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An collection of coastal city states to the east of the Islands of Adventure, South of the Lunar Empire and North of Arabie.


The various city states are near-continuously at war with each other. Not only are the people very competitive and aggressive, but each city states has one or more patron gods, and their rulers tend to be demi-gods or at least not quite mortal. They are semi-regularly attacked by the Lunar Empire, but their awesome warriors, demi-god leaders, and active Gods tend to repel most invaders, as do their social customs.



This is the northern-most state, and its position on the mainland just south of the Lunar Empire may well be the cause of its name - any message from this state tends to be titled 'Crisis'. Inland from here is the mystical oracle at Dolphins, and a daily cloud service runs between Crisis and Dolphins.

1. Cyrrha
2. Crisis
90. Dolphins

The Sealed Coast

This collection of small towns in the foothills was once a string of rich sea ports, until an angry Ocean God sealed them away from the sea by raising the land.

3. Anemorea
4. Daulis
5. All-Viewing
6. Crowtown
7. Thisbe
8. Divinely sounding
9. Eutresis
10. Flats.


This rich trading state holds the key peninsula on the island that leads to the mainland, as well as controlling the straits and several key harbours. The King & Queen here are nice, but watch out for Bodyguard , an ancient sorcerous warrior elf who has decided to bodyguard them for fun.

21. Skid
22. Tower Hill
23. Cucumber
24. Hyperesia
25. Willow
26. Goat-place

Bouprasium & Elis

Small rural city states, whose King & Queen traditionally marry each other, hence the two capitals.

30. Olenus
31. Myrsinus
32. Beehives' Murmur
33. Thryn
34. Pisa

The Gate

The traditional first landfall when arriving at the Ellenic states, these daring traders have been known to deal with the Lunar empire to sell their freshly caught slaves. There is a Siren (powerful fae mermaid) off the coast.

40. Dorium
41. Cyparisseeis
42. The Gate
43. Bounder
44. Pherae
45. Hire
46. Enope
47. Cardamyle

The Silent Kingdom

These people are violent, misogynistic, xenophobic slave-takers, and that's by local standards. Their warriors are feared, but their population is small; perhaps relating to their notion of child care including abandoning babies on the hill-side, and those that survive the wolves have to crawl back to the city.

51. Doomed Place
52. Las
53. Beacons
54. Helos
55. Pharis
56. Amyclae
57. Rope Makers City

The Bright Land

This city state is more cheery than most, with bright dyes and large feasts. It helps if you save them all from pirates too. However, they'll still slaughter you in your sleep, same as any other Ellenics.

60. Lerna
61. Bright City
62. Tiryns
63. Asine
64. Eiones
65. Mases
66. Pillar Queen
67. Troezen
68. Goatstrength
69. Shaggy


This state is a true city state, the biggest and richest in the region. It is full of intellectuals, heathen priests, & merchants, with no morality and more temples than anywhere else. Their patron God is of Wisdom & War. Destinians, Lunatics, Arabie traders, and other scum are welcomed. A man is valued by his skill in rhetoric and his wealth. Women are not valued. As you'd suspect it's a democracy – which means that the 1000 local older male land owners run everything to suit themselves. They even have their own oracle, for when the Oracle at Dolphins has bad news.

70. Oracular Cave
71. Mystery
72. Port
73. Thought


This poor, rustic inland city state survives due to the value of its herds, and its indomitable King Oed, demi-God and occasional employer of Adventurers.

80. Thebes
81. Red cliffs
82. Strength in battle


Reference: Seven for Thebes