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OZ is a plane based on the original stories by L. Frank Baum.

People & Places

The lands of OZ are divided into five territories

  • Gillikin Country to the North
  • Winkie Country to the West
  • Munchkin Country to the East
  • Quadling Country to the South
  • Emerald City in the centre.

Surrounding these territories is a great desert known as

  • The Impassable desert in the North.
  • The Shifting Sands in the East.
  • The Deadly Desert in the West.
  • The Great Sandy Waste in the South.

Outside of the deserts are a number of other lands which are part of Greater Oz.

Each territory of OZ has its own native populace, plus a collection of varyingly sane individuals. The natives of each of the 4 countries are short humanoids almost identical in appearance to Halflings, even down to the predeliction for bare, hairy feet. The GTN for them is the same as the name of their area, hence Gillikins, Winkies, Munchkins and Quadlings. All will tend to wear rather garish clothes, in variations of the local colour. They are also all unstintingly friendly and helpful. The natives of the Emerald City are all humans

Gillikin Country

Primary colour of the region is Purple which mainly shows up in the clothing and housing of the Gillikin inhabitants

The good witch of the north. A short, vivacious, blonde haired and blue eyed women. Tends to wear 'lightweight' clothing, go bare foot and wear flowers in her hair. Her powers are seen to align to the earth and the land. May also have powers over air and water. Has a palace to the north of the country, but is hardly ever in residence
Lord Carzon
An Avatar who possibly created the plane of Oz, or is certainly its curator. Lives in a Manor House in Gillikin Country just north of the Emerald City. Tends to the 'Hugh Hefner' look, resplendent in robe, comfy clothes and slippers, relaxed on a chaise longue. Notably strong within his home, but also notably absent from elsewhere on Oz, even when things are bad.
The Priest
Lives in small church in Loonville, which gives a very good indication of his sanity level. Definitely allied to the Powers of Light, but in the mold of the 'frothing at the mouth, make them see the light by smacking them with a two handed cross (sword)' type. Thankfully lives in a quiet neighbourhood with a few equally sane, but at least penitent followers
Mr Yoop
Lives in the rolling hills and is a big fan of yodelling. Something of an experimental mechanician. Has invented various wheeled devices to ride the rolling hills
The Rolling Hills.
Within these hills the land shift and rolls like waves on the ocean. Multiwheeled carts are used by the locals to ride the waves at high speed. Living in the middle of these hills is Mr Yoop a keen yodeller.
A small village partly surrounded by a giant curtain wall manned by 2 guards. Home to about 20 citizens of Oz all with serious sanity issues. Notable buildings include the Church of the Priest and the Tower of Forever.

Winkie Country

Primary colour of the region is Red which mainly shows up in the clothing and housing of the Winkie inhabitants

Wicked Witch of the West
The wicked witch of the west (known as the Wow by some adventurers) is known to have powers of ensorcellment and shaping but has little love of the Guild or its members. She is actually also a powerful witch, specialising in curses. She is an ugly hag in stereotypical black robes with pointed hat and riding a broomstick. Lives in a dark and foreboding castle, furnished with cursed people that have previously annoyed her. A known master of scrying, and scry guarding, especially within her domain. Her favourite curse is petrification with a small twist of furniture. Has a penchant for Warlocks and would 'lurve' to get to know Mortimer much better
Black Winkies
An elite cadre of Winkies that have been twisted beyond recognition by the arts of the WoW. All sign of the good manners and freindliness of their erstwhile 'cousins' by low cunning and perversity. Hunt in packs of 6-10, though normally stationed in or near the WoW castle
Jack Pumpkinhead
The Truth Pond
A large clear lake surrounded with warm white sand. Drinking the waters of this pond has strange and unpredictable effects.

Munchkin Country

Primary colour of the region is Blue which mainly shows up in the clothing and housing of the Munchkin inhabitants

The wicked witch of the east, who seems a lot nicer than her moniker would suggest. A sweet grandmotherly old lady who makes wonderful pikelets. She has access to a magical flying house that can transport people between Oz and Alusia. She is believed to have special powers dealing with animals, plants and herbs. She has only lately become the wicked witch of the east, after the previous witch was killed by Dorothy

Quadling Country

Primary colour of the region is Yellow which mainly shows up in the clothing and housing of the Quadling inhabitants

The good witch of the south. A tall patrician individual in a dark velvet formal dress and high, coiffed hair. Said to have powers in protection, healing and movement. She travels in a flying sphere, invunerable to both magical and physical damage.

Rumours say the good witches may not be a squeeky clean as they perhaps should be.Who listens to rumours :-)

Set in the Iron Hills this is a huge and complex castle perfectly designed for defence and war. Fully manned and always at the ready the lunatics who live here believe they are part of a war against the other counties.
Big Top
A large fairground.
Carrot Mountain.
This popular mountain looks from a distance like a carrot half in the ground.
China Country
Makers of exceptionally fine China.
The Iron Hills
A rust red line of hills in the southern reaches of Oz. Large Iron deposits under the ground and a fine iron sand over the top make this a poor choice of location for spell casting. Those of a Fae disposition may also take some damage from the contact with the iron but the damage is minimal and not instantly fatal.

Emerald City

Primary colour of the region is Green which mainly shows up in the clothing and housing of the inhabitants. The city itself has all the walls made of bright green crystal, which can be blindingly bright during the day.

Princess Ozma
The current ruler of Oz by help of the Guild and popular support. A young, energetic lass, very childlike in her manner. Known for her generosity, sense of fairness, fits of pique and outrageous tantrums. She is a mage of unknown power, though she is known to skip at incredible speeds, causes flowers to bloom with her passing, is untouched by weather, has tears that crystallise into minor items, and her nightmares cursed the entire populace with temporary Lycanthropy. Her powers also appear to wax and wane on an unknown time scale. She was seen to be particularly puissant on her recent 'leventyleventh' birthday. Thankfully she is currently friendly with the Guild.
The Chancellor
The Wizard of Oz
A slimy and greasy shiftless individual.
The Emerald Palace

A large Green crystalline structure with a large number of rooms and corridors. A number of areas have been visited by Guild Parties

  • The Throne Room
A long Green room with a green crystal throne of simple design at the end.
  • The Mirror Room
Central to the palace is a circular room coated in mirrors. A number of exits lead from the room but they are hard to find. Recommendation is to have a local guide.
  • Ozma's Chambers
A number of rooms off a central corridor, these are the rooms of a typical young girl, a riot of colour (primarily pink) and quite untidy.

Greater OZ

The Valley of Lost Things
5 miles long and 300 yards across this valley is full of lost things. Inhabited by a monster resembling a sea serpent it is a dangerous place to stay for long. The creature attacks by spitting small objects (safes, grand piano's, barrels of naptha etc) great distances.
Fanfasms and Mimics
The Gnome Kingdom
The Knowledge Dragon

A massively long, many-times coiled dragon covered in runic scales, and slowly growing as it adds knowledge. Served by Scribbles, diminutive lizard-like servants of the dragon who bear small slates upon which they write answers to questions.

Other folk

Guild Member, lives in a magically moving house that can exist in five locations around central Oz.
A young girl of unknown power. Stories go that she killed both the wicked witch of the west, and the wicked witch of the east, Mombi's predecessor.

Flora and Fauna


A plump and juicy purple fruit with a sticky purple juice. It tastes like a cross between an apple and a banana. When eating a banapple it is very likely you will get some of the sticky purple juice on some part of you.

Giant Spiders

Scribe Notes