Karyna Con Sartra

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Princess Karyna Con Sartra of Eltrandor, is beautiful, intelligent and a challenge to any man. She stands 5ft 8 inches tall with a slim build, long wavy black hair, sparkling green eyes and fair skin.

As the second eldest child, Karyna finds herself more heavily involved in matters of state that would normally be expected, often filling in for the less reliable Crown Prince Baric.

Karyna has always had a keen interest in the trade with other nations and has accompanied many ambassadors and trade delegations on their travels across Alusia. She has attended a number of social occasions (often in official capacities but also as a traveller) across the Western Kingdom and further afar and many remember her as being a strong and determined woman with a gentle word for almost anyone except fools who she suffers not at all.

She received training in Magic in Eltrandor and is known to be a Namer apprenticed to Lord Valdryn.

Karyna married Baron Logan of Newhaven on 15th Blossom 807, a member of the Seagate Adventurers Guild.