The Lost Forge

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Scribe Notes


GM: Bernard
Season: Spring 820 WK
Night: Wednesday
Location: Online
Level: Medium-Highish, please use the 1.4 level assessment or consult with GM if unsure.

GM is unlikely to be around for Guild Meeting due to work, please Email or use alternative contact at or after Guild Meeting time.
If there is not a party of this level, may be possible to do a different level adventure with different plot.

  1. Aaron L - Military scientist
  2. Sabastian D - Party Lawyer and scribe
  3. Pierre_the_Halfling D - breakfast cook and responsible user of magic
  4. Rayne L - Cloud summoner
  5. Grizelda D - Dinner cook
  6. Jaycey D - Food taster
Belgond du Beorht. A travelling dwarf
To follow up on clues Belgond has discovered to an old dwarven stronghold in Thonia in the hopes of recovering some family & cultural artefacts.
10,000sp each, reasonable preparations covered before leaving by negotiation, a fair share of recovered artefacts & value.

Scribe Notes


  • The mission is to recover dwarven smiths research from a lost Dwarven hold in Thonia. The party fly to Thonia and obtain caliphants as transport to the hold.
  • Travel through the desert for a week and discover valley with lost hold. Find small settlement of Jackal tribe and notes about downfall of hold
  • Travel up valley for 1 1/2 days, fight undead near barrows. Swim up river to gain entrance to dwarven hold.
  • Examine cavern, signs of chaos magic. Pierre dies by reverse gravity. Scale dwarven defensive wall.
  • Start exploring hold and encounter Goblins entrenched in a bridge. The rebuff peaceful communication and attack. Many deaths, including two part members.
  • Explore bridge. Two day walk part chaos warped creatures. Dwarven city inhabited by goblins. Infiltrate using illusions.
  • Exposed by goblin Captain Slayer, make deal for his silence. Get maps from Entry Hall. Head to Thoznuls mine.
  • Explore Thoznuls mine; fight Hydra, locate and loot workshop
  • Explore Helealsia mine; fight beholders
  • Loot the mine; Head to Hadmeck mine. Fight chaos rats
  • Explore mine further. Encounter freeze trap


Getting started

Belgond , and his two companions Astroc and Jorga, meets us in the guild tavern. As Pierre picks up a second wheel of cheese form the mound of food Belgond explains, after years of researching, he believes he has located a lost Dwarven hold and is seeking to recover the works of three famous master smiths, whom he has familial and clan ties. His research has not identified the layout of the hold or where the workshops are located within the hold.

The party, through mouthfuls of food, show great interest in the mission and Jayce even stops eating her third loaf of bread to approve. Sabastian, over the next hour, masterfully negotiates a contract with Belgond. Belgond has rights over the notes and specialist items from the master smiths and the party can obtain the rest. The party may negotiate to obtain copies of notes or prototypes. The Dwarven party depart once the deal is agreed in order to conduct some trading. Pierre, Jayce and Sebastian create a mountain of empty plates as the party we complete the guild paperwork and planning. Over the rest of the day supplies are purchased, spells and rituals cast and other preparations completed.

Thonia excitement

The bleary eyes party and the Dwarves depart on Reynes Cloud the next morning. The three days of cloud travel pass without incident, other than Sabastian flying through lighting, and the party arrive in the lands of Thonia and land outside a tent city that is many miles wide, various birds (some clearly illusions) fly up from the market to briefly examine the party. Belgond explains the market is neutral ground for the local tribes, where they trade, negotiate and exchange information. Belgond leads the party through the bustling market, different languages fill the air as the seller hawk their huge variety of wares, and we eventually meet our desert guide at the centre of the camp in the Sharmen tents. The Shamen tents are surrounded by a strange magical field and we learn the Sharmen have recently completed their ritual of Spring. The party sensible don't play with the unknown magic but another foolish member of the camp accidentally summons a hell hound, which is welcomed by a camp. The party shake their heads in disappointment, none more outraged that Pierre with the irresponsible magical experimentation. The shamen use their magic to duplicate Jayces desert goggles, so all the party have a set.

Our guide explains the land warps and changes, so we much travel on land and at low speeds. The route is precarious; there are rumours of dragons in the mountain and vicious goblin tribes that roam the planes. It will taken about a week to get to our destination and we will be travelling on caliphants, monstrous creatures that are a cross between and elephant and camel, that large enough for a platform and tower to be build upon their backs - anyone threatening the caravan will have a fight on their hands. We make ourselves comfortable on the platforms as the caliphants are lead to the river to drink, for over an hour, before we depart.

Desert Travels

We travel the desert trails for week, passing through sandstorms and avoiding various creatures, including a dragon and sand worm. Fortunately, our guides are prepared, and we avoid the dangers. We do pass a Wyvern tribal village, but they are simple and ignorant people, so our visit is brief.

At the end of the week we travel off the trail and encounter many distance distorting folds, and a few days later we locate a wide valley mouth blocked by an enormous serpentine wall, it looks heavily besieged and sand dunes rest against the wall. The doors of the 100 ft wide gatehouse are open, with one hanging off. There is a small trail of smoke rising up behind the wall (inhabitants) and we can see a 70 ft tower rising behind the walls. The corridors of the gatehouse are layered in sand and all the iron work rusted, the masterwork traps we encounter are broken.

Past the wall there an abundance of plant life in the valley and a small settlement of people, the Jackal Cry tribe who are masters of illusion, live there. The valley is filled with a noxious iron thorn bushes, the vicious spikes are sharp enough to pass through most armour. The tribe welcome us in and explain they have lived there for many generation, as they are in the deep desert they don't travel much due to the dangers, and the valley allows them to be grow what food they need. They have very few visitor, some Adventurers arrived many decades ago and went up the valley, but never returned. Sabastian spends the evening mending their broken goods and Pierre examines the nasty plant life.

Golem Tower

The next day the party decide to explore the tower. There are two 6 ft iron golems guarding the entryway that block our passage. Fortunately, Pierre is fluent in Dwarven and explains our mission, the mention of Belgond and the dwarven master smiths obtains us entry. The building, like the rest of the structures, is masterfully made, and we later discover it's a non sentient golem. The basement is empty, anything there has long perished. Higher in the tower we locate an office and, after disarming some masterwork traps, discover a few remaining notes. It talks of the troops retreating and the release of the Destroyers(!). The walls at the top of the tower have been made transparent and the walls offer a magnificent view in all directions. Rayne discovers the spirit of a dead guard and we learn that the Destroyers are dwarven constructs that seek out and destroy anything offensive; siege weapons, people in armour with weapons, mages etc. Most of them don't discriminate between friend and foe, however the guards on this building do.

Grizelda and Sabastian spend the rest of the morning divinating the golems on the gate and we learn they are immensely powerful constructs that would be fearsome in combat. They can also be possessed, but this is a skill that is granted by a power/avatar. These golems have also been effected by elemental chaos (not part of the original construction) and now contain powerful elemental magics

Skeletal Surprise

The following day the party departed the Jackal camp and travelled up the valley, weaving through the iron thorn bushes. The journey came to a halt a day and a half later as they encountered a wall of iron throne than crossed the entire valley, it was almost 80ft deep and extremely high. Following some expert application of blackfire, meteorite shower and some labours hours with axes a path was calved through the wall and the party emerged in a part of the valley that matched Belgonds notes.

Working our way around more iron thorn and through a shallow river the party spotted an old barrows, and a number of insubstantial and skeletal figures. Our opponents fought very intelligently, pinning up down with arrow and meteorite showers. They eventually retreated as their losses mounted, with the skeletal figures exploding into toxic gas (our vapor breathing saved us) and black spirits flying back into the burial mound. Investigating further we found there were two mounds in his part of the valley. Nothing remained of the skeletons that were defeated or exploded.

Hold ahoy

Following some investigation, we decided the barrows were built by goblin some hundreds of years after the hold was abandoned, so probably weren't the entrance to the hold. Which was good as the inhabitants were tough! Belgonds notes indicated we needed to follow the 'Smooth way' to access the hold. Following some hours of carefully examining the valley wall, with no discoveries, we decided in investigate the river the went into the valley wall with Aarons wizard eye, it followed the river for 30 ft then hit a scry guard. Grizelda and Jaycey were able to water breath and explored underwater further, finding an opening to a large cavern 100ft up the river. Too far for most of us to swim without magic, the party mechanician build a crude device that would act as an air pocket and allow the party to all make the swim. With the party assembled we began out exploration of the dwarven hold.

Disaster Strikes

Finding ourselves in a large cavern we locate a dwarven crypt, the doors barred so we respectfully leave it along. There is little else, although dust, mould and water seem to be tainted by chaos magic. Pushing further into the cavern our progress is blocked by a wide chasm, there are remains of a bridge. Exploring ways to cross, Grizelda tries to summon an effreeti but instead a salamander appears (chaos magic influence?) which is quickly dispatched. Pierre changes to a hawk and begins flying over the chasm so he can secure ropes on the other side, we have unfortunately not located the increased gravity and is pulled into the cavern - we try desperately to save him but cannot stop him plunging to his death.

Sabastian and Rayne, the best flyers, use shadow wings to reach the bottom of the chasm and retrieve Pierre body. Once we have returned to the party Rayne is able is resurrect Pierre with a powerful artifact she owns. The party takes no chances and, following a round of counter-spells and shadow wings, fly over the chasm. We rest recover from the exhaustion.

Dwarven Defences

View from wall

We find a magnificently built wall blocking our way, it's a masterpiece of defence and also covered in an illusion. It proves impossible to climb or tunnel and many permanent wards protect it, including a TK rage that would throw people into the chasm (and get sucked down by the increased gravity). We locate a small, and magnificently made, stone tower outside the wall and, while examining it, Jayce causes it to topple and is doomed to die in a month. Climbing the wall, using Pierre illusionary staircase, and push through a wall of fire ward that is powerful enough to kill a normal person - but Aarons ablative armour protects us. We locate what appear to be grappling hook marks on the inside of the wall.

There is a second, much smaller, wall is 150 ft is beyond the first and 30 ft tall. Our view allows us to see deep into the cavern, this small town is overgrown with a rainbow of moss, lichen & cave creepers. The sound of a waterfall echoes through the rapidly descending cavern, blocking out most other noise. We find there is no door in the large wall, is purely defensive. (against what?). There are two sealed building between the walls, and these are barracks - themselves highly defensible positions. The trees tell us of larges spiders and the things that kill them. We retreat into a barracks building and rest for the night


The next day, over breakfast, we compare watch notes and decide the sounds of wind we all heard was too regular and that was probably voices. Our exploration is blocked by the curtain wall, it has a gate with iron bound doors and a closed portcullis. The portcullis is electrified so Sabastian and Jayce climb the wall and operate winches to open the portcullis and door.

Buildings cover the area beyond the wall, the buildings we explore are empty with no signs of life. There are some overgrown plants in the area, including mushroom (if we need food). The road runs south away from the wall, which we follow until we encounter an area under an antimagic spell, it's a gigantic circle and we follow the edge of find another chasm that has an even stronger reverse gravity magic across it. From the edge of chasm we can see a bridge, with watchtowers, crossing the chasm and the antimagic appears to be centred on that. There are also a Skull and crossbones banner handing from the watchtower. While discussing our next steps we are peppered by arrows and we see figures in the watchtower, hoping to avoid combat we call out to them and were fired on again. We try to cast a call across the bridge entrance but the antimagic area stops this.

Deadly Combat

Casting in the area will be exceedingly difficult in the antimagic area, and its too far for us to effect them, so we retreat and buff up outside the area and head in to fight. As we approach they try to bock us with forbiddance walls, we see a dozen goblins and three Destoyers. A deadly combat begins, Aarons magical scales save us from taking a lot of damage but we are being worn down as we slowly kill the goblins, one of their mages appear to absorb spells that we do mange to cast. The Destoyers are dealing out significant damage and shattering our armour with each blow. Jayce and Rayne start throwing invested fireballs to try and turn the tide and things get really exciting. We learn that the signs of chaos are throughout the cavern and a powerful cast (triple effect) has all its effects enhanced - everyone in the fight is covered in deadly fire; all but one opponent are instantly killed (one destroyed runs away) but, tragically, Grizelda, Jayce and Aaron also die (we manage to bring Jayce back with her powerful artifact). We retreat to the secure gatehouse with the bodies to heal and resurrect people. We discover Rayne has been death cursed - doomed to help the Whispers of the Flame (goblin religion/mages?)

Dangerous looting

Goblin Journal

Returning after resting for most of the day we pick through the ashes, there is little remaining from the fireball. The two towers provide on the bridge prove interesting, one has a pressure pad (so well made we cant disable) and the other a safe with masterwork traps. Pierre tries to open the safe and traps are set off; the bridge washed in silver fire, rock spikes with poison and teleporting over the chasm. Fortunately, Pierre has the right items to save him from certain death. The safe contains gems, a hymn book (unknown language), a silver chalice (Sammael?) and an especially useful journal with entries over many hundreds of years. It appears something was dug up (chaos creature?) that caused great fear and they have been fighting this ever since - once the dwarves were driven off a small group of goblins took their place. It appears the goblins that ambushed us thought we were chaos creatures and might not be evil.

Bright torches, Big city

Dwarven (goblin) city

The road from the bridge leads west (where goblins that attached us retreated) and right, toward the underground city. We walk for two days, encountering twisted and warped creatures - everything here has been affected by chaos. There are ancient signs of fighting. We encounter a goblin warband that we easily kill.

On the second day we find the main city, which now supports 20-30k goblins. We leave Belgond and his companions hidden and, with Pierres powerful illusions, head into the bustling city. We pass many mushroom fields with workers, and hunting parties that venture out to fight the chaos. We need to find the entry hall, which will have a local map and will identify the ancient forges.

Into the frying pan

We find our way into the area of the city with the Entry Hall, is still sealed with powerful dwarven magics and the goblins have not managed to get in. The marketplace outside the Hall is packed with goblins, there are many making speeches, vying to be the leader for the surface invasion!!!

We struggle to come up with idea to get into the Entry Hall. After some discussion Rayne attempts to summons us a spirit however chaos magic interferes with this and sucks Pierre array to the lands of death. He reappears some time later, alive and a little stressed. His journey was not a waste - he asked about the Entry hall and was told

"The high road
The low road
The misty road"

Our discussions are briefly interrupted by three goblins looking to join our tribe, fortunately Aaron is trained in goblin diplomacy and tells them to push off (but not so polite).

Nut cracking

We explore the area and cant find any other way into the Entry Hall, however we do locate a locate a nearby graveyard and Grizela identifies some spirits standing in a grove. Grizela can talk to them and learns they are echoes of gods, and learns we need to need to pray to their brother to gain entry to the building, he has many names and they don't know which one. Fortunately, the Entry hall door had drawings and symbols to "Unster", so our problem is solved.


As we are congratulating ourselves on our breakthrough, we are approved buy an entourage of tough looking of goblins. Their leader "Slayer of the Tentacle Beast of the Deep" explains he knows who we are and sees through our attempts at deceptions. He explains the three goblins that attempted to previous join our tribe were shaman in disguise and inspected our auras.

Slayer is vying for leadership of the goblins and wants to know what we can do to help him, we really should otherwise he will expose us. He has several shaman so many of our magics are not of interest to him, but finally agree on the price of his silence is restorative potions.
Entry hall

We return to our camp by the entry hall and spend two days making potions and watching vicious goblins politics. There are many shifting alliances with the spies and troubadours working overtime, some goblins swapping sides almost hourly.

Our work for Slayer complete, the prayers "Unster" open the doors. Unfortunately, three members of Slayers tribe were waiting for this and rush in before we can close the doors. They agree to not interfere with our investigations and were forced to leave them be. Almost everything in the halls has disintegrated over the thousands of years, however the directions guide was preserved and we learn much about the people of the city and, more importantly, the location to the smiths mines.

Thoznul mine

We walk for two days and locate the mine Thoznul worked. Pierre created an illusionary lizard to carry out goods, and summons a hell lizard - concerningly the is not surprised by this.

The mine walls are covered in moss, creepers and slime and the air is filled with an acrid vapour. We leave Belgor and his friends at the entrance while we explore. We locate a door, corroded by acid, and contains a trap. We open it from a distance and there is an acidic explosion, however as Aaron needs to be within sight to cast Opening he is caught in a nasty acid cloud and it destroys his second set of armour.


We heal Aaron and follow the revealed corridor, eventually finding ourselves into large cavern. Soon after we enter four elementals emerge from the wall and attack us. Following a vicious fight the elementals are vanquished, however they were partially acid (from the plane of Ooze) and there were many grievous acid wounds that required healing.

We retreat to the mine entrance and camped with Belgond for five days while Grizelda wounds were healed. Pierre appears to have absorbed too much chaos and his hand, previous effected by warpstone, starts causing him pain and he requires regular applications of sooth pain.

Clever, like many foxes

We use the time to scout out the mines and locate an un-scryable area, most likely the mine. Once healed we head there and locate a large lake of acid blocking our way, and, more importantly, an unfriendly Hydra that tells us were intruders and starts spitting acid at us. Retreating, we position ourselves at the far end of the tunnel and fire at the hyrda with long range weapons and spells, the hydra sinks into the acid pool.

Approaching the acid pool, Rayne and Pierre create a bridge that allows us to get to the other side. Half the party traverse the bridge and the others are ready to fire upon the hydra if it returns. The hyrda does return but retreats under the withering fire.


We locate the workshop, its guarded with magic and we all work out we need to deposit gold and gems into the guardian status to gain entrance. The Hyrda bothers us again but flees quickly when subject to blackfires.The workshop is preserved and unaffected by the clouds of acid in the mine, but most things are tainted by chaos. We break into safes to obtain Master Thoznul research notes, as well as liberating some enchanted tools and set of masterwork chain armour. Retreating out of the mine, we celebrate with Belgond - there are high fives all around and extra rations of sugar as we head to the next mine.

The quiet...

We spent two days making our way back to the Dwarven city. Talking to goblins we encounters along the way we learn that "Slayer of the Tentacle Beast of the Deep" has dropped out the leadership challenge, we ponder the politics going on. We further examine our chaos we have absorbed, spells we cast are more likely to backfire and may have a chaos effect. When the level gets too high all spells cast will be impacted by chaos. Pierre, Sabastian and Aaron all have high levels of chaos. Two more days are spent heading to Master Helealsia mine, the journey was unusually quiet, no people or animals seemed to journey this way

...Before the storm

We crept into the mine, what was split by a lave river. Sabastians scouted and his long vision was able to spot a Beholder and what looked be a mini beholder. We planned, but before we finished that came to attack us. There were two beholders, six mini beholders and six flame creatures. A brutal fight followed as the antimagic field and devastating eye beams were fired on the party, we were unsure if the party would survive the encounter. The MVPM (most valuable party member) of the fight was Rayne, who stood her ground under withering attacks and casting Necrosis multiple times and devastated our opponents. Aaron came in second plan, he charged a beholder and took and the eye beams for multiple rounds while attacking it. Once the dust had settled, and beholders killed, the petrified members returned to normal, charms and slows wore off, and Aarons magic kept him in a proto death while we poured on the healing to bring him back. Emergency sugar rations were issued


We search the cavern and find the beholders had been working on plate armour for themselves, fortunate for us they had no completed this. We locate a chaos portal that appears to about a hundred years ago and was last used four few weeks ago (matching the work on the armour). We think it has formed due to the chaos in the area.

We locate a bridge across a lava lake, which turns out to hideously trapped - not pressing the right buttons results in a dragon flames across the bridge, they it drops into the lava - Pierre paid with feet dipped in armour to earn us this information. After some experimentation, and many casting of rune of sight, we learning how to cross the bridge (step on the southern pad and don't press the button) and gain access to the private workrooms with notes on making armour and some samples.


We spend two days walking back to the city and two more to Master Hadmecks mine. Two days into the walk crystals start appearing in the walls and become more prominent as we approach the mine. Jayce reminds us about her doom and suggests that we control this by killing her with whitefire! Sabastian starts thinking of other solutions.

As we enter the mine cavern we are we are forced to walk through a pool of water (flooding) to get to dry land. We begin investigating and are soon attacked by chaos rats, they increase the chaos of their targets and random magical effects occur around them.

Recovered from the fight, and overwhelmed with chaos, we explored the mine further. The party then worked our way past a number of other fiendish traps, and discovered a river a waterfall and river feeding this. We surmise there is partial flooding in the mine and the amount of water in the mine was not planned.


Our investigations led us to a large cavern that we needed to drop from a ledge to access. We heard some noises, so some walls of light were cast before we began exploring. Some pipes were discovered, when then flooded the cavern 30ft deep water and scattering the party throughout the cavern. As the party pulled themselves together and began climbing on the various pillars in the cavern (which were designed to be difficult to climb when wet) the water began to freeze. Grizelda was unable to escape the water in time but did manage to get her head above the surface so we were able to break her out.

Examining the cavern on top of the ice, Jayce and Pierre could see a large artefact beneath the ice and hidden behind a pillar that caused the freezing. Our higher elevation brought our attention to a wall of ice near the ceiling.

People and places

  • Belgond - dwarven employeer * Dethak vel Grimstnzhadn vel Hoar vel Peak vel Belgond du Beorht
  • Astroc - companion of Balgon
  • Jorga - companion of Balgon

Lost Dwarven hold

Situated in valley, vast wall protects valley entrance. Everything we encounter is masterwork level.

Dwarven Masters

  • Master Helealsia (F);
    • A master armour smith, specialised in working metals using magma forges (note, this is unusual for dwarves). Known for Plate armours which had strong endurance armour as well.
    • the mine contains magma forges and a river of magma. Beholders had moved in. Chaos portal. Trapped bridge to private forge.
  • Master Thoznul (M);
    • A master armour smith, used low temperature forging techniques that took far longer to work the metal so favoured lower metal armours. Known for Chain level armour which can be worn under town clothes or robes and are very hard to detect without a physical search.
    • His mine has rivers of acid running through it and filled with clouds of acid. The workshop is guarded by an acid spitting hydra (his immortal pet)
  • Master Hadmeck (M);
    • A master weapon smith, used a bound fire to work with of extreme heat, often favouring exotic hard to source alloys. Known for bound metal weapons that are based on being a weapon family and wielder picks which weapon they actually act as.

Tower of Waygeth the Giant form
A huge tower and military post located at the head of the valley, its also a non sentient golem. A high mana zone

Goblin Barrow
Two goblin barrows near the underwater entrance to the hold. We think they were build hundreds of years after the hold was abandoned. There were undead consisting of insubstantial figures, skeletal archers and skeletal warriors. The insubstantial figures uses modified celestial magic, and fought very intelligently. The skeletal figures were all controlled, and when retreating they exploded into very toxic gas and their spirits flew back into the hold. Considerations: as they are highly intelligent maybe we can talk to them.

Iron Golems that are dwarven constructs that seek out and destroy anything offensive; siege weapons, people in armour with weapons, mages etc. Most of them don't discriminate between friend and foe, the guards on this building do. Have weapon of destruction - amalgamation of shatter (bard), Disintegrate (binder) and disruption (mind) that do massive damage and break through most things, including walls. Effected by elemental chaos after creation (an accident?) that provides them every elemental beneficial spell permanently.

Whispers of the Flame
Goblins living in the hold appear to have religion, can operate destroyers. An organised military group with well trained archers and warriors. Have rune and namer mages, have non standard magic allowing them to absorb spells and damage. Worshipers of Sammael?

Goblin City
The dwarven city is inhabited by 20-30k goblins. The Entry Hall is still sealed (R40 Rune Locks, magical attacks if you try to dig through the walls)

There is a definite class structure;

  • Scum - poor and weak
  • Lower class - Crafter, Warrior
  • Upper-class - stone works and weapon makers
  • Ruling class- shamans and captains

Spirits in Grove

  • Lady Hapenisis - holds a bow - claims to be a god (echoes) - power over beasts and hunting
  • Lady Predantis - holds a bottle - power over fruit and wine -
  • Lady Calinor - holds a scythe - power over harvest and death

Elemental Chaos magic effects
The hold is tainted with elemental chaos magic. The following actions cause people to absorb this;

  • Being resurrected
  • Casting elemental magic
  • Pulse casting

The more chaos absorbed, the more likely their spell casting will be effected by a chaos effect. When the chaos effect gets too high all cast spells will be effected by chaos.

Known chaos effects;

  • A different spell effect i.e. summoning an Efreeiti instead summons a salamander
  • Enhanced effect i.e. a triple effect fireball - instead of enhancing just damage it effected all all aspects of the spell

Goblin Journal

This Journal is written in Goblin, though it is well maintained.

It appears to have been written over a long time by many different hands, judging by the fading of the ink and yellowing on the pages.

Upon translation you determine that this Journal appears to be the records of the Goblin Captain, with each successive Captain taking over the Journal. Most of the entries while interesting give little insight into things.

Some particular entries you make note of however, dates are from when the Journal was started.
To paraphrase these entries.

  • Y0 (Zresb); There has been a great summoning of the tribes, the Dwarves have uncovered the "Untranslatable 1".
  • Y12 (Zresb); We have breached their halls from the "Untranslatable 2", they flee towards the surface, leaving a rear guard to hold the Bridge.
  • Y179 (Sreakt); Finally we have taken the Bridge, as their last Forge Priest fell he cursed us to hear the whispers of the Flame.
  • Y181 (Creld); The Flame speaks of disaster should the "Untranslatable 3" escape, I have seen what one has wrought to the valley, Sreakt would not listen to reason, so those of us who saw were forced to act, we will hold the Bridge against the "Untranslatable 3"
  • Y395 (Ulvalk); The situation is tense, the Hobgoblins come down from the hills, and the Tunnel Lords will not assist, claiming we have broken faith with the "Untranslatable 4".
  • Y396 (Kreesz); We have held the Clans off, though we were forced to burn the lift to the outside when their Shamans entombed their dead, and sent them at us again and again as the unkillable.
  • Y789 (Krelk); Humans have broken through the unkillable, destroying the temples before they were stopped. The Tunnel Lords seek our destruction, we must hold the Bridge.
  • Y1392 (Uldvar); Humans have again broken through, this time however they controlled the unkillable, bringing them with. We will meet them at the walls.
  • Y1392 (Sriogz); Most of us are dead, the Women and Children did not survive, only thanks to Uldvar destroying the outer bridge and slaying their Shamans did we save the day. The Forge is lost. The last Humans have fled the cave followed by the enraged Unkillable. We know not how we will hold the bridge, may the Flame bring us long life such we can hold as long as we can.
  • Y1425 (Sriogz); Foz has again sighted Humans in the outer cave, this time with Dwarves and Halflings, all covered in the scent of chaos and foul summoning. I fear this is the end but we shall do our duty to the Flame one last time if it is. They stay north of the second wall over the surface night, we pray to the holy sword to send his deliverance.


Daily pattern

How much time does the party spend sleeping, eating, traveling, doing rituals, etc each day

Aaron needs at least 2 hrs to renew any enchant armour/weapon spells usually I do over night.

Travel Magics

What travel magic options does the party have, how far per cast/or per day if duration is longer than usual travel time. Can the party eat/sleep/etc on the mode of transport.

  • Rapid Road (Pierre) + 17Mph road speed, 390 minutes, approx 130 miles per cast
  • Thigh high club (ogre club) (Aaron) travel 30 mph use plus Milsci rk squared followers
  • Shadow Wings (Sabastian) - R14 44mph 7.5 hrs

Watch Order

Day Watch. Used when stationary, or on a larger transport such as a ship
First - Grizelda, Pierre
Second - Jaycey, Sebastian
Third - Aaron, Rayne

Night watch
First - Grizelda, Pierre
Second - Jaycey, Sebastian
Third - Aaron, Rayne



  • Pierre - Flying over a chasm and plunged to his death when effected by a reverse gravity.
  • Grizelda and Jaycey - hit by a rank 20 triple effect fireball.
  • Jayce - turned to stone
  • Aaron - sinking doomed
  • Sabastian - Loosing all his skills (existential death)
  • Jayce - whitefire


  • Pierre - teleported by a trap over a chasm (a different one) into a reverse gravity
  • Pierre - the bridge over a lake of acid was destroyed beneath him
  • Aaron - being *mostly* dead following a Rank 20 Fireball
  • Pierre - being summoned to the land of the dead
  • Aaron - turned to stone by beholders
  • Aaron - disintegration ray by the Beholder
  • Pierre - falling off bridge over lava, dipping in feet.
  • Sabastian - almost falling into lava when the bridge collapsed
  • Jayce - massive damage from necrosis
  • Grizelda - in water when it froze solid
  • Pierre - crystals exploding in body
  • Sabastian - huge rank dragonflames
  • Sabastian - lethally exploding ice lake


  • Jayce - 17
  • Pierre - 15
  • Aaron - 11
  • Sabastian - 11
  • Grizelda - 7
  • Rayne - 0

5 for actual, 2 for almost

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)
Double File

Rayne, Grizelda
Sabastian, Pierre
Jaycey, Aaron

Single File



General Buff Notes

Buffs listed in the table don't need to be detailed, other buffs not on the table must be mentioned at the time they are cast.
Y means always on, N/- means never on, 'Sit.' means when the party has time for buffs before a fight.
Weapon Spells which weapon/s it is going on normally should be noted also

Long duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur A S P R G J ?
Disguise (Pierre) 16 ???? 17H/ 8 Days ? ? Y ? ? ? ?
Enchant Armour (Aaron) 14 30 def +1 Armour 7.5 Hours or 21


Y ? Y ? ? Y ?
Enchant Weapons (Aaron) 10 11 SC +4 dam 15 min or 21 days Y ? AD ? ? ? ?
Greater (Aaron) +15 per area Seasonal or 21 days Y ? Y ? ? Y ?
Vapour Breathing Ra?) 9 ???? 5/9.5 Hours ? ? Y ? ? Y ?
Waterproofing (Ra) 8 ???? 27 Hours ? ? ? ? ? Y ?
Rune Shield (Grizelda) 12 +17 def +2 FT protection +2 EN protection and small round shield of force 13 Hours ? ? Y ? ? Y ?
Greater Heart Rune (Grizelda) 6 Heals 6 EN 7 days ? ? Y ? ? Y ?
Willow Healing (Grizelda) 7 Heals 3 EN per pulse for 9 pulses 14 Hours ? ? Y ? ? Y ?
Name (??) ## ???? ? Hours ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Short duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur A S P R G J ?
Invisibility (Pierre) 17 Invis 90 Mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Witchsight (Sabastian) 20 10.5 h ? ? N ? ? Y ?
Strength of Darkness (Sabastian) 11 7 str 2 hr ? ? Sit ? ? Sit ?
Scales (Aaron) 12 44 pt ablative physical 22 Mins (32 enhanced) Sit ? Sit ? ? Sit ?
Smite (Grizelda) 12 One D10 counts as 10 for 5 attacks or casts 17 Mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Shadowform (Sabastian) 9 20% 5 hr ? ? N ? ? ? ?
Invisibility (Jaycey) 10 ???? 55 Mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Heroism (Jaycey) 10 11% Def on Target, 11 to fear checks in line of sight 100 Mins ? ? Sit ? ? Y ?
Arrow Flight(Rayne) 6 +7% SC, +2 DM, 5 Targets, Weapon must have an R(##) use. 11 Mins ? ? Sit ? ? ? ?
Create Rune Weapon (Grizelda) 6 Additional D-5+2 acid damage for D10 pulses 11 Mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Enhance Enchantment 10 up to 10 ranks to.... 60 sec ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
?? (??) ?? ?? ?? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Loot and Expenses

Party Carrying Capacity

How much loot can each person in the party carry, and by what means

Strength of Darkness R11 - +7 str

Pierre-- With Itemisation and cart building a few substantial pieces. Otherwise 20 or 30lbs

Sabastian - 14 str. Also has itemisation

Aaron - leather bag of holding plus a handy haversack probably got 100 lbs spare.

Jaycey - Handy haversack (100lbs spare space), Small cart plus 5 horse's (350lbs each) and a donkey (250lbs)

Grizelda - Handy Haversack


  • Goblin loot from bridge; goblin/destroyer bodies and safe contents.
  • Thoznul research notes and loot



Minor Items



Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Thaw (10)
  1 Guild Meeting 2 Cloud travel to Thonia 3 Cloud travel to Thonia 4 Cloud travel to Thonia 5 Desert Travel 6 Desert Travel - spot dragon
7 Desert Travel - sandstorm 8 Desert Travel - sandstorm 9 Desert Travel - Sandworm, Wyvern village 10 Desert Travel - off trail, many folds 11 Desert Travel - off trail, many folds 12 Desert Travel - off trail 13 Desert Travel - find valley
14 Examine tower 15 Travel up valley 16 Travel up valley. Fight undead. Find hold. Pierre dies 17 Explore city. Fight. Grizelda and Jaycey die. 18 Travel - see chaos 19 Travel - locate goblin city 20 Exlore. Make restoratives
21 Make restoratives 22 Travel 23 Travel 24 Explore Thoznuls mine.Fight elementals 25 Heal 26 Heal 27 Heal
28 Heal 29 Heal 30 Hydra. Breach and loot workshop  
Seedtime (11)
  1 Return to city 2 Return to city 3 Head to Helealsia mine 4 Head to Helealsia mine
5 Fight Beholders and kin & loot 6 Return to city 7 Return to city 8 Rites of Thunor Head to Hadmeck mine 9 Head to Hadmeck mine 10 Explore - rats and freeze trap 11  
12   13   14   15 Equinox 16   17 Eostre 18 The Seagate Spring Ball
19   20   21   22   23   24   25  
26   27   28   29   30    
Blossom (12)
  1   2  
3   4   5   6   7   8   9  
10   11   12   13   14   15   16  
17   18   19   20   21 Floralia 22   23  
24   25   26   27   28   29   30 Walpurgisnacht