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The main Scribe Notes


(No longer complete or current or up to date)

The Gods came from the Primordial Chaos (the Void) that the Veils are made from. Rashak controls the Veil and is using it's power to bring Bali (an elder god) back from the void. She hopes to be well-rewarded (i.e. become a powerful God at the right hand of Bali) by this action. The souls that are trapped in the Dark Circle will be used somehow. We don't know exactly how.

Gods usually have a domain of power. Her's will probably be Necromancy, Death or Undeath.

Rashak cannot move the Veil. The sceptre can be used to destroy the Veil.

The best time and place to attack Rashak is on the solstice while she moves to the Kingstone. We have to be prepared to move against her then. Once she is destroyed, then we have to enter the fortress of Masada and close the portal created by the Veil.

When we move against her we may need some assistance. To this end we will get he Balrog to attack her dragons, and the Knights of the Golden Order to also attack the undead dragons. We do not plan on being with them when they do this. We may also need to get King Sigismund to return to fight the Drow.

In any case, we need to coordinate attacks from other quarters in the week before the solstice to draw some of her forces away from the King Stone. We will then face a slightly depleted army on the day we attack.

Rashak will attempt to assassinate us at some point in the near future. She knows that we are investigating her actions and knows Engalton's reputation. I am sure she is confident - she is becoming a god after all. We have all dealt with Gods before, and a few of us have killed Gods, so we pose a serious threat. Rashak normally deals with threats by assassination so we need to keep a good eye out and be powered for combat at all times.

(No longer complete or current or up to date)


  1. Scout out the area around the Kingstone. - Done
  2. Attack and destroy Rashak on her way to the Kingstone - Planned
    1. Get location sorted for the attack. - Done
    2. Prepare the area for combat. - Done
    3. Organise, Plan for others to attack and 'hold up' her other minons when we attack her.
      1. Belrog to attack Dragons.
      2. Knights of the Golden Order to attack undead Dragons.
      3. Elven Stone Army to attack Greater Undead.
  3. Defeat Rashak's lieutenants and followers
  4. Close the portal created by (is part of) the Veil and assault Masada

The main Scribe Notes