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I've involved in DQ since the summer of 1992 and running games since '97 and I still feel like a complete noob most of the time.

I have three characters, at various levels of power and activity:

I try and GM games on a regular, if not frequent, basis and have just taken the plunge into running games not entirely related to my whacky, plane-eating city, Tokaal.

So far my contributions to the Wiki have been pretty tentative, but since being drafted into the Campaign Committee that should change. Or, at least I'm told it should.

I am currently working on:

A personal treatise about the general differences between our largely low fantasy (nominally realistic?), high magic elseworld and the flimsy histories of our own particular Earth. What difference a little magic makes and what it could mean for the technology, politics, and culture of Alusia and the games we run there. All of these conjectures will almost certainly have been pondered by better scholars than I, so additions, suggestions, and general de-stupidifying is enthusiastically welcomed.