Human's Pact

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This is the current Pact Human the Fool has with the Sun God Helios

Rules of Helios

Protect Innocent Souls from corruption from demonic or undead forces

Must accept an opponents surrender

Human must devote time each year to lawful martial studies: Primarily Warrior, Military Sciences, Navigator or Philosopher of Warfare. Also certain weapons may also be ranked to satisfy this: Long sword, Mace, Lance, Long Spear, Shield, Broadsword, two Handed Sword, Morning Star, Battle Axe and Unarmed.

Gifts or Helios

Human has a Sun symbol etched in gold on his forehead; the symbol is 1 inch in diameter. When within the Dark circle or any ground consecrated to a demon the symbol appears to glow softly. This will shine through any covering and be visible to the naked eye if Human would normally be visible.

Helios grants His servant +2 PS, +2AG, +2MD while His gaze rests upon the Plane/s. If Human leaves his gaze i.e. goes underground this gift is suspended. This is from when the sun rises above the horizon to when the sun is below the horizon of the plane that Human is currently on, irrespective of if he can see the sun or not. During a solar eclipse, the gifts are suspended from the start to the end of the eclipse. Multiple suns do not add to this power. Spell enhancement to stats work as per normal.

Human's aspect changes to solar.

Until death Human is under the effect of a permanent Fireproofing as per the Fire college spell, Human may commune and offer appropriate time and giving, expending 1 week of time (no other training or work may be done during this period) and 2500EP to re-instate the Fireproofing.

Smite Undead and Evil
Talent (racial)
EM – 400
Human gains an additional 1 fatigue +1 FT per rank to any Melee damage he inflicts on undead creatures (this damage is always fatigue damage).
Human gains an additional 1 fatigue +1FT per 3 full ranks to any melee damage he inflicts on any non-undead dark aspect sentient (this damage is always fatigue damage).

Armour of Sunlight
Talent (racial)
EM – 800
Costs 2 fatigue per activation, Single pulse activation by speaking a prayer to Helios.
Duration 10 seconds +5 per rank
Human gains Fire Armour of 1 +1 per pulse, which Fire College Fire Armour overrides until expired
Human gains 5 +2 per rank to defence while the armour is active, which stacks only with the adepts own Spell of Heroism
Around Human a corona of light extends as per the Solar Celestial Light spell with a radius of 1 ft + 1 ft per rank (range automatically at maximum).
Human's stealth is reduced by 2% +1 per rank while the armour is active

Call Patron
Talent (racial)
EM - 300
BC 15% +3% per rank
Effect: Human may contact and attempt to call his plight to Helios' attention to gain help, guidance or communication. The exact nature and costs of this service are at the discretion of the GM. Human gains an extra 1% per pulse he is attempting to call on Helios to this talent. Call patron involves invoking Helios through strong prayer, so while Human may fight while invoking him he may not invoke while preparing a spell. If an ancient invocation is attempted Human will gain an additional bonus to his BC in proportion to how close to noon he completes the ancient invocation.