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The Court of Ladlaugh

All provinces in Alfheim are ruled by a High Lady and a court of advisers, flunkies and general hangers on. Together they decide the day to day affairs of the province. Far away from the more impressive royal court the more rustic court of Ladlaugh may give an idea how a typical province is governed.

High Lady Anelia

The current ruler, Lady Anelia was formerly the chief administrator of the province. Well what passed for it's administrator since the formerly depopulated province needed little in the way of organisation. A capable ruler and well loved by her subjects both old and new. Anelia's main concern is reigning in the more excitable and extreme subordinates. Her consort is Lord Protector Lucius.

Lord Protector Lucius

An archaic title that sits rather uneasily with everyone. Charged with defending the elven lands from all enemies the Lord Protector was traditionally an heroic figure capable of mighty feats and great deeds. The incumbent is less so. Lord Lucius seems more inclined to study magic rather than play warleader, but events may overtake him.

Lady Beryllia

An accountant and scribe, the young Lady Beryllia is responsible for immigration, organising housing and seeing that Ladlaugh actually makes money. None of these are typical elven court tasks but Ladlaugh may be the better for it. Lady Beryllia is being courted by Vaisa, a noble-elf of Siegens. Her main opponent in court is the Wild elven leader Haladil. It is not known whether she objects to his call for revolution now on the grounds that Ladlaugh can't afford it or the terror of managing everything should they win. There are no witnesses to the rumour that Lady Beryllia was once one of the Queen's Assassins.


A clerk. No seriously. The Great and Powerful Drake Anghamerabad is a clerk and dutifully takes the minutes of the court so that everyone knows what's going on. In his words,"Slaying a dragon is a great and heroic deed, while slaying a clerk is dire and murder most foul". Has been known to advise the somewhat youthful court members of interesting antecedents and precepts for the wise.


Formerly of Elvandar Haladil is a brash wild elf full of ideas for the future. Sharing the court's dislike of High Elven society he is popular with the provinces more rebellious members. Haladil would like action and like it now please. Frequently found arguing with Lady Beryllia.


A naturalist, Alfhiem's and perhaps Alusia's only known population theorist. Concerned with the impending extinction of the elven race Tangleleaf has a lot of advice and helpful suggestions for Anelia and her people if only he could get people to understand him. Recently married to the Sorceress Narimue. And yes, expecting children.

Tarahell Alatáriël

The 23rd legion. All of it. A relic of a bygone age the Legion was assigned as part joke / part insult to defend the province. With the reinstatement of a Lord Protector no-one dares call him back. Tarahell is a calm and thoughtful warrior who also has a lot of sensible advice for his adopted province. Tarahell is betrothed to Sabrina. Yes, that Sabrina.

Justicar Serra Angelus

Another archaic title, the Justicar is Ladlaugh's judge, jury, executioner and wine taster. Often absent on circuit round the rapidly expanding province Justicar Serra Angelus is feared not so much for her implacability as her bizarre, yet fitting punishments.

OK, just kidding. Ladlaugh has a very atypical court in that they are all present and actually working on making the province a better place to live.



Air Mage. Likes to fly by storm pushed cloud.



Trees and buildings harmoniously merged in a natural pattern that often appears chaotic to those not familiar with Elven architecture. Ladlaugh town is currently overflowing with new residents and arrivals who are leaving as old villages are cleared, woken up and repopulated.


The only building in town that does not seamlessly merge with nature, the Hospice is a defensive military structure to protect the wounded and the healers working on them.

It is also home to the most experienced midwives in Alfheim and the healers are rapidly becoming the leading experts in the health of Elven children.

Constructed, maintained, and mostly staffed by the Beltan Elves.


A nice grove with interesting plants somewhere out of town. The Lord Protector can sometimes take people there.



Autumn Births


Spring Rites