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Barony of Wardenburg
Location County Grobbety, Aladar
Government Baron Wardenburg
Religion Western Church: 95%

Demon Worship: 1%
Other Religions: 4%

Towns Standerstad (4,000)
Population ~19,000
Languages Common 99%

Folksprach 30%
Elvish 10%
Halfling 8%
Literacy ?%



This area is being developed by ChrisC and if you would like to contribute to or use this area in any way other than superficially could you please let me know and I will provide more information on the area, connections, events and various Dramatis personae.


A coastal holding of some 350 sq Miles

  • 85% of the area is open land / plains
  • 10% is foothills
  • 5% are low lands, swamp and rough


This Barony is within County Grobbety which is ruled by Count Grobban who holds it on behalf of the King of the Western Kingdom. This Barony is on the Southern Coast of Aladar and is mainly coastal plains. It has the Barony of Steinhugel to the East, the Barony of Riderlingen to the North, the Barony of Prepenhursdt to the NW.


Baron Wardenburg, Johann Ungerschultz rules the Barony. There are 40 knights who hold manors within the Barony and are responsible for the peace and security of populace in their local area as well as the Barony overall. These knights hold some official and bureaucratic power but will hold some 'issues' over for the Baron. The Barony has reasonable relations with the fiefs surrounding it and they tend to cooperate to keep down instances of banditry and lawlessness.


This Medium barony is along the southern coast of Aladar and then proceeds to head North and inland to large expanses of field and pasture. It is along the coast road and contains the junction which also heads NW into central Aladar.

This Barony has been held by the Ungerschultz family for the past 300 years when their distaff branch of the family took over from the Balcombe family came to its last member when Joran Balcombe died in 505. Joran had no children and so the then Duke of Aquila decreed the line ended and passed it to the Ungerschultz line (female relations) and thus started the new but connected line of rulers for the Barony.


Around 19,000 citizens is the stable population of the Barony but this is dependant on the season and work conditions in the Barony and throughout the realms. This population is spread across the Barony that is largely fields, plains and pasture. The population is around 90% human with the rest made up mainly of Elves and Hobbits. A number of other races live in the hills but leave well alone


Common is most widely spoken here along with Folksprach. Almost everyone speaks common (99%) which is the language of trade. Other Languages spoken are:

  • Folksprach - 30%
  • Elven - 10%
  • Halfling - 8%


The barony is known for it's wheat crops, salt and fish. There is a crystal Mine in the West, at the base of the Hoganspine Mountain Range

Market Days are held every Sunday and Major Fairs are held monthly on the 9th of the Month.


Most professional services are available in the Barony.


Most Religions are tolerated in the Barony except for Demon/Devil Worship and any involving humanoid sacrifices. Demon/Devil worshippers are hunted down and killed once proof of their complicity or participation in related events is unearthed.


The populace is tolerant to most people, ideas and races.


The Baron is responsible for fielding some 800 men in the time of war to serve the Count should he call them up. In order to satisfy this condition should it ever arise the Baron formed the Wardenburg Regiment and continued the practise of having a regular militia muster which gives him the ability to call upon up to 2000 men of various training abilities between the ages of 18 and 45. The troops are:

  • The Wardenburg Regiment
  • The Warenburg Rangers
  • The Wardenburg Scouts

Wardenburg Regiment

The knights are responsible for day-to-day order in the Barony and they comprise the Wardenburg Regiment along with a number of Men at Arms and Yeoman. The full strength of the Regiment is some 600 troops but the normal strength of the Regiment is 2-400 troops distributed around the barony - mainly in population centres but also on random patrols throughout the realm. A number of the knights hold land right on the coast and are charged with protecting the freedom of the seas in the area which they do with several cutters which serve to protect the mercantile traffic along the coast both here and to the east and west. Lord Jestin van Antwerp is a well known knight protector of the seas and he leads several ships in missions along the coast.

Notable Locations

  • Standerstadt, the main town in the barony is home to the majority of the urban population in the barony and its population numbers around 4000.
  • Hirshberg a tradetown with a population around 1000

Notable Guilds


  • The Guild of Waves.
  • The Herd Guild.
  • The Carriage Guild.

Notable People

  • Gerhart Nordberg, the Harbour-master of Standerstadt

Quality if Goods & Services


Important People

A number of people such as .....

Lord Jestin van Antwerp

Renowned Knight of the Sea.

Important Locations


Realm Notes

This is a coastal realm with problems of Pirates, Smugglers, Poachers and raiders as any other Barony in a similar situation