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Human the Fool is a Male 'Human' Illusionist played by Michael Scott.


Human was a PB 19, young, dark haired, fair skinned individual of average height and weight; who while not strong was very agile with amazing manual dexterity due to his Fool's calling.

Human is covered from head to foot in red dragon skin/scale that sparkles with golden flecks, his tongue and eyes are somewhat lizard like in appearance, though he has no tail. He has lost all his hair, that on his head being replaced by a reptilian crest.

Human was born a slave, into the service of the Bachran G'staidt in the city of Salla'm'karr on the plane of the same name. Raised to serve in a society run by Orcs where humans are less than beasts, has warped Human's worldview. Named Human by his master's spawn, his true name, if he has one (or indeed remembers it himself), is unknown by the Guild.

Granted his freedom after inadvertently saving his master's life he continued in the Bachran's service training as a Fool until he won the right gambling to buy his family out of servitude. With the help of the Bachran's rivals, Human made his way to Alusia and the guild in order to raise the funds he needs (1,000,000 silver) or become powerful enough to take them back.

To this end while Human enjoys adventuring, he remains a mercenary at heart, motivated by his need to never be someone's bitch/slave ever again.

Notes of Interest

Human is a one sixth owner and lives in the Sea Goddess Haven which he helped salvage on his first adventure for the guild.

Human regenerates EN and automatically heals specific grevious injuries over the course of seven days as per Rk 10 Healer.

Has 10 pts of NA; 5 pts of EN armour

Has Questionable Sanity after experiencing the violent rape of a Dwarven female by 16 greater undead.

Was promised and marked by Seir, and gifted an Imp.

Is currently pacted to the God/Power of Light, Helios. Pacting occurred on Gaia.

Human has people he likes but is mistrustful and is always watching for the dagger in their hand.

Human led the most successful team in the Lunar Games where he won acclaim and performed his masterwork in Troubadour.

Human has died 13 times while on adventure.

And has been granted 3 wishes.

Human owes Seir two favours.

Human has been tasked by his God Helios to build a temple on Alusia to the Powers of Light.

As of Summer 808wk Human has 12 points of FT above his normal max that can only be used for spell casting.

Human the Fool GM Info


Winter 801 Surprise for Sahuagin GM William Dymock-Johsnon

Summer 802 The Court GM Anna Cruise

Autumn 802 Into the Se of Wizards GM William Dymock-Johsnon

Summer 803 Weapon of Magical Devastation GM William Dymock-Johsnon

Winter 803 Six Impossible things before breakfast GM William Dymock-Johsnon

Autumn 804 Hunt the Courtier GM Anna Cruise

Summer 805 Conflict in Gaea GM Alan Grant

Spring 805 The Treaty of New Hope(Drums Quest) GM Helen Saggers

Summer 806 Oh! Not another Bard! GM Bernard Hoggins

Winter 806 Winter Games GM William Dymock-Johsnon

Autumn 807 Havoc in the house of Guildenstern GM Gordon

Summer 808 The Laughing Hills GM William Dymock-Johsnon

Spring 808 Reach Up for the Sunrise GM Mandos

Winter 809 Trials of the Hafted Weapon GM Jono Bean

Winter 811 Sahuagin Smackdown GM Keith

Spring 812 Our Two Main Weapons are Fear, Surprise, A Huge Mountain of Skulls...Wait a minute. GM William Dymock-Johsnon

Autumn 814 Send Lawyers, Knives and Money GM Bidget