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Semi Retirement

Having achieved their main goals as an adventurer Veor is not seen much around the guild anymore, having mostly retired though they maintain their guild membership and visit on occasion.
They are instead teaching magic in Pasifika, and it is rumoured they also act as a merchant in the area using a flying ship.
Lately one of their apprentices from Pasifika, Sno, has joined the Guild.

Levels Breakdown

Overall: High
Warrior: High
Mage: High
Utility: Lots
Specials: Medium

Main play style

In Combat

Veor operates as a combat mage most of the time. Typically starting before the combat begins if possible with Snowfall, Wall of Ice & Ice Construction capable of shaping the battlefield for the parties advantage. Then Weapon spells & Ice Bolt can be cast shortly before combat on either themselves or others for use during the fight, leaving them free to cast Cones of Cold & Elemental Torrent during the fight. They are highly competent with a quarter-staff having a number of special warrior abilities with one, but it is not a weapon that lends itself well to holding the front rank in a pressed battle.

Out of Combat

Buff Magic tends to be Resist Cold, Rune of Willow Healing & Greater Heart Rune, other options are Ice Armour, Rune Shield & Rune of Truth but normally people have better. They are a skilled Herbalist & Ranger with some supporting skills. They are not a Healer but here their Rune Magic allows them to replicate some of what a Healer can do as long as the target is alive. Travel Magic they normally uses Ice Ship or Ice Traversal, also having a portal to the Spirit Realm that can allow for fast travel, but with it's own perils.


Veor Damarez.
Veor has undergoing a change recently, transforming into a 5'10" tall woman with a respectable build. Still blonde with flowing hair to just below the shoulder and piercing snow blue eyes that gaze out at the world with chill. She dresses in fine chain under good travelling leathers while at the guild, sometimes changing to plate while on adventure, avoiding showing flesh that would suggest anything.
In the odd occasion she appears at a court function she favours blue free moving dresses.
Most of the time the visible weapons are a re-curve bow & a true silvered battle-axe, with a shaman like quarterstaff and war club rounding the weapons out. A large shield also rests on her back.
When in armour a tabard over the top indicates that she is a member of the Pasifikan order of the wandering warrior to those familiar with Alusian heraldry.

Background & History

5th Son of a Nordic Gentleman, taught the Ice College at home in accordance with the long family tradition, Veor was sent the long distance to the Guild to, according to what his father told him, 'See the world, and learn your magic so when you come home, you're a man of knowledge and experience'. With these words, he took ship and traveled the long journey to the Guild, therein beginning his career with a seemingly simple task for a minor noble on plane.
Early adventures taught Veor a lot about being a warrior, accompanying a number of higher level warriors and standing beside them in combat.
Later on, they became recognised as an apprentice troll shaman, through a couple of adventures to do with helping some tribes living near trolls, and the spirit world. They build on this connection with a Dwarvish Rune mage, who helped them become a full Rune Mage as well.
They have now mostly retired from adventuring to Pasifika & Paeleolithica, helping with the winters for the refugee settlements from Pasifika that passed through the portals, and providing the novelty of Ice Magic to the Tropical Pasifika. They trade the area using a ship that was recovered from the seabed on adventure some time ago. They have taken on several local apprentices to further introduce Ice Magic into the area, one of whom Sno has joined the guild.
They still maintain a guild membership and tend to follow up on matters of interest to do with Purple or Pasifika, and continue to work with the Order of the Wandering Warrior.


Professional Skills

Veor is a master herbalist, mainly focusing on hot brews while on adventure and healing poultices. Lately they have also been focusing heavily on Astrologer & Philosopher, with Astrologer focused a lot more on reading entrails rather than pure star gazing.
Like most seasoned adventurers they also have a good collection of other skills, but the aforementioned skills are the ones they practice off adventure also.


Veor has trained a wide range of weapons now as a seasoned adventurer, however they specialises in Quarterstaff & Shortsword. On adventure they normally travels with a Battleaxe, Runic Quarterstaff and a Short Recurve bow now as their primary weapons.

Artisan Skills

Cook: Apprentice Level, near completing her apprenticeship.
Bone Carver: Apprentice Level, her former trade before being sent to the guild.
Sculptor: Journeyman Level. Focusing on snow sculpting.


Lots, primarily focused on human languages, common non human languages at the guild & Titanic.

Adventuring Skills

Climbing: Master
Horsemanship: Master
Flying: Master
Stealth: Skilled
Swimming: Skilled


Veor is an Ice Shaman, with Skill in Ice Magic and Runic magic. Below are listed the primary magics she normally uses on adventure. She has plenty of spells other than these, with the entire Ice College learnt to good ranks & more than half the Rune specials learnt to castable levels, but a lot of the time the rest simply don't come up.

Primary Magics

To be filled in at a later date when I have time to do a proper update, old version was badly out of date.

Other Stuff

Major Items

Sword of Slaying: A legacy sword from before the war of tears, this sword has now fulfilled the prophecy made about it, and brought about the doom of a pair of elvish greater vampire twins. It possesses an extraordinary edge & tip, finding critical locations with ease.
Elemental Mana Amulet: Attuned to Ice, makes casting of any Ice Magic spells significantly easier and more likely to double or triple.
Staff of Controlling Undead: Used for binding undead for easier killing.
Amulet of Knowledge; Allows learning of languages via flesh, text or spirit guides.

Major Oddities

Is an official adult Troll, with a Troll Club to prove it.
Uncapped Fatigue. One per adventure.
Turns into a horrible Troll/Dragon like Hybrid occasionally. Shape-changer regeneration.