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Name: Icarone
Race: Pixie
Gender: Male
College: Solar Celestial
Level: Medium
Played by: Manu Erwin


It is hard to tell how old Icarone is as he has an air of agelessness about him/her. He/she is 6' 6" (~2 m) and weighs approximately 190 lbs (~85 kgs). He/she most resembles a giant sized pixie, with short spiky brown hair, almond shaped blue eyes, pointy elf like ears and transparent wings that reach down his/her back to the ground. While he/she is not the most handsome/beautiful (PB of 14), he/she attempts to make up for this with a constant smile and easy going demeanor. He/she also carries a ready supply of fresh and dried banapples to offer as gifts to all he/she meets.


His father decided he needed an education from a farming perspective. Thus he lived on a farm for much of his early life, with regular visits to parents. Made friends with all people in area and developed friendly attitude toward life as well as love of outdoor activities such as riding and swimming.

Showed inclination for adventuring so was allowed to join the Adventurers Guild after receiving general courtier and troubadour instruction because father believed all his sons and daughters should be able to handle themselves in court situations.

Father believes that once he is through this adventuring 'phase' he will realise what is best for him and come and work in family business.

Somewhere along the way however, he turned into a pixie :)


  • Uses Lord Surturs Bane as attack weapon. This is especially good against daemons.
  • Uses a main-gauche reasonably well
  • Medium level Solar Celestial
  • Very talented at detecting auras
  • Casts real sunlight (yes the stuff that burns)
  • Semi talented herbalist with specialisation in banapples (that are slowing spreading across Alusia, and Asheth)
  • LOVES to fly
  • Casts a sticky web of light
  • Dabbles in cooking
  • Enjoys yodelling


  • Common (8 Literate)
  • Elvish (4 Literate)
  • Dwarvish (3 Literate)
  • Destinian (3 Literate)
  • Halfling (3 Literate)


None known


  • has rescued two Aladarian noblewoman and a reward is forthcoming


Involved in the following adventures (that he can remember):

814 WK
?? - A_Loss_in_the_Family - GM: Mandos
813 WK
Autumn/Winter - Red_Carpet_Massacre - GM: Mandos
Summer - Much Ado About Nothing - GM: Andrew Withy
Summer - My Kingdom Come - GM: Mandos
807 WK
Spring - Wok is going on? (Part I) - GM: Ross
Autumn - The Redemption of Lord Surturs Bane - GM: Mandos
804 WK
Spring - The pig farmers son, Aim and a fire imp - GM- Mandos
799 WK
Spring - Milloo Trade Mission - GM: Gordon Lewis
Summer - Mercenaries on the ring worlds & rescuing the village of Charity - GM: Mandos
798 WK
Winter/Spring - Butlers, binders and battlegrounds (+ bonding with Lord Surturs Bane) - GM: Mandos
Autumn - Reck's Revenge Part II - GM: Mandos
Summer - Reck's Revenge Part I - GM: Mandos
797 WK
Spring - holiday to Oz to get Dramus his tower - GM: Dean Ellis
Summer - rescued from the below in Least We Forget
Summer - Apr 1996 AP - The Black Tower - The Return of the Princess Bride / Princess Bride in the Dark Tower - GM: William Dymock
796 WK
Autumn - Jul 1995 AP - The Alternate Adventure - GM: William Dymock
795 WK
April '95 AP - The Pirate Adventure - GM: Struan Judd
beginning 1995 AP? - An Oz Odyssey - GM: Dean Ellis
792 WK
Autumn - Jul 1991 AP - Mystery at Maltain - GM: ??

GM Links

A GM cheat sheet is available for Icarone. It is detailed on a separate page for ease of printing.

Also known as

  • Icorone
  • Ichaerone
  • Icaron