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Camdindel's Building

Camdindel lives in the Superstition Mountains, specifically on the River Rumble. It is located in the tiny plains area on this river (small area of white/cream on the map). This flat area has the river breaking up into multiple paths across, before rejoining at the exit northwards. At this point there is a small man made dam, creating a small round lake (about 500 yards across). There is a well cared for, but little used, cart track on the east bank of the river where it enters the mtns. This leads to the lake, then fades away into the valley area. There is a small jetty on the lake, but no boat tied up.

In the middle of this lake is a building on a small island. The building is made of black obsidian, has a 30ft tall, 200 by 200ft main building with a tall tower rising from the centre. The tower is 150ft tall, 25 ft radius. There is a platform at the top, which always has something that looks a large bonfire there. The tower is known to have a number of magical elemental based defences. Fire and air based have been noted.

Primary NPC's known to live at the tower are Camdindel, Lorto and Legion, though Lorto is often away doing his own thing. Of note also is Maelstrom and there is also known to be a number of greater undead servants (mostly wights).

Camdindel is a dark elven sorcerer (mind, necro, E&E, some elemental and soul magics). He is 5 ft 8 inches in height and his dark skin carries many scars, both alchemical and warlike in nature. He normally is seen wearing robes, a number of powerful rings and amulets, and is never far from his yarkbalka (hand and a half). He is a semi retired battle mage, preferring quiet pursuits around furthering his alchemy and soul magic master works. Legion and his tower are two known examples of his ongoing soul mastery works. He is callous and amoral, but also loyal and honest. He has a wicked sense of humour. He likes his seclusion, but does not mind the occasional visitor, as long as they behave. He has employed guild parties on a few occasions, so has a good working relationship with the guild.

Known Magic

It has been rumoured that his favorite spells are Fatal Inversion (where the target is literally turned inside out followed usually by immediate death) or Dark Absoulution (this tears the targets soul from its current body - perhaps to be claimed or simply destroyed?).
He's also known to be very good at fire type magics
He's not Únholy'.

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Other details

If further details are required, talk to Dean Ellis.