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The Dark Brotherhood, or Dark Priesthood, are a secretive mercenary group. Little is known about their exact powers, strength, whereabouts, etc. They have been encountered by a few different guild parties over the years, and the combined intelligence is as below. What is very clear is that they do do not discriminate against employers of any type or affiliation. In Spring 813 a representative came to the Guild to discuss an understanding to cover interaction between the two entities, especially where the possibility of conflict may exist. In short, attempt communication where possible, otherwise field of combat chivalry shall apply with ransom in play for both sides

Known or Guessed Abilities

They are noted to be heavily aligned to the celestial colleges. Elemental aspects have also been noted
Members known as Priests seem to be dashingly handsome non-combatant support mages who work best in large groups
Members known as Knights seem to be dashingly handsome front line fighters with luck on their side
There are members with unknown titles who are heavily cowled and subtle, who seem to be combatant blast mages
There are known to be some woman in the brotherhood, though their powers are unknown

Notable special abilities are:

  • Castle with Ally (Knight and Priest)
  • Locust Form (Blast Mage)
  • Draw Magic (Priest)
  • Unluck (Knight)
  • Dashingly Handsome (Knight and Priest)

Entities Encountered

  • The Dark Knight
  • The Dark Priest
  • Ashkar - Senior Priest
  • Nerith - Acolyte Priest
  • Dmitri - A dark Priest
  • Svetlana - Lady of the Dark

Standard Items

These items have been seen on, or recovered off, a number of operatives encountered. The abilities and attributes noted are for a normal person and it is thought the artefacts are better in at least some ways for members of the brotherhood

Artefact - Cover of Darkness This matte black, shoulder to floor cloak has many properties to do with concealment and storage. To use the cloak, whether it be to store or remove an item, or activate an ability, requires a pass action to twirl the cloak. The following options are available:

  • May contain up to 3 non sentient creatures whose combined mass and size can be no more than a warhorse.

3 war dogs, 2 large wolves, or one bear would be appropriate. Each creature must be jet black as its primary colour. Time does not pass for the creatures so stored

  • May contain up to 10 mundane items whose combined weight is no more than 200 pounds.

All items must be black, and of a size no bigger than could be covered by the cloak

  • May contain up to 6 vials of poison.

These can be of any sort, and are undetectable by normal means while stored

  • May contain 1 charge of Darkness at any Rank.

This may be loosed from the cloak as an activation to normal effect, whereupon it would need to be recharged If a darkness is present in the cloak, then the wearer can swirl the cloak around themselves to incase themselves in darkness. This provides a Blending effect if currently in a darkened area, or can improve the lighting modifiers for a Dark mage casting

Armour - Shadow Leather

This dark grey hard leather armour is sized for a human, weighs 12 lbs and can be cast in. It provides 5 points of Protection, and reduces all incoming damage by 1 such that the wearer would ignore a FT blow of 6 damage or less. Its lightweight materials coupled with its coloration provides a bonus to Stealth of 5 and does not reduce AG. It also provides the following benefits to the wearer:

  • Doubles the effective range of vision of any night vision ability or spell on the wearer
  • The wearer may fold their own shadow, or any shadow generating magic on them, into the armour at whim

This includes, but is not limited to, Shadow Form and Shadow Wings. While folded away, the magic has no effect on the wearer, though the duration continues as normal. A bonus of 20 to Stealth is gained when any shadow is folded away, and the wearer is considered to be in shadow. The shadows can be returned, individually or entirely, at whim.

  • Enhances any charismatic aura, heroism, or similar spell or effect on the wearer, by 4 ranks or +20, whichever is more appropriate.

Artefact - Starry Night

This jet black bracer is sized to be worn on a human or similar forearm. It has the following properties:

  • Increases Astrologer and Navigator ranks by 1 while worn
  • By using a pass action, can cause the stars in the sky above the wearer to be shown on the surface of the bracer, no matter the overhead lighting or concealment
  • Gives a 20 point bonus to any action involving star reading or similar
  • If empty, it can absorb one star magic targeted on the user or the area they stand in, making it full.

If full, the stored magic may be triggered as normal, making it empty. Cannot change state more than twice in a 24 hour period.

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