A Cold Sun - Part 2

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Scribe Notes


GM: Bernard
Season: Winter 822
Night: Wednesday
Location: Online
Level: Highish

  1. Aaron - E&E - Helen S
  2. Vixen - Fire - Kita
  3. Sno - Icelandic Volcano - Annuskha
  4. Minerva - Celestial - Jacqui
  5. Elderan - Air - Ian
  6. Seraph - Namer - Connor


Kerekes Zsolt - Ambassador from the Mountain town of Falagosin.


The Astrologers of Falagosin have predicted a hard winter this year. While this is not terribly unusual, alongside this they have also predicted stars falling from the skies bringing with them fire, ash, & death.
The fire, ash, & death being of some concern, they have come in search of a group of adventurers to help them out in avoiding at least half the predicted events for this coming winter.
The Guild Astrologers have taken their own look, and believe that this is tied to a previously broken planar portal, and a number of entities that were travelling the portal at the time it broke.

A Cold Sun - Per these previous notes there is a soon to be problem again of a portal from a dangerous plane reaching Alusia and probably an undead invasion force.
While exactly when this will happen is unconfirmed, the Guild has been instructed to make people aware of this and be ready to organise a response group to achieve a more permanent solution this time. The Guild does wish to note that commendations are due the earlier party for achieving beyond their initial job description to create this lengthy delay and allow better organisation.


To be negotiated based on the parties capabilities, and what resources the party needs support with.

Scribe Notes

===Session 1===

1st of Frost

Accepted a notice of employment in regards to a problem needing to be solved regarding our futures

Employers name is Kerekes Zsolt from a town known as Falagosin

Astrologers from Falagosin foresaw fire, ash and death on the wings of a harsh winter

A seeing stone was brought to the Guild Astrologers and they foresaw a forest, a portal and few other mentions to a previous adventure shared by a few of the current party members

After a few moments of deliberation about payment and being filled in on what we were going to do, I made my way to the local shrine of The Willing Prince to make a sizable donation as he once saved my life following a similar situation we found ourselves in now

3rd of Frost

After equipment and supplies were gathered, Elderan summoned a cloud and we all set off on our way to Falagosin

After about 500 miles of travel via cloud we were threatened by a cluster of Fireballs hurtling towards up, this raised some alarm as we were about 20,000 feet in the air

After traveling the last 400 miles we land on a grassy slope a few miles outside of Falagosin

4th of Frost

Arriving swiftly at the town we are greeted by town guards in their native tongue before asking us a few question in elvish regarding our knowledge of the laws of their realm

After being made aware of the towns laws, we were escorted to a tavern by the name of The Saddlery

===Session 2===

The city has a strict no armor and no heavy weapons policy, however some exceptions to weapons such as dagger can be made if they are concealable.

Our guide Kerekes when and got us some papers to allow us an audience with the astrologers.

We left the city limits to ask the sun questions about our current predicament but we got nothing but vague answers and limited insight, so we retired to the inn for the rest of the day.

===Session 3===

5th of Frost

Minerva wants to buy books. I, along with Aaron went to the local pub and others gave some money to our guide to use in our stead in the High Market and the new moon auction. Spent the evening in the pub, eating, drinking and gather what info we could from locals and mercenaries alike.

6th of Frost

Went to the low market to kill time before our appointment with the Astrologers.

Met with the Astrologers of Falagosin who allowed us to see the visions that they saw. Personally I cannot remember but these are the accounts of the others in the group.

The animals being slowly drained of life, in a magical fashion. They char from the inside out despite freezing from the outside in. This is definitely some kind of life drain as well as other magical effects.

You feel the falling stars are large lumps of rock, they may or may not be solid, it is hard to tell. But they don't seem like magically summoned meteors.

The fire in the sky as they fall seems like a typical meteor. The fire in the sky after they land and explode feels alchemical in nature, perhaps a hint of sulfur to the taste and heat of it. The ash afterwards feels like it is coal dust of some kind.

The hills are rolling hills mostly grass and scrub covered, you can see a number of small towns in them, perhaps some mines, to the south beyond the hills from the tallest hill that you are currently standing on, you can see the sea to your far south

You feel that you are simply an observer in this. Even if your actions in breaking the gate contributed, karma does not believe that you are responsible in any way for this. If anything, you feel that you, and those with you have the potential to reduce the flames and death.

As the vision starts to fade, and you return to the real world, you get a brief vision of two figures in the mists, standing in the blackness between or beyond the stars. One has a crown of bone, the other has a crown of fire.

As soon as the visions ended Sno was but for a brief moment engulfed in black flames, but was protected by some for of Aura that Elderan was able to catch a glimpse of, thanks to some quick thinking DA.

7th of Frost

Following the events of our vision, the party decides to stay in town for a while to peruse, barter and haggle before making plans to set off for an alchemical mine about 200 miles south of Falagosin.

Activity 1

Activity 2


Daily pattern

How much time does the party spend sleeping, eating, travelling, doing rituals, etc each day

Travel Magics

What travel magic options does the party have, how far per cast/or per day if duration is longer than usual travel time. Can the party eat/sleep/etc on the mode of transport.

Orcish Warband Traveling -(item once/per day = Aaron) 30mph walk with up to 16 followers, until you stop moving.

Watch Order

Day Watch. Used when stationary, or on a larger transport such as a ship
First - ??
Second - ??
Third - ??

Night watch
First - Aaron / Vixen
Second - Seraph / Sno
Third - Eldaran / Minerva

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)
Double File Single File


Enhancing Enchant (Aaron) Rk 10, Effect + upto 10 rks on one of Dam, SC or duration.

General Buff Notes

Buffs listed in the table don't need to be detailed, other buffs not on the table must be mentioned at the time they are cast.
Y means always on, N/- means never on, 'Sit.' means when the party has time for buffs before a fight.
Weapon Spells which weapon/s it is going on normally should be noted also

Long duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Aa Se El Vi Mi Mi pet Sno Sno pet
Greater (Aa) 16 +17% 4 areas 5/21 Days Y Y Y ? Y Y Y Y
Enchant Armour(Aa) 14 30 def +1 Armour 7.5 Hrs/21 days Y Y Y ? Y Y Y Y
Eleutherian Ward (Aa) 8 removes 2 Ag loss from encumbrance/armour. Adds 28 to MR vs entangling spell eg web 4.5/8.5 Hours Y Y Y ? Y Y ? ?
Blending (Min) 6 blending 7 Hours ? ? Sit ? ? ? ? ?
Coruscade (Min) 14 +30 def 7.5 Hours ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Witchsight (Min) 12 witchsight 6.5 Hours N ? N ? Y Y N Y
Walking Unseen (Min) 6 unseen 7 Hours ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Vapour Breathing (El) 10 ???? 5.5 Hours Y ? Y Y N Y ? ?
Hot Wind(El) 8 21/13 def 9 magic prot V Fire & Ice 4.5 Hours Sit ? Y Sit Sit Sit ? ?
Feather Falling(El) 9 ???? 5 Hours Sit ? Y ? Sit Y Sit Sit
True Fireproofing (Sno) 11 Normal fireproofing + -3 magical fire damage. 12 Hours N N N N N N Y Y
Ice Armour (Sno) 8 6 Ft 1 En Prot 12 Hours N N N N N N N Y
Name (??) ## ???? ? Hours ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name (??) ## ???? ? Hours ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Short duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Aa Se El Vi Mi Mi pet sno sno pet
Enchant weapons (Aa) 10 11 SC +4 dam 15 mins/21 days Y Y T ? ? ? Y Y
Scales 14 48 pts ablative thumbnail sized scales. (After MR, before Armour) 24/34 Mins Sit Sit ? ? Sit Sit Sit Sit
Creating Light Sword (Min) 8 SC+9 DM+3 13 Mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Arrow Flight(El) 13 SC+14 DM+4 all ranged weapons 18 Mins ? ? Y ? ? ? ? ?
Weapon of Flames (Vi) 12 ???? ? Mins ? ? H&1/2 ? ? ? ? ?
Fire Armor (Vi) 6 ???? 7 Hours ? ? ? Y ? ? ? ?
Resistance to Light (Min) 10 +22 to resist light 110 Minutes Y ? ? ? Y Y ? ?
Name ??? ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Loot and Expenses

SP & other cash value loot

Significant Items


20,000sp Donation to the Shrine of The Willing Prince from Seraph.


2x Amulets of hypericum at 1600sp a piece

Minor Items



Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
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Snow (8)
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12   13   14   15 Solstice 16   17 The Duke of Carzala's Winter Ball 18 Yuletide
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