Sea Goddess Haven

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Sea Goddess Haven

The Sea Goddess Haven is a large 'pleasure' boat, moored off the coast somewhere between Seagate and the Five Sisters. It is a twin hulled warship of ancient elven design, roughly 200ft long. The twin hulls are packed with atmospheric inns, gambling dens as well as an on-board casino, several bars, a ballroom, and the odd brothel. There is also a five story castle with elegantly appointed suites and the luxuries of many nations, reserved for the use of the owners.

Access to the Sea Goddess Haven is either by docking at the ship itself or by using a Rune Portal, located at the back of the Water College at the Guild. The other end of the portal is a lighthouse from which a regular ferry service runs.

The ship was brought up from the bottom of the sea by a Guild adventuring party during the Winter of 801WK and these adventurers subsequently became the owners. They are:

The Sea Goddess was originally the Pride of Fingolfin, a warship of the Alfhiem commanded by the Royal Consort. It was sunk in the Isles of Adventure several millenia ago by the Star of Naggaroth. In comparison to ships of this era, the Pride is a massive dreadnaught with a stable enough deck to allow for accurate heavy weapons use. Historical records however indicate that the elves eschewed such weaponry as 'inelegant' and preferred to ram and board their opponents.

The Pride is listed as 'Eaten by Monsters'.

Autumn 821

Early sages of returning the ship to its former owners (Aqualina & Co).

Autumn 806

As of early autumn 806 the Sea Goddess Haven has been taken by a group of adventures acting under a Letter of marque from Duke Leto of Seagate and from Alfheim regarding the Sea Goddess Haven. It is understood that the Sea Goddess is currently being refitted by Elves in Newhaven, as a battleship, before continuing its work in the fight against the Drow. Along side the huge ship is the Star of Naggaroth.
Note: GM William Dymock.