Borovia Hold

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To be populated by Spys
Borovia Hold in Winter 818 WK
Borovia Hold in Winter 818 WK

Over a two month period, this small poor quality agricultural village on the southern side of the Sweet Riding, was built by Dwarfs & human. Almost all the locals are human refugees from the invasion of Borovia by the Drow. Most in the village are actively involved in supporting the return to Borovia.

Borovia Hold – key points:

  • Trades (by river) with Eastrock etc, and (overland) with some Southern Carzalan towns.
  • Reportedly transports material for the dwarves even beyond the Sea of Grass.
  • Dwarves from the Superstition Mtns are honoured guests in the town and the Dwarves often meet outlanders & other races safely there rather than risk hosting them in the Mountains.
  • Includes some tall towers with a commanding view over the Sweet Riding.
  • Fly By Night shadow wings station.
  • Current residence of lifetime guild member Callas.

Erratically, ships sail from Seagate (sometimes AnteCarzala) out to Borovia Hold ... round the coast to Dolphin Bay, then nominally up the River Running; Returning ships are rare.
However messages may be sent quite promptly via Schönhausen Haus — assuming there is a namer on hand to check them & their deliverer before possibly being accepted.

GM/Player Notes: Within strolling distance of the Guild (on the left as you travel to New Seagate, S.E. of the Docks area), Schönhausen Haus is a scry-shielded, securely rebuilt, detached dwelling.
A modest drinking fountain outside encourages the presence of loiterers.
Inside one room is a small pool that can transport people & their possessions to/from a similar pool at Borovia Hold ... perhaps bring a dry change of clothes.

When available, Silverfoam will cast spells for guildmembers (especially for Operation Word missions) ... but may be away from Seagate (for days) if transporting materials for the Dwarves, etc; Prepared to cast double-duration enhanced Rk20 Wind-Walking, depending on availability of restoratives & Waters of healing.