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GM: Dean
Season: Spring 820 WK
Night: Monday
Location: St Johns / Zoom
Level: Extreme

  • Lath - Human Air Mage - Jono
  • Caprice - Thaumaturgist - Kelsie P.L.
  • Tari - Elven Earth Mage - Michelle
  • Aryan - Legendary Warrior - Stephen Mil Sci & Scribe
  • Captain Blood - Human Water Mage - ChrisC
  • Keesha - Elven Rune Master - Surfboard
  • Silverfoam - The Elven Namer - Michael P.
  • Plus extra recruits once we found out a bit more...
Play test docs
All needlessly hush-hush and confusing, we actually have 3 missions that all need to be done at once and according to astrologers may have some connection. Splitting into 3 parties with some extra recruits to deal with them properly.
1. Sorceress in Silver
2. Lorto
3. Princess Ozma
1. An unknown Air power has manifested in Alusia and needs to be tracked down and encouraged to return home.
Lath, Aryan, Silverfoam, Tegan, Lyric, Kern
2. Some contracts need to be fulfilled, some old business settled, clearing the ledger.
Caprice, Captain Blood, Thaeuss, Eric, Engalton
3. Ozma is planning a surprise party for redacted, party poopers are expected and to be stopped.
Tari, Keesha, Broc, Rahne, Merco, Hagan
1. Airy fairy favours.
2. Special Training and some cash
3. Presents!

Scribe Notes

There are no scribe notes in game. Nothing to see here, move along.

Task options:

  1. Ensure we are not scryable/predictable - WWow Anti-Scrying / CB Ritual (modified)
  2. Research Caprice's book of Elven Secrets, Silverfoam's books from Elven Vaults, Lath's books.
  3. Talk to Elven Venerable-Princess, Lord Yo
  4. Investigate the research labs:
    1. Eunis at Mt Everwhite.
    2. Search frozen city for control mechanism - was in the possession of the Dean who's body was found.
  5. Disrupt dig at the Sea of Ash
  6. Hunt the bad guys archaeological teams
  7. Kill/Pin-down Savnok. Maybe get Sabrina to assault him for a while.
  8. Find/destroy the control mechanisms
  9. Find/destroy the various war repositories/labs
    1. 2 in the Elven Ways - Explore the Elven Ways to find the repositories...
    2. Thunor research site, psionics etc.
    3. Shadowlands (Ashen Dawn lab) - Entrances cave in Brastor, mists near village in southern Carzala. Spiderqueen/joinings.
    4. Dreamlands
  10. Unravel the Away Team Alliance
  11. Kill the White Lady and her clan. Or better, get them to kill each other.

A very secret briefing

Duesday 1st Thaw

In an especially well shielded guild meeting room, we are met by Ashkar, Valerian and WWoW. They give us an intentionally vague briefing, minimising what we can tell in case we chose to decline. While we're chatting a Bug Eyed Imp tries to scry through from a proximate plane and volunteers to become WWoW's goblet. We agree to know more and step through a summoned door to a similarly shielded room in an off-plane location.

There we meet the home team and are told what they know of the away team and what they're up to.

Before the war of tears, amongst other powerful magics and shaping, the Elves created lots of new creatures (Joinings) for the coming conflict (including Void Wolves).

With events of the last 40 years, the ways have become active, the Drow have been stirred up, Terra Nova has been changed, old powers re-awakened and artefacts unearthed. Pocket planes used for storage and research that were previously isolated by the breaking of the ways have been re-connected and may be accessible for the first time in 30,000 years.

The White Lady is from that time too and has become aware of this awakening. The bad guys she leads have started excavating old war shit. One known dig site in Sea of Ash, suspected others. Probably half a dozen (away) teams out prospecting.

Scarlet believes there may be a control system for the created monsters (Joinings), the Away team finding these would be all bad. One was at the frozen university pre-WoT (he broke free temporarily to freeze the place). He thinks there's something similarly controlling inside the ways somewhere.

... Moonday 8th Thaw
The Philosophers (Lath, Silverfoam, Keesha, Tari) work through the books.
CB, Caprice and I visit a few allies (Illyana, Yo, Tari's Dad. And grill Carzon.) to ask what they know of the Joinings, the Ways (as they were and as they are now), locations of WoT weapons caches/cities/research sites.
We also investigate anti-scrying options to keep ourselves off the Away Team radar.
We ask Scarlet to make contact with the Void Wolves, see what they know and sound them out as potential allies.
We ask Maelstrom to scout/spy out the dig at the Sea of Ash.
Ashkar & Co to try to identify who of the Dark Brotherhood has been engaged and see if there is any means by which we could locate them. Or get leverage on them.
Lorto & Ashkar to enquire after any hiring of mercenaries the Away team might be doing. Looking for opportunities for us to take a job on the inside.
Cam & DoD to acquire an invocation for Savnok. Caprice to acquire the dagger. See if we can summon and pin him down for a season.

Curses, Coffins and Go!

... Moonday 21st Thaw
Two weeks sleeping in coffins
... Th'rsday 24th Thaw
Removing curses

Sea of Ash report:

  • Using ice to freeze and then tunnel.
  • They've found ruins hundreds of feet below the ash.
  • They've lost some people to denizens of the ash.

Astrology indicates Mt Everwhite is under attack, we go.

Seven and a quarter hours ballistic flight to the coast, 20 mins into the mountains then scrying Mt Everwhite.

Entry waterfall is partially frozen. Ice and Air elementals/fiends. Inside, behind the waterfall, we see an Ice Devil, 2 Drow, DB Priest, Lady Bug.

We prep, fly in, bluff past the elementals left outside then engage the group inside.

Mt Everwhite Foyer

Ice Elemental, Air Elementals - Banished and Stasis. After they redirected the river inside to flood the place.

2 Drow, fled (teleported out) when defeated.

Lady Bug - sent bugs but hid and then fled.

Capture one of her Mantis Warriors - Control him.

Capture Dark Priest. Loot him (Armour, cloak, rings, ...). Questioning...

  • Info on Dark Brotherhood people (and others) working for the White Lady
  • Sent here after the Chancellor, flew by Air Elemental.

Chancellor and Northern University

Heading downstairs, huge bottomless cavern, crystals, all very magical. Crystal Elven babe (Eunis) pops out of the crystal platform, we convince her we're good guys not the Ice Devils we look like, she takes us to the Geode where the chancellor resides.

He takes an hour to de-crystalize then we chat over a late night supper.

  • Thunor lab very void focussed, traded with Calimar. Controlling Key: Calimar Cowl
  • Shadowlands is very spidery also used Undead. Controlling Key: Spider Queen she slept with the joiner, has a Drow form, probably how she became the key.
  • Dreamlands lab is in a forest. Tree/Fae/Dryad focussed. Controlling Key: Dryad
  • The city they're digging up in the Sea of Ash is believed to have been completely destroyed. Controlling Key: tba?
  • Elven Ways #1: Monsters, liked Hydras. Draken (Dragon-Kraken). Controlling Key: tba?. Get location of the real world side of it.
  • Elven Ways #2: Titan-esque joinings, Giants, Dark Titans. Controlling key: Elven Crown Get location of the real world side of it.
  • Void Wolf City up North. Controlling Key: Crystal Cube Frozen something, out of phase with reality. Should be in a proximate dimension.

We invite the Beltane to send a small garrison and also invite some philosophers to come visit and bring their bodyguards.

The Mantis Warrior agrees to get joined with a crystal and join the Mt Everwhite guards.

We are informed of and take a known path through the Elven Ways to the northern university. A bright well-paved boulevard. Terminates in a frozen cavern. Scarlet left the freeze on while he was away.

We search where the Dean died, his body and his rooms and eventually find the extradimensional cube. Captain Blood binds the cube to his Charming Rod, barely managing to control it. General looting of hidden compartments. Amulet of Protection from Death. Potions...

We then transfer the control cube to Scarlet.

Frysday 25th Thaw

Caprice, Lath, CB, Tari, and Silverfoam head off to meet with void wolves, warn them of the Drow.

Then travel back to Mt Everwhite via the ways.

We rest through the day, dance then head through the portal to Thunor. Dark path through overhanging trees leads to clearing, a tall tower with a door at the base. The door/portal was last opened 6 days ago, we see tracks of 6-8 entities heading to and into the door, multiple wards and traps on the door. We head in and ascend cautiously for about 5 hours then sense something malignant approaching us...

Ooze on the Stairs

We see dark slime on the stairs, 40' back is the Away Team Squad, standing in slime.

We avoid contact with the slime. Try various things against the slime, battle the team, a Drow assassin pops out of the shadows and offers aid, explaining his team is controlled by the slime. We start releasing his team from control, drive the Ooze back with the Harp of Order, and eventually prevail.

  • Drow Warrior - Konti. Gifted us a sword, Turang (H&1/2-Broadsword, Eog, Extra damage vs Devil/Demonic, Turn Blades, 3D10 base damage (std, Impact, & Lightning), Lightning Bolts, regeneration, resistance to some damage.
  • Chaos Witch
  • Dark Priest
  • Barbed Devil - Killed
  • Elder Gray Ooze - size of a city block, chaos creature, controls those it touches, absorbs psychic energy.
  • Drow Assassin - Alain

It is after dawn on Thunor so we rest for the day, chat, cure some wounds and acquire amulets to protect us from control.

The away team (except Alain) was caught by the Gray Ooze and has been controlled since then.

Dis-Joining Monsters

Reapsday 26th Thaw (On Thunor)

Emerging from the stairs into a Gazebo in a garden.

Caprice spots the Hydra with a Wizard's Eye and her eye is turned to stone, removed and then regenerated.

We make plans, emerge under the cover of darkness, Tari's Earth Elemental starts tunnelling.

Then we're attacked and things get interesting...

  • Gorgon-Cockatrice-Hydra: Petrifies on sight, touch, breathes fire, regenerates heads, ... - Slain and then we consume its heart.
  • Ithiliche (Ithilid-Liche): Death Gaze, Psionics, Planar Step, ... - Slain. (2 Evil Soul Gems, skull with golden teeth: 6 x rk 20 Psionic Blast - D+40 res half, multi target; 6 x rk 20 Mind Shout - Cone, Lose D WP & Disabled, resist and be slowed)
  • Void-Purple Worm: Phasing into the void - reduced to 0, fled to the void.

Make our way across town to the ruined Indigo Sun house, then down to the basement lab. There's an overlapping lab out of phase with us.

Using Caprice's Katana to get into phase with it, we loot. The Gray Ooze has drained most of it, including an Elder Brain, the control mask, and several other joinings.

Two un-opened rooms:

  • Tarrasque-Pixies in stasis - Pixie talents (Fly, Teleport, Invis, Sleep) and can transform into a Tarrasque.
  • Obscurus - void-black and blobby-ovoid shaped. Parasitic remnant of a mage.

A hidden gate which is a path deeper into the void.

Giant Dryad Gate

Back through the ways to Mt Everwhite. Briefings and rest.

Sunday 27th Thaw

After sunset dancing, we fly north for 3 hours to the former location of a lab west of Kadath.

The area is giantified (trees, animals, insects all about 5x normal size) and lively. We identify Fae presence.

Landing in the canopy, the Grove Guardian trees grab me, I charm and chat to the giant monkeys and get them to take me down to their bosses where I charm and chat to the 25' Dryads. They agree for the others to come down and for us to go about our mission provided we cause no harm to their grove.

I find a Ley-nexus, Keeshah opens a gate to a very narrow path in the ways. Exploring we find where there used to be a side path to a picket fence with a talking gate. Singing a song of order, focussing our will and a crap ton of blood and sweat, we rejoin the gate to our path.

Divination; using Tari's potion of time ignorance, Zohar looks back in time to the last time the gate was used by Lord & Lady Davros and gets the pass phrase to enter Tempest Cottage: Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars.

We use the phrase and enter through the gate. A path leads through a tranquil garden to a large pretty cottage. The basement is a low-level monster lab.

In the kitchen is a special stormy tea cup, placing it in the middle of the table and moving into the storm is the portal to the lab. A canape fork is a protection from water talisman that Davros used.

The Maelstrom Lab

Getting ourselves ready, we perform the tea ceremony and enter the cup. Emerging into a maelstrom, we're protected by the calm and bound water effects of the fork.

Descending and scouting around we head for the scent of danger and soon find something that was probably about a 300' cube construction before the coral grew all over it. There's a 70' cave in the side of it. We poke around, peer inside and then disturb the dweller within - The Draken (Sea Dragon-Kraken): 100' body + 100' tentacles. We try to block the exit but it breaks down the stone walls, we tickle it a bit and anger it. Using its tentacles as leverage it charges out at enormous speed so we wait and sneak into its cave just behind it. While it searches for us outside we make our way in, up into a moon pool about half way in. Sealed magically bound doors which the fork opens.

Inside is a well preserved complex. Joining Lab, a couple of joining rooms, stasis chambers, and in a secure, concealed place, the controlling trident. Stasis rooms contain dead humans a live Drow, the crew here put themselves into stasis once the supplies ran out. Amongst the other things in storage are:

  • 5 Creature Crates.
  • Siren-Sea Horse
  • Coiled Sea Serpent
  • Fossegrim

We resurrect and then evacuate the humans to Lath's island. We crate up and take the Draken out.

Moonday 28th - W'nsday 30th Thaw

Keeshah establishes a 2-hex portal while I ferry the Draken to Mt Everwhite.

Th'rsday 1st Seedtime

We fly a couple of hours to the next location, the region is shattered black stone. Investigation reveals it is semi-living rock hungry for more of the life blood that was part of the mass sacrifice attack that was its creation. We sense it has a centre deep in the fractured stone. It drains life from those who contact it. A Wall of Stone in contact with it is gradually subverted. Ley lines are also fractured.

A Naval Assault

We argue then we agree to the Admiral's proposed naval assault: A wide barge, with rune ward aboard, sails in aboard a river of Holy Water of Varda with 5' Dark Spheres.

We sail into the centre and start annihilating a cone down towards where we think the centre of the draining evil is.

The Mad Caps on Displacer Beasts teleport in and snipe at us:

  • Green glowing sling bullets that bounce off the ward.
  • Blood Nightmares that can't breach the ward and we banish.
  • Hitting our ship with infectious displacement.

We blast them back, kill 2 beasts, stasis 1 beast and 1 mad cap. Dig about 100' deep then retreat to rebuild our ship before its all gone.

Returning with our new ship we dig another 150' feet and unearth a sacrificial altar that was driven into the rock and has pierced a gate into the Elven Ways and through into the Shadowlands where small Fae are feeding on the blood. We dig, peer around, and investigate . Then the Displacer-MadCap joining turns up.

Along comes the horror

The Mad Caps, Displacer Beasts and the Joining start praying around the altar. Zohar and Caprice try to disrupt by casting on them through the planar boundary, thinning their numbers.

Then a horror walks out of the mists of the Elven Ways in answer to their summons, we include it in the gifts of damage.

They respond with a ground tremor, some 25' rock constructs, we keep whittling them down.

They teleport to us, damage us and drain our blood, then we lay into them killing most. Wielding Beauty, I deal to the horror in a flurry of attacks, the Madcap-Displacer joining and the one surviving Madcap flee back into the shadowlands.

We borrow Anguitia's Scabbard to protect us from the blood magic and study the altar. It is dedicated to the evil blood god Korn/Lamara, thousands of souls have been sacrificed to it.

Frysday 2nd - 22nd Seedtime

We spend a couple of weeks using Lath's knot to pull the sacrificed souls out of the altar, then destroy the remnant.

Scouting the ways under the city, they are shattered, as is the lab and nearly everything that was in it at the time - including the controlling crown.

Chapter 11


Home Team

Barman - 5' Rock Troll

Team Oz
Lord Carzon (was pre-WoT)
WWoW - Esmerelda (Scrying/Anti-scrying, Curses)
GWoS - Glinda (Movement, Protection, Shaping)
WWoE - Mombi (Winged Sprite, Alchemist, Herbalist)
GWoN - Gayalette (Elementalist, Healing)
Princess Ozma
Oz Blessings: Protection from Earth, Immunity to Poison, Personal Anti-Scrying, Sleep comfortably anywhere (Ozma)
The Brotherhood (the good 60% of the Dark Brotherhood)
Ashkar (the hot one)
Valerian, Chaos Witch
 ?, Chaos Witch
Unnamed Witch in Leather
Cam & Co
Camdindel (Dark Elf Sorcerer), Legion (humanoid construct with hair), Lorto (buff human), Maelstrom (innocuous elemental shape-changer), Dear Old Dad (Lich Lord), Zephyr (petite humanoid Air power)
Scarlet - Old Elf from pre-war of tears. A Joining - Elf blended with stuff: Part Void Wolf, part Cho-ja (mantis like), part void entropy locust. Guardian of Elven University in north. Conscientious Objector, rather than be used in the civil war, froze himself in the Elven ways to freeze the city. Been thawed for 5 years, catching up on the world.

Away Team

Terra Nova Drow led by The White Lady
The White Lady, dates back to pre-WOT, former partner of Savnok.
Clan of 10s-100s of Drow and minions
Pit fiends, Ice Devils, Bearded Devils, etc.
Is owed allegiance by an Elemental Prince of Air & Water.
Her palace is set in cliffs by the sea, has seaweed monster along Ley Lines drawing power to her palace. Its location in central Terra Nova is known.
Bug Eyed Imps (inter-dimensional spies / Maybe The White Lady spies)
Ice Devils - 1 killed that didn't return to hell.
Dark Brotherhood (The 40% of the original brotherhood that didn't side with us)
Lady Bug - Controls bugs big & small, transforms into a swarm of bugs. Multi-target Wiccan curse.
Swarm Priest Captured - Released a Swarm and Mantis Warriors from his cloak.

Buffs & Mil Sci

Buffs and Enhancements

Long Term Buffs (assumed always on)
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Duration Ar CB La Ta Ca Ke SF BAE EAE
Strength of Stone (Ta) 20 +20 EN 21 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N
Armour of Earth (Ta) 20 +42% Def +1 DR 10.5 hrs N N
Enchant Armour (CB) 23 +48% Def, +1AP, +23 Spell Armour 12 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Rune Shield (Ke) 20 25% Def +5 AP, 1 SG. 10.5 hrs Y Y x 3 Y Y
Armour of Light (CB/Ar) 15 15pts vs FT, EN and incoming magic. 1pt vs SG's. +? IV for Mil Sci. Replaces ALL other damage reduction. Y N N
Smite (Ke) 20 On Strike: D+21, Knocked prone 21 hrs 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 Y Y
Martial Hymn (Ca) 12 +44 SC from Caprice singing within hearing, +2 dam for followers of PoL.
* Whenever singing is possible in combat, 1 pass action per 2 pulses, no problem except the "surprise' pulse.
* Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Disguise (Ca) 20 21 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water Breathing (SF) 20 Breathe water 41 hrs Y N N
Wind & Water proofing (SF) 20 All the possessions of that entity 2 days, 15 hrs (or 105 days on a boat, Y N N
Greater Heart Rune (Ke) 20 Heals 13 EN on taking EN dmg. 21 days Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Rune of Truth (Ke) 13 PC + 26 + Greater % to spot illusions/hidden/disguised 72
Willow Healing (Ke) 7 3 En per pulse for 9 pulses 14 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Resist Heat & Cold (La) 20 6 less heat & cold dmg, 6 lvls better on Weather table 21 hrs (41 hrs enh) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Vapour Breathing (La) 16 8.5 hrs (16 hrs enh) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N
Barrier of Wind (La) 26 54% Def (42% Def without Eddie) 13 hrs (23 hrs enh) N N N
Flying (Air) (La) 20 Wind picks you up. 1st time 1 min, after D+2 pulses to arrive. 10.5 hrs (20 hrs enh) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N
Feather Falling (La) 10 Fall at 1' per sec. 5.5 hrs (10 hrs enh) - Y N N
Eddie (La) 20 Cloaks you in an Eddie. Stops wind speak etc, leaves no trace in the air.
Lowers weather gauge by 4. Lowers Whirlwind Vortex by 20 ranks.
21 hrs (41 hrs enh) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Short Term Buffs - Cast as Needed
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Duration Ar CB La Ta Ca Ke SF BAE EAE
Enchant Weapon (CB) 18 +19% SC +6 damage 2 Y Y Y Y
Rune Weapon (Ke) N N
Fast as the Wind (La) 20 +8 TMR up to 20 total TMR, +10 IV 52 mins (92 mins enh) Y Y N Y Y
Quickness (Ca) 15 +6 TMR up to 15 total TMR, +25 IV 66 pulses Y
Invisibility (CB) 16 95 mins N N N
Invisibility(Ca) 21 to undead, demonics and demonic agents, 4 targets using Lath's sticks ~4 hrs N Y Y Y Y N N
Self Only Buffs
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Duration Ar CB La Ta Ca Ke SF BAE EAE
Sense Intent 20 Sense nefarious intent toward her passively at 100ft range (99%) or companions actively, wakes at 20ft range Y
Mind Shield: rk +10% +2/rk MR vs Mental Att. 10 12 12
Herbal Lore +10% +2/rk to find herbs 8
Tracking +10 +2/rk Tracking % 8
Navigation Increase Navigator ranks and safer travels 12
Aerial Affinity 22 6 steps better on weather table 20 22
Resist Pain 20 No longer stun, +25 to Con checks 20
Enhanced Vision 16 See through any obscurement. Chance of Detect Illusions on pass action. 16 Y
Witchsight (or equiv) See Invis. See in the dark like a human on cloudy day effective range vision of 150' outside, 75' inside. 20 20 11
Spirit Vision See spirits --
Evil Eye -rk off MR vs 15
Dark Vision Excellent vision in the dark. 250' range. 20 20+
Second Sight 0 See Spatial Anomalies (50' range) 0
Detecting Ley Lines Active - See Ley Lines within 1500' 10
Aryan Mil Sci
Melee Only: +15% Def, +15% SC, +15 IV, +1 End of Pulse Pass Action in melee
Raise Morale +12 WP (+7 +5 from banner)
(When Aryan is in melee) -17 dice mod on Fear Checks; -34 on Fright Table.
(Within 28' of Aryan) +15% to resist Fear/Awe & -15 on tables.
Aryan's Callisthenics
+1 AG (For all that participate in 1 hour of morning exercises, lasts 1 day)
Herbalist Meals/Broth
4FT for meal or 5FT for broth/tea (Aryan rk 8)
Enhance Enchant rank 20 (CB)
Affects two areas. Available for buffs - doubling most of the listed durations.
Silverfoam's Counterspells (Gen/Spec) normally Rk10+
Thaum. Bard 11/13; Biid 17/17; E&E 19/12; Ill 9/18; Mind 14/17; Nam 20/12.
Elemental: Air 17/20; Cel 20/20; Ear 10/11; Fire 10/20; Ice 15/15; Wat 20/20.
Entities: Wic 17/19; DimWe 6/6; Exsang S 6 ; G.Sum 10/10; Necr 16/20; Nec S 20/12; Rune 12/12 (also Spirit 6/6).

Fireside Dancing (Ca)
+21Ft, +21MR (to 5 party members)
Psaltery of Psilence (Ca)
bonus to stealth, negates stealth penalties of armour, doubles racial stealth bonuses, triples spy and assassin stealth bonuses
Oz Blessings
Protection from Earth (Gayalette)
Immunity to Poison (Mombi)
Personal Anti-Scrying (Esmerelda) - blocks indirect magical vision and location.
Sleep comfortably anywhere (Ozma)

Playtest Skills
Keisha healer ability giving +20 to damage required to stun

PB and Dancing
When Ar CB La Ta Ca Ke SF BAE EAE
During Fireside Dancing 15 16 18 21 28 20 14
General Adventuring 17 16 18 20 20 20 14
Charm Offensive 17 16 23 21 31 20 14

Watch Order & Camping

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Silverfoam Aryan Caprice
Lath Tari C'Blood Keesha
Ernie Bert

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Bert Lath Eernie
Silverfoam Tari Caprice
C'Blood Keesha

Double File

Bert Aryan
Lath Eernie
Silverfoam Tari
C'Blood Keesha

Single File


Curses and Afflictions

Amnesia - Loss of all Weapon skills
Century Long Sleep - A Kiss from Ozma
Poor Health - EN halved
Ill Luck - +18 on dice - Harvested by WWoW
Frog Prince - requires kiss from a Princess - A Kiss from Ozma
Repel Beneficial Magic - this will fight your remove curse - Harvested by WWoW
Total Amnesia
Famine - Cannot take sustenance from food - Harvested by WWoW
Left - Cannot turn right
Truth - cannot lie
Self Sacrifice - The next time ANY sentient dies within 100 ft, Silverfoam will give his life instead - Harvested by WWoW
Intermittent Magic - Any spells cast by or on Silverfoam work intermittently (2 pulses on, 2 pulses off)
Split Personality - Let the battle of wills commence - Harvested by WWoW
Narrator - A thunderous voice narrates everything Silverfoam does, says, or thinks - Harvested by WWoW
Stealthless - Cannot move quietly, nor hide properly. Any stealth kill will always allow the victim to scream.
Loss of Traction - All surfaces become frictionless for Lath - Harvested by WWoW
Vampirism - All the downsides, without the good. Vulnerable to sunlight, garlic and holy symbols. Can only take sustenance from blood - Harvested by WWoW
Slayer - must kill one humanoid per week or die themselves. - Harvested by WWoW
Like a Stone - Cannot succeed in swimming, nor maintain buoyancy
Willing And Able - Must action any direct order given to them by anyone. - Harvested by WWoW
Magnetic Personality - Forcibly attracts all metal within 30ft
Sharing is Caring - Every time you damage an enemy, a random ally takes the same amount of damage - Harvested by WWoW
Dancer - If music is played, Tari must dance to it - Harvested by WWoW
Amnesia - Lose all magic knowledge.
Lycanthropy - rabbit
Black thumb - All living plant material Tari touches turns to dust


Spring: Thaw 820 (10)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon3.jpg Candlemansa 1 Guild Meeting 2 3 4 5 6
Moon0.jpg 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Moon1.jpg 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Moon2.jpg 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Moon3.jpg 28 29 30 1 2 3 4
Spring: Seedtime 820 (11)
Moon0.jpg 5 6 7 8 Rites of Thunor 9 10 11
Moon1.jpg 12 13 14 15 Equinox 16 17 Eostre 18
Moon2.jpg 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Moon3.jpg 26 27 28 29 30 1 2
Spring: Blossom 820 (12)
Moon0.jpg 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Moon1.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon2.jpg 17 18 19 20 21 Floralia 22 23
Moon3.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Walpurgisnacht