Drakenburg Assault

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GM: Jono Bean

Party Members


Summer 793 WK (Apr '92 AP)


See story in the Seagate Times edition.

Rumours of Aquila mustering troops to then spend 3 weeks marching to Drakenburg. The party was hired to defend the small city of Drakenburg.

The troops of Aquila in a surprise move captured the outside of Drakenburg township in a single night. In the morning around 12,000 troops from Aquila held the town. The Aquila troops also supported by Order of Unmatched Tempering, and lead by the Bishop of Mordeaux, both of which earned the respect of the party. Richard of Foxcourt was also leading.

  • The battle started with the Lightning of Dawn, and tactic from Aquila - involving firing hundreds of 'Lightning bolts' into the air at the start of battle to demoralise their enemy.
  • The party did extremely well and defending against the Order of Unmatched Tempering.
  • The party captured Richard of Foxcourt on the field of battle.

A few weeks later after the withdraw (for the safe return of Richard of Foxcourt) of the forces of Aquila (withdraw by magic and rune portals under the cover of darkness), the party pursued them into southern Aladar, where the party ran into the Ruby Scourge (Drow god dragon), and some Drow warrior/assassin/priests, involved in a large early winter Weather control ritual. They party reached a deal after defeating the Ruby Scourge that he would not return to these shores as long as no Guild party went to Terranova. Some party members still wear dragon skin armour from this encounter.

These are not the official scribe notes, but a simple date holder. Drakenburg