci)
  5. Lath an Air Mage with island roots - played by Jono (MilSci and Backup Party Leader)
  6. Tari an Earth Mage and wise leader of skill- Michelle (Scribe)

Maelstrom is representing the employer but can't talk about who this is at the guild. We will need to head off to "their base". All he will say is there are issues that they need help.

Employer: CamDinDel is our employer

In secret notes: Ashkar via the Dark Brotherhood is our employer.

Pay:25-50,000sp depending on each or value, artefacts, armour, etc.

Additional re-negotiated pay: if we kill Lady Bug as now we know what we are truly up against.

  • 10,000 sp each,
  • Items are offered, Boots/Cloak, etc 1 made to order item each, 1 special ability
  • A week pass for Lela see if she can facilitate a bridge between two guilds and Dark Brotherhood to give her an honest evaluation of chance to acceptance.
  • A saga written for Mungo.

Brief overview

Public Mission

  • Collecting unique creatures
  • Find blue sand

Secret brief

  • Find Lady Bug
  • Find out what she is doing
  • Find out who she is working with both in the Brotherhood and customers
  • Kill her if necessary

Scribe Notes

Time on the adventure - 4 weeks of the season.

Session 1

Meet Maelstrom at the guild meeting but he can't discuss who is recruiting us nor what the adventure is about. So we plan to head off tomorrow after a large feast for no apparent reason other than it seems to be what Mungo does before going away!

Next day we head off to CamDinDel manor without being able to tell the party where we were or who we were seeing. Had to tell them that this is an undead building so don't freak out!

Arriving we find that the manor is covered in spider web which is really strange. It seems like a barrier. This works out to be correct.

When we walk in all those I expected are here - CamDinDel, Lorto, Maelstrom and Legion. Still nobody will discuss what we are to do until we visit CamDinDel lab where we are debugged by getting naked and fogged in a glass cage while our stuff is also unbugged.

Then we get to exit the lab and go into CamDinDel private chambers where we can finally talk about the adventure of going to the desert and looking for blue sand and maybe collecting some unusual creatures "essences".

Secret notes

Ashkar and the Dark Brotherhood are our employer. His need for secrecy is the reason why we have so many protections about bugs.

They have a rogue agent from the Brotherhood and have taken some of their colleagues with them. The rogue agent is referred to as Lady Bug, and she is a master of bugs so will probably have a large network of actual bugs.

The reason for the issue is post the engagement with the guild we have help them see that helping dark powers was a bad idea however this new ethos has fractured the brotherhood including Lady Bug as she seems to still be engaging which such powers but they have no proof.

1. Find out what she is up to

2. Is she working with the previous employers who they shouldn't be (Demon - Savnok, Greater Summer – Red Mage (based in Savator) and the Drow – The White Lady)

3. Is she working for other dark powers she shouldn't be

4. Kill her and minons if necessary

This secret mission we will have a pardon from the Dark Brotherhood but also need to run it past the Guild seniors to ensure we are not breaking any agreement that is in place between the two parties

Session 2

Go to the guild, talk about CamDinDel. The others are concerned he isn't trustworthy, what rubbish.

Secret notes
Approved by Kali the Namelessbut she signed the agreement under the name of Wagon the Inscrutable.

We travel by house to Oz to see Lord Carzon. Princess Ozma's is visiting Mombi so we have a lovely visit with them before heading off to Carzon's.

Arrive at Lord Carzon's house, and with Gayalette's help he ensures there are no bugs around.

We talk about options of visiting the "apartment" of the tower that had been taken over but he now actively protects from any further attacks. He also has a back door.

The Witches help us:

Gayalette to help with the bugs in the apartment. She trains Jessica on how to determine controlled bugs.

Mombi comes to help with restoratives for everybody's Oz casting practice. Means Ozma comes too.

Jessica checks for minds in the apartment and pick up very few bugs, less than expected but show that Lady Bug is involved. Around 80 odd sleeping low level sentient minds and one air elemental like mind. That means we also need Wicked Witch of the West's help. She is brought in to see if she can help with scrying into the room or see what the spiders see.

WWoW helps by:

- makes the door transparent and we see a Ice Room with lots of created golum people.

- looks through the bugs eye via a crystal. We see a complex of rooms, some rooms with rows and rows of bunks with people sleeping. No loot just peasant like clothes.

- see rooms with caldrons bubbling away and a common area. See about 6 Ice golums.

- she advises that the ice on the floor is an alarm / alive so to not touch.

Kisses from the Witches and Ozma.
  • Ozma's: Can skip at 40 mph, sleep comfortably,
  • Gayalette: Protection from Earth and a stackable lesser
  • Mombi: Increase in ability for Alchemical and Herbalist skills
  • WWoW: Protection from scrying
  • Lord Carzon: Gifts Witchsight to those who don't have it. Rank 0 but you see invisibles as Green not blue.
Into the apartment

Lord Carzon opens the doors, we Gaseous Form in and head through to door. Go through the cold room and out the other side of the door. We then scout.

Ground floor has training rooms, offices and sleeping quarters.

Sleeping quarters have:

  • Room full of 50 odd warrior mid level room, city guard level 3 to 4 years old
  • Room full of 50 odd Necrosis – Rank 6, about 2 year old
  • Room full of 50 odd mixture of Assassin and Thief – around rank 3 and 4 around 2 years old
  • All have been slept for a week
  • All have souls that are older than their body. We think soul coins may have been used to turn the flesh molds into sentient humans


Paperwork shows movement of the Apartment between the Five Sisters (Sauctorm) and Southern Terranova. Appears it is moving around, collecting basic supplies, and shows more logistics than what is needed for this tower inhabitants. Note down all merchants, supplies, etc.

Level 1

Cauldron rooms:

Cauldrons are full of simmer liquid flesh and they flow into golum moulds. We get to the perimeter of what is safe to investigate. We have to gaseous form past an Ice Golum and ice Wall 1st floor.


Trainer quarters. We find coins in the rooms are of Terranova.

Investigation Outcome
  • Apartment/Tower is in use
  • LadyBug is involved.
  • Party needs to come back and blow this place ups. 150 flesh golums who pass as people need to end. The ability to make more of these golums needs to end.
  • Concerns to overcome: rather than destroying flesh gollums Jessica would like some to be her permanent bodyguard or similar.

Session 3

Secret notes

Working out plans at Lord Carzon's. Carzon advises that Elemental Prince of Air called A'Seana. Had a lot of ice and air in his abilities. Would be keen if we can disrupt him and would pay us for our services as it would help him clear his tower out.

  • Head back to the guild by house and then head off to Lath's island.
  • Head to the Elemental Plain of Air with the aim to meet the Djinn Lord from the Plain of Air called Prince Geris. He has a thing for Lath and she is getting him to do quests for her before she will think about if she wants to marry him.

Lesson: Plain of Air is weird. You need to determine which way is up. You adjust and you are then OK. And I don't like it. Air plain is just horrible.

Head to the Bazaar Bazaar of the 4 elemental plain – this feels much better.

Spend three days shopping for:

  • A dart for Alandis
  • Anti coward stones - Mungo
  • The returning second axe of the pair - Lila
  • A flying saddle that you can attach a horse too x 2 Needs to be a specially made. Can do horse shoes but will look into – Mungo / Lila
  • Unluck or improved luck
  • Rug that will sit on a cloud - Lath
  • Magic carpet for 6 or 7 - Alandis
  • Ability to cast when not connected to earth (other than holding earth bag) - Tari
  • Garments weaved out of clouds
  • Anti bug stuff / bug confusing etc
  • Dress made out of water
  • Under garment armour
  • Luck shield / Mirror / Luck damper
  • Shield that reflects bolt, etc reflector
  • Desert like clothing

Weirdly Maelstrom is very visible, he seems to be actively being visible. In turn he is being shown a great amount of respect. This makes sense considering what I've come to know about Maelstrom

Head back to the Prince Geris's house:

  • Lath gives the Prince Geris coconuts from her island. He seems quite pleased by this. It works out this means he can get to Lath's island.
  • Maelstrom is recognised, but isn't seen as the Prince Geris's competition nor is any of the males in the party. However it is obvious that Maelstrom should been seen as the Prince's competition but he isn't.
  • We find out that A'Seana is not liked within the court. He is a meddler and works with mortals and quite often off plan.
  • Lath asks the Prince Geris to go on his fifth quest – help us with A'Seana at the right time to drag him back to the Elemental Plain of Air and capture his soul into a soul jar which we will hold for 101 years.
  • Zepher, Maelstrom's partner is going to stay at the Prince Geris's so that we can communicate back on when to attack.

Head back to Lath's Island via Seagate.

Gaseous form to Adjepbar (Five Sisters)

Need to determine

  • is the Red mage here
  • Look up merchants and order things on behalf of the apartment
  • Be land pirates to disrupt deliverables (Moss, Dead Bodies/Flesh, Food, Alchemical, etc)

Session 4

  • Back to Sacatourm.
  • Tari falls in love
  • We travel off To Adjepbar and Taiko to see sites, find that Karkhol is busy - who knew!
  • Head back to Adjepbar and find Tari has been jilted by her new lover and is out for revenge
Secret notes
  • We talked to Alchemist ask questions around available products / what he needs. Find out Quicksilver is hard to come by as the Tower "Red Mage" purchases it all. Quicksilver delivery is next week.
  • We stay at Inn advised that Dark Brotherhood frequent.
  • Tari finds it easy to get the interest of Dark Brotherhood Acolyte – Kanir. He is partying while his boss is away. Very talkative. He is working for powerful people in the city (Red Mage). Also confirm Ladybug is definitely involved, she is away for at least a week. She is local as she can get back quickly but isn't in Adjepbar. He is fearful of her and her colleagues.
  • We head off between Adjepbar and Tycho and attack a boat delivering Quicksilver.
  • Ship is really easily acquired and hide it at Lath's Island after off boarding all the crew safely
  • Fly to check out Karkhol as the captain said some new stuff is going on with deliveries to the location. See buildings in well repair, low levels of people out and about during the day so not undead so that is good. People look to be general personnel not something to worry about. We do pick up a big black wizards eye in the sky but it didn't see us. Lath knows who this is.
  • Head back to Sactatorum and go and setup a desert trap including deserts and tunnels.
  • Fake a lover's argument and grab Kanir and take him out to the desert and stake him out ready to see who turns up when is he is in drawn out. We have to walk back and forth into town to make it look valid that we are not in hiding

Memorable Quote: Jessica Says: Half of us should have walked backwards so we don't need to walk back and forth.

  • We lie in wait. We find that some Haze Undeads heading towards Kanir – a few whirl wind vorex and they leave and we continue to wait for Lady bug and co to turn up
  • After an hour or so, a small black cloud turns up from the south very quickly, and stops. A bolt of lightning turns up and a dark brotherhood like person turns up. Lila knows this guy. Storm Mage.
  • He looks around, wonders what the hell is going on with Kanir being staked out. He throws some darkness across Kanir to shade him and starts to investigate. As he bends over he seems to have a start and appears to look towards where the Air Elementals are hidden.

Session 5

  • Visit Lath's Island for some rest and relaxation post our tourist trips.
  • Head back to the guild for some information on other tourist traps we can visit. Karkhol could be fun.
  • Drop off to CamDinDel's for his travel tips.
Secret notes
  • Once he knows somebody is here we attack. Even though we do all we can to hold him so he doesn't head back to his cloud, he gets out. In the end we prevail and head back to Lath's Island for food, drink and some discussions with our new prisoners.
  • We take their Black cloaks - we aren't opening the bug compartment Invested full of bugs but find 2 traps - lightning / thunder clap

We Bind will our two prisoners – Kanir and Storm Mage. Answers we find out are:

  • How do they summon Lady bug. Both have a small swarm of bugs, they don't automatically summon her.
  • How did they know he was in trouble, he was sent to check him out. Apparently he had slept with the wrong woman and knew he had been staked out in the desert. He was somewhat hurt.

They aren't great friends but part of the Dark Brotherhood so came to help.

  • Who will come and rescue you? Ladybug will search and send colleagues in, maybe Ladybug
  • Who are sidekicks. Hot looking Succubus and dark brotherhood. She has been working down near Karchol. Succubi were summons red mage. Members he knows are: 2 dark Knights, 2 dark priests, 2 Succubae, 1 dark battle Mage (dark celestial)
  • His armour is Lightning armour spell
  • Ladybug's real name - Jelena
  • What have they been up to. Been traveling around, but at Karkhol now. They've been working on towers, but that got stopped by Seagate Adventurers Guild. They proved the flesh golems work well so are expanding that. Have 7 going now. Magical tower in 2 Terranova, 1 Karkhol, 2 Sactorum. 2 Adjepbar.
  • Karkhol is a special project to see if Jelena can make lots of herself.
  • Scaleryx, the dragon in Kharkal. He is restricted to Karkhol.

Party gets all the relevant information for all the location, setup, guards, etc for each location. Jelena is normally located in an inn next to Karkhol flesh factory

  • Priest skills – Castle, Steal magic and use it the same, steal it and turn it into a grenade or steal it and turn it into healing.
  • Go to guild - ask about dragon Scaleryx
  • Head back to CamDinDel.
Pay = Additional re-negotiated pay if we kill Lady Bug as now we know what we are truly up against.
  • 10,000 sp each
  • Items are offered, Boots/Cloak, etc 1 made to order item each, 1 special ability
  • A week pass for Lela see if she can facilitate a bridge between two guilds and Dark Brotherhood to give her an honest evaluation of chance to acceptance.
  • A saga written for Mungo.


  • CamDinDel gives us 4 reverse engineered Dark Absolution Soul Staining potion for weapons that allows us to locate the stain
  • Rank 20 Invisibility
  • Rank 20 Tracker
  • Dear Old Dad gives 3 skull amulets - protection from damage, protection from magic and a skull to bathe in sentient blood to regenerate.

Head back to the Guild to collect:

4 Wicker Counterspells

18 Namer Special Counterspells

Session 7 and 7

Traveling around looking for interesting things for CamDinDel and Blue Sand take us to Karchol

Secret Notes
  • Head back to Lath's
  • Empty out the cloaks of bugs on Lath's island and test out defences - they don't like fire nor really cold.
  • Head off to Karchol
  • Alandis and Tari head in to scout it out alone
  • Ghost town, but see somebody looking scaly – dragon kin. Told the rules: Nno trouble, Find a place, Give 10% tax to the palace.
  • We can travel freely around town, people are around but not many, mainly reclaiming areas of the city.
  • Find Flesh Building / Living quarters next door. Very obvious from the outset. As most of the city is destroyed it is hard to scope out openly
  • Protections of the building are huge

- Living building has thousands of small winged insects on the surface of the building.

- 4 Corners of the building have air sentinels. Highest ranked spell – sheet lightening, 2nd windstorm,

- controlled yes. Highest ranked weapon – unarmed

- Has Annex connecting it to the cook house. Will need to determine how secured.

- Moths include Weight – to remove weight Celestial Special counter

- Use rat to get into the house and scurry around – a couple of 7 feet guard mantas, 1 6 foot at the shoulder ant. Patrol the corridors.

- Annex door is ward Whirlwind vortex. Get out to the roof, get hit by sheet lightening at about 5 feet.

- See 1 Dark Brotherhood Priest

  • Rest of the party arrives and we find:

- ESP – picks up the 4 sentinels are connected somehow, that there are between 2 and 10 odd bugs – ie maybe animal growth, 3 guarding in the house with 12 sleeping

- Sentinels – if you take out one it will degrade. Static defence.

Plan of attack
  • Ignore rules of not causing trouble and wear our Draconic do not hurt us we are part of the guild banner
  • Find room that Lady Bug sleeps in
  • Gaseous form in with protections from air so we don't get hit
  • Lock the door with Chains of binding to stop others arriving
  • Kill Lady Bug
  • Gaseous form out
Plan in action
  • Gaseous form in
  • Notice roomful of bugs on her bed (moth quilt) and floor. So as soon as we are out of gaseous alarms will trigger
  • A couple of big bugs – ant, cockroach and praying mantis protecting the room
  • Lock the doors
  • Party fights everything in sight - Lady Bug, massive bugs, a Dark Brotherhood Knight and a Succubus
  • Windstorm to splatter a whole lot of little bugs
  • Phantasm used, Fire elemental turns up, bug vomiting curses thrown, flaming bugs attacking party members who in turn hug LadyBug
  • Succubus has a soul re-planted into her and she doesn't like this
  • LadyBug dies, Dark Knight accepts Parley, Succubus dies and body stays

Success in our secret mission.

Bards will tell stories of the great feats of Mungo and the killing of the Grandiose Sir Mantis

After some healing, a death curse removed from Tari and a couple of cleaning cantrips (but still in need of baths) the doors are unlocked.

We talk around the other Dark Brotherhood members to surrender that LadyBug has been lying to them. The second Succubus departs but the others all surrender.

Head back to CamDinDel's to see Ashkar. Present LadyBugs body, claim ransom of the others and head off to the Dark Brotherhood for payment and training.

Session 8

Dark Brotherhood – go to Tycho to a Dark Brotherhood Manor House chat about the outcome of the adventure Get assigned some rooms Meet a councillor Get paid: Choices of Items are tuned – Cloak, Bracer, others Choices of Skill/Spell are Dark, Wicca, Air and Fire

Back to Lath's island Onto the Plain of Air to visit in on the Djinn – all going well Back to Lath's to Guild to the House to Oz Mungo makes out with WWoW – wow, must tell Mortimer We go

Tower which is connected to Terranova. Loot 50,000 sp of alchemical elements Destroy the flesh and send the "people" back to Lath's house for safe keeping Same at the two Agdhar cook houses

Go to Sactorum

Two cook houses – one normal and one well protected. We find we are being followed. It is obvious that the normal cookhouse is a trap. We leave Sactorum and Lath does a big storm and sends a voice "we're onto you, we're onto you"

Session 9

Castle with Ally at range (including animals) Dark Sword – talent Strength of Darkness – talent Charismatic aura – talent Enhanced lightning shield – talents Move as lightning – talents Fire Moon Star Shadow Dark

Cash Ship 22,000 Alchemical – 50,000 sp Copper - 25,000 sp Other houses 30,000 sp 35,000 sp each plus items

Lord Carzon – Witchsight or other Lela and Jessica – 3 skull gift from Dad

1 install soul potion

Jessica Rank 20 Greater Carzon Soul Tether – CamDinDel Ability – Dark Brotherhood Cloak – Dark Brotherhood Bazaar – Mind Crown and possible

Alandis Witchsight – Carzon Soul amulet – CamDinDel Ability – Dark Brotherhood Enhanced Dragon Armour – Dark Brotherhood Bazaar -

Lath Witchsight – Carzon TBC Soul amulet – CamDinDel Ability – Dark Brotherhood Enhanced Lath's Armour – Dark Brotherhood Bazaar -

Tari Something Earthy – Carzon Healer Soul to Resurrects to be determined - CamDinDel Ability – Dark Brotherhood Cloak – Dark Brotherhood Bazaar – Bracelet and Elemental Earth bag into something

Mungo Raven Shape change (including gear but how/useful) - Carzon Squire / Bard Soul – CamDinDel Ability – Dark Brotherhood Enhanced Bracer / Drinking jug of star reading TBC – Dark Brotherhood Bazaar – Bracelet

Lela TBC – Carzon Soul – Mind or Binder Ability – Dark Brotherhood Ability to Join – Dark Brotherhood Bazaar - Bracelet

Buffs & Mil Sci

Long Term

Name of Magic Rank Caster Effects Dur Alandis Ragna Gythja Lath Jessica Mungo Third Son Tari Bert (Air Elemental Left) Eernie (Air Elemental Right)
Flying (Air Mage) 20 Lath Wind picks you up. First time takes 1 min, after takes D +2 pulses to arrive. 10.5 hours Y Y Y NA NA
Barrier of Wind 21 Lath Def of 42% in close, melee or ranged. 11 hours Y NA NA
Vapour Breathing 16 Lath Can breath. 8.5 hours Y Y Y NA NA
Feather Falling 9 Lath Wont fall to your death. 5 hours Y Y Y NA NA
Resist Heat & Cold 20 Lath 6 effects better on the weather table and 6 less damage from heat or cold. 21 hours Y Y Y Y
Shadow Form ?? some Def some hours Y Y
Fire Armour 6 Alandis 28 fire protection 7 hours (14 Hours on Alandis) Y
Fire Proofing 4 Alandis 2 less damage 5 (10 on Alandis) Y Y
name rank caster as it says some time

Short Term

Name of Magic Rank Caster Effects Dur Alandis Ragna Gythja Lath Jessica Mungo Third Son Tari Bert (Air Elemental Left) Eernie (Air Elemental Right)
Fast as the Wind 16 Lath 7 to TMR up to 16 total TMR 44 mins Y Y Y Y NA NA
Enhancing Enchantment 16 Lath +16 ranks on either range, rank or damage. 16 pulses Y Y Y NA NA
name rank caster effect duration Y Y NA NA
Black Fire Archer (modified Weapons of Flames) 8 Alandis Self Only Buff. A weapon of flame designed for Arrows only 45 min Y Only NA
Fire Flight 2 Alandis Rocketing through the air at 80mph. This will inflict D-4 damage 18 min
Mungo's Skalds 12 Mungo +12 Strike Chance if Mungo skalds an inspiring martial poem prior to entering combat. time ? Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Strength of Stone 20 Tari 20 points of endurance or strength 21 hours Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Armour of Earth 17 Tari 9.5 hours Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y