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Arms of the Raphaelite Sect
Arms of the Raphaelite Sect

Raphaelites are the conservative followers of the Archangel Raphael, and the focus of the sect is to safeguard against the taint and corruption of the Powers of Darkness. They do this through healing, teaching and on occasion martial prowess.

The office of the Raphaelites is that of defence of the faithful, teaching and guiding. The church will accept mages provided they can prove their bravery, loyalty, and discipline.

Raphaelites may be found as guards, generals, or teachers, or as questing knights who seek to rid the world of dangers to their people, such as dragons. Raphaelites often wear armour and tend to be the least impetuous of the followers of the Powers of Light, and more reserved as befits those whose office is defence.

Raphaelites are usually found in settled and civilised areas where they act in roles that help to protect their people. When found in wilderness areas Raphaelites will usually be on a mission to destroy a particular threat to the safety of their "flock".

Raphaelites often wear robes of green, or white edged with green. Their symbol is either the shield Fides (trans: Faith), of their patron, which is green and carries in gold the image of a crook, or crosier, reflecting his role as a shepherd and protector, or a crook displayed alone.

Raphaelites spend Freysday in Worship.

The relationship between Raphaelites and the other major sects will depend on the individual orders involved, but as a general guide:

  • Michaelines are valiant and mighty warriors, completely dedicated to the cause of the Powers of Light, but are rash and headstrong, and need to learn to take wise counsel and temper their overly zealous natures.
  • Gabrielites are pure of heart and quick of wit, but could use more experience of how the world really works, in contrast to the ideal world of their books and philosophies.
  • Urielites are stern and unyielding, and while they are certainly fair and even-handed their justice could benefit from a measure of mercy. Many of those who falter wish only to make amends and too great a chastisement serves no good purpose.
  • Sammaelites are wise and knowledgeable, and understand repentance, but can be aloof and distant. They must watch their pride else they walk dark paths that they should avoid, choosing to enter further into the lair of evil to prove their resolve when they should withdraw.


Shield of Raphael
Order of the Shepherds
One of the largest orders in the sect, the Shepherds as they are commonly known are found in almost every part of the Western Kingdom and also in a number of other countries including Eltrandor, Ranke, and Carzala. Most of the Shepherds live singularly, or as married couples within villages, working daily with the locals, and performing community ceremonies such as birth celebrations, coming of age rituals, marriages and funerals. Many have at least a basic knowledge of healing or herbalism, and some also train as midwives. Most have little military training, although some are retired knights and soldiers. In times of danger they help organize defences, see to the wounded and will seek help from the more martial Raphaelite Orders, or from those of other Sects.
Order of the Shield of Raphael
The Shield has many Chapter Houses throughout Western Alusia and the Order maintains the largest number of standing troops in the Sect. Several Chapters of Knights of the Shield fought against the Dark Circle where they gained a reputation among the secular troops for notable bravery, as well as level headed competency.
Sororitas Agentum Veritus Eterum or The Sisterhood of Enduring Truth
SAVE is a recently formed order of female raphaelite knight and trainees. They are a martial order committed to being Raphael's shield on Alusia. They are currently recruiting and welcome guild members as part of their order. They give a Blessing of Raphael and sometimes an Amulet of Rafael to those that carry out tasks for them.