Order of Unmatched Tempering

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This order is an Aquilan order of Urielites based in Western Aquila. These sisters are combat savy and know how to act in a fight, with devastating effect upon enemies.

It comprises a number of members such as:

Sister Suspicion is Proof

She is known to be a Mind Mage or use Mind Magics

Sister His sight sears the Guilty
Sister Mastery is Authority

She died in Shorapur after being shot through the Heart by the Demon Lord Accoles and then eaten by him - thereby causing him significant discomforture. Uriel saw fit to allow her resurrection so that she may continue her good works.

Sister Ignorance is also Guilt
Sister Judgment is Final


Winter 807WK
A Guild party ran into them in Shorapur.

Winter 793AP
Once favoured and lead by powerful Bishop Tomas Xerxes of Mordeaux the crippling defeat at Drakenburg city ended Tomas Xerxes influence and his support within the Order. A Guild party ran into them and defeated their attack on the city of Drakenburg. The Order has never fully forgiven him.