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Characters; Past and Present



My first character, Sooty is an Elvish Ash mage prone to taking wild gambles. At first glance he's a rather immoral character being quite prepared to do things for money, but once you work past that he's actually concerned with doing the right thing and helping others less fortunate out, though with knowledge and his hands, rather than showering them with money.


A later experiment, Veor is a Dragon-Troll Shapechanger Ice/Rune Shaman from somewhere on the ice shelves up near Svenway/Norway. He comes from a human family with a history of Ice Magic, so is confident in his craft working it carefully. He has a code to which he sticks, however has little concern for those he passes by outside that code.

Limedhl Estel

A Water mage, Lim left Elfheim when it stopped being an idealistic Kerff paradise, and started becoming all militant and stuff. He gambled his way around the Western Kingdoms, falling into the guild, and since then has discovered that he has failed at avoiding combat and danger.


An Earth mage, Kurt is a local from Regar's keep, joined the guild to overcome a childhood curse. He is slowly trending more towards the Druidic style of Earth magic.

Areas I GM


The end of the age came about on Farwey, and the portal reverted to it's original location down the bottom of the sweet-water harbour. Not entirely inaccessible but unpleasant to get to and the other end is buried under a castle now, though there is likely to be enough room to go through and live, but probably not to get out of the castle easily.
However with the end of the age there also hasn't been any call for adventurers to the plane.

Farwey Adventures Run

Storm to Port Winter 807 (High)
Oh Not another Bard Summer 806 (Low/Medium)
The Ghoul Preservation Society Summer 805 (Low)
Rings of Deception
Hunt For The Maiden
Escorting A Lord


I co-GM parts of Pasifika, however enquires about details are best directed at Keith for this, I tend to work more on the numbers behind the scenes.