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Aryan - Human Non-Mage, played by Stephen.

King of Del Toro
Count di Ebola
Legendary Hero across multiple planes (according to Morgan Le Fay)
Hero of the Lunar Empire
Retired General of the Ruskan army
Formerly Chief Neefor of the 'Hiders in Shadows' clan in the Sea of Grass
Former Knight of Carzala

Aryan getting ready for flex attack


I am 6' 2", 200 lbs, Red Hair, Bronzed skin. I am usually armed with a large shadowy stone Great Axe, Broadsword, a couple of hand and a half swords, sabre, and a magical club. Wearing Black Plate Armour covered by an ankle length full circle black cloak clasped with a golden candle in a circle.



No contact with original family, rumoured to be somewhere in central Ranke.

Countess Dolores
Princess Ebola and my wife.
Three children with Dolores
Diego (born Aut 804), Analena (born Sum 806), Aloise (born Aut 809).
Two Children on Aleria
Two children by two sisters of the Porter Clan on Aleria, born Winter 806wk, adopted by the royal family when their mothers were sent into exile.


Mark, Death's Champion
Formal ally in the battle against undeath.
The Sorceress in Silver - Guild Air College Trainer
Previous employer.


Stopped civil conflict and organised unified defence of Alfheim against an ancient enemy.

Eoren, Prince of Alfheim and Gloriana of Elvandar
Provided security for their wedding, slew Bune's Undead Black Dragon that was sent to disrupt and slay

Artzdorf & Flugelheim

Ebolan Embassy in Port Artz was granted after defending their realm from Ice Demons, mutually beneficial relationship since then.


There was originally a piracy charge over some gold I recovered from one of their sunken ships, but that misunderstanding was cleared up. Now things are sweet, I frequently use their packet ships to travel between home and Seagate. Ebola is a protectorate of Destiny.

Karsus The Forest God

I gave my life to save him and he kinda liked that and keeps tabs on me. If things go really badly (irresurrectable) he'll bring me back but at a price.

Lunar Empire

Following the Lunar Winter Games I am a hero of the Lunar Empire.


Commanded the Ruskan army in the Tomsk province expelling an invasion from northerners and their off-world allies.


Storm - A powerful anticyclone on the Plane of Air
Stopped an attack by Earth against his domain and minions.
Lady Catherine of Northfield and Tempest of Air - leaders of the Elemental army invading Hell
Zel - a sentient dark sphere (Naut), now possessing Seir's all-seeing eye.


Fates, THE
Removed Vassago's Crown from his possession at their behest.


Foras - Lord of Seekers
Eric cut a deal with Foras for us to learn some languages rapidly, in return we cleared out his mountain temple that some Furfur-ites had taken over.
Ipos Prince of Fools
Valefor Duke of Thieves
Raum Earl of Theft and Destruction
Malthus Earl of Death and Havoc
The four of them have successfully manipulated me in the past and are likely to try it again if opportunity arises.

The Unified Church

They were extremely unhappy and wanted me dead after the Belial Geas, Michaeline slayings, etc. But since then I have saved their people in the Dark Circle, recovered an ancient artifact for them, and been a useful ally in the battle against the Dark Circle. While I'm not on their official bad guy list any more, there's not a lot of trust between us. Opinion and attitude varies between sections of the church and regions. It's likely I'm going to run into unofficial opposition in the future and am likely to be accused of any wrong doing I even hear about.

The Arch Angels

I was gifted and wear a Sammaelite cloak, I've wielded Uriel's sword Jus and fought beside Michael. We may not be best buds but we're usually on the same side and there's some respect.

Duke Xeno of Alsine

Wary political neighbours. Negotiated a peaceful border.

Richard of Foxcourt

NB This is NOT general knowledge! Richard of Foxcourt was wanted for questioning by a disappointed employer, so we tricked him away from his home and abducted him for questioning. He was kind of pissed, he and his allies would like to take revenge if opportunity arises.

Autumn 811wk - Richard & I had a chat over a couple of drinks and cleared the air.




In Winter 806wk we assaulted his followers main stronghold in the Lunar Empire, destroyed a powerful artifact belong to his ally the Mistress of Nightmares, and killed some of his followers. But hey, it's Aim, who hasn't.

Alloces The Warrior Duke

Met him in battle in his domain when he tried to stop us from hurting Leviathan's arm to open the gates of hell.

Astaroth The Terrible Duke

Slew some of his devils while harming Apollyon's arm to open the gates of Hell.

Bael The King in the East

In his icky fleshy realm we harmed Istu's arm to open the gates of Hell.

Belial King of Fire

It's a long story, but in essence we followed a geas from a pissed ex-follower of his. We held him down in an area where his powers were reduced and in front of several other demons we read him bad poetry and I cut one of his wings off with Crocell's sword. It is unlikely he would pause before attacking if we ever run into each other again.

Bune The Dragon Duke

Killed two of his Dragons, one was a captain of his legions. Brought enlightenment to another of his Captains. Helped defeat his legion that was defending the gates of Hell.

Crocell Duke of the Bath

He liked the way I used his sword to good effect and that I fed him a Michaeline through it, but wasn't impressed that I gave it up and rejected his offer to serve him. A combination of punishment and recruitment is expected if we cross paths again.

Later entered his realm and harmed Ahriman's arm to open the gates of Hell.

Furfur Earl of storms and stuff

In Summer 805wk, we wiped out his followers in a mountain temple and then did for him too when he turned up to avenge his slain priestess.

Ipos Prince of Fools

812wk Helped defeat his legion that was defending the gates of Hell.

Malthus Earl of Death and Havoc

Spring 809 - Stopped his planned invasion and mayhem in Alfheim, lured his Avatar into an ambush gave it a good kicking, bound it from returning to hell so we could destroy it.

Vassago Prince of Prophecy

Stole his regalia (Crown, Goblet, Sceptre). Though he seemed oddly resigned to it, maybe he saw it coming.

Michaelines and Urielites

Michaeline Chapters in Midheim are still pissed about the Michaeline who attacked us and got his soul sucked into Crocell's sword. Urielite Chapters in southern Elfenburg are pissed about the demon worshippers we got to throw themselves at the walls of their chapter-house to distract them so we wouldn't have to fight them to get to the place we needed to deal with Belial.


This is my home now, I spend most of my time there but come back to Seagate for most guild meetings and occasionally for other business.
We keep a residence in Seagate for when I'm in town or for any other Ebolan dignitaries, or senior merchants. I think it's kind of our embassy here too.
Messages can be left here for delivery to Ebola or Destiny.
Port Artz
The Ebolan embassy in Port Artz. A fancy town-house gifted to Count Aryan in 804AP, occasionally used by the Ebolan royal family but more likely to be occupied by Ebolan dignitaries and merchants, or Aryan's adventuring friends trying to save a few silvers on accommodation.
Messages can be left here for delivery to Seagate, Ebola, or Destiny.
House in Perfidious Albion
Concealed house with an Astral gate, shared ownership with Kilroy.


I grew up a typical farming lad near a small town that seemed fairly big to me. I was bigger and stronger than most kids, I had lots of friends and lots of them liked to give me stuff. Then when I was old enough to maybe join the guard, the local knight's snotty little two-faced son tried to take back the sword he'd given to me, so naturally I hit him. When he came to he ran off to his dad with a trumped up story about how I'd mugged him, and they wanted to hang me. So my Da banished me before they could come and stalled them long enough for me to get away with nothing more than the sword that started it all.

I worked my way across the world doing guard jobs and got enough money to get by until I reached the coast. I had always wanted to see the sea and it was a stunning sight, a mile wide with a town built all round it. Others at the pub laughed at me and claimed that was just a river, that the sea was much bigger and wilder. After the fight that naturally followed I asked the barman about the only guy in the place who nobody touched during the fight, he said he was an Adventurer from The Guild. That guy had presence and respect! It was then that I decided to become an adventurer too.

They put me through all sorts of tedious training and tested me for magic, before eventually I headed out on my first mission - a Trial for Champions! Naturally I emerged a hero and everything went well for a while. The training started being useful, my natural talents where further refined, I saw all sorts of amazing things, sailed on the sea, and earned a fortune. Then after demonstrating my largess, my valour was recognised by the Duke and I was knighted, Sir Aryan! A Noble!

Naturally this led to more important missions. Hunting down a vampire on another world, leading the Seagate guard to deal with a magical problem that they couldn't handle, slaying evil necromancers, and destroying an evil sorceress that was causing trouble down south and disturbing the peaceful trade of the Destinians.

This last so impressed King Carlos's men that they arranged an introduction to Princess Dolores, Heiress of Ebola. We married later that year and I became Count di Ebola.

Then things turned sour, after our wedding I felt compelled to return to Seagate and with my companions from a previous mission deliver a message from an old Elf witch to her former master Belial. But along the way we were deceived and manipulated by demons, and though we fulfilled our task, humbled Belial in front of his peers and cut his wing off, the Michaelines and Urielites, who had blindly interfered with us, captured us while we were weak and diminished from battling Belial, and sentenced us to death. But the guild came to our rescue, Blitzkrieg and Sabrina championed our cause and got us out alive.

After that Blitzkrieg kept an eye out for me and taught me a bit about how the church guys worked, how most of them were mindless thugs, and how to avoid trouble with them. During that time I helped defeat another powerful vampire, returned a holy artifact of the church, rescued some innocent villagers and a Sammaelite church and its artifacts from the Dark Circle. After that things were mostly sorted with the church and I settled into a more normal adventuring pace, most of my time spent at home in Ebola with the occasional heroic adventure.

The biggest surprise for my wife was when I came home after being re-born as a man in my prime by a Forest God whom I saved. Initially she was a bit put out by my altered appearance but in the end decided that my new looks suited me even better.

My fighting and tactical skills had been steadily improving but I had reached a bit of a limit. It wasn't until I communicated with a long dead general on another plane, studied his writings on Aerial combat, and used my leadership and tactical skills to turn the tide of combat and rally our former opponents to fight with us against the undead horror their master had unleashed, that my mastery in Military Science was finally recognised.


Soon after that a call for true warriors led me to the Sea of Grass where my companions and I challenged for leadership of the Barbarian tribes so that we could turn them away from service to Rashak and the Dark Circle. After a gruelling trial where I defeated their best warriors, I was named the new Chieftain of the Shadow clan. It can't last, I will leave the clan in the hands of a capable successor once they are established safely away from Rashak's dominion. But now I am recognised as a master warrior and their clan training in sword work makes me a master of the hand and a half, equalled by only a few in the world. A skill that should come in useful when I return to the direct fight against Rashak's undead hordes.

After nine months of living and training with the clan it is time to head back to Carzala and find out what has been happening. We get back just in time for the spring guild meeting.

Kern and I are grabbed by a guild administrator to do a job for a woman who they think shouldn't be placed in front of the guild. Curious about a plane full of women we head out to help. We have lots of fun until the party in-fighting starts, then we just finish up the mission and head home.

The Destinian irregulars I recruited last year have been gaining popularity with local taverns and young women, but they're getting soft and haven't even bothered taking to the field since autumn. I lead them out to patrol the Dark Wall and Sweet Riding, we find a few lesser undead and goblinoids, rescue some settlers returning from Brastor, but no major battles are to be found. We return to Seagate when the wine and fresh food run out, the irregulars take up their usual rooms and start recuperating from the horrors of the battlefield. I catch a packet ship home but get itchy feet after a couple of weeks and return to Seagate for the Summer guild meeting.


Not much happening against the Dark Circle that I can help with but an opportunity to travel to Terra Nova to hunt a wolf sounds cool. As it turns out the place is nasty to mages and magic and the wolves are smart, organised and tough. Not the walk over that I was expecting but a good fight.

We get back to find that someone has been using magic and butchering kids in Seagate and the Black Watch is need to solve the crimes. The new Black Watch is a bit more successful than the last one and we find and slay the murderer within a couple of days.

The Irregulars are planning to return home to Destiny for the winter, before they go, I lead them into the field again for a few weeks. As they take ship for Destiny, I catch a ship home for a bit of a rest before the games in Winter.

Lunar Winter Games

I entered the Lunar Empire Winter Games in one of the three guild teams. We quickly defeat the Ogres to qualify, then are defeated in an exhibition match against the Calimar team. Following the long slow parade into the city, it is time for the running of the tigers. Instead of hunting tigers we gained favour with the crowds by hunting down the Blackshire Hobbits who had slain the popular Heroes of Ascalon (giants) in the first qualifying round. We do well in the gladiatorial rounds, gaining sufficient favour to qualify for the Fantastical games. Except that I lost favour when I accidentally beheaded one of the 10th Legion, a hero of the Empire. Then things got worse as fans of the Players of Games swamped the arena, trampled the rest of the Legion team and got killed by the exploding troll. That pretty much ended the gladiatorial rounds.

In the fantastical games we met with the mermaids, answered the riddles, avoided being ambushed by three void cruisers, killed The Kraken of Decay - the first ones to defeat a horror. Travelled to the forest of no return, returned with the Elixir of Youth and news of some former games contestants who had been there for years and the graves of others who had died there. Fought our way through Drow, Calimar, and their allies, to expose the doppleganger pretending to be Maxramus. Then I commanded the combined guild teams in defeating the Senators of Decay.

The only problem left is that because of our proximity to the Senators we have all been cursed with nightmares from the crystal of the mistress of nightmares. I come up with a simple plan and we execute it, the mermaids make the Kraken mandible into a wand of wishes, we use the first wish to take us to the crystal which we promptly smash (ending the curse). Peering round through the smoke we are in Aim's lair in Tycho City and surrounded by dozens of his minions. Naturally we start killing them but there are too many so Matt teleports us out of there.

The curse is lifted from us and hundreds of other people who have been affected by it over the years. As required by the mermaids, we use the last wish for something that doesn't benefit us. We wish for all innocent cripples to be healed.

A couple of good parties and then back to Seagate. From there I head home to spend the rest of the year in sunny Ebola.


Summer on Ares

The Destinians would appreciate my help with a delicate political issue near home. Made friends with the halflings, and good (purple) Dwarves, killed and drove off the bad (purple) Drow and Vampires, stopped the invasion of Alusia, bought home some flying rocks.

War in Ruska

Ruska is being invaded and they need some generals to train and lead their troops. It takes nine months but we eventually drive the Calamar serving army back to their squid shells and leave Ruska with a highly trained standing army.


Spring and Summer back home in Ebola, organising some wood, a bit of training, court appearances, hunting, sailing.

Autumn, off plane rescuing nobility
The prince of Byron got himself locked up by some Djinn while assassins made him the heir, we battled the Djinn to get him back to inherit. Killed when four of the Djinn ganged up on me.
Winter helping a priest near Asan get his idol back
Some bad guys stole his gods idol, so we got it back. Then we stole it and all of the others too because the god was really a bad guy draining his deluded followers to raise his dead-bad-god and the thieves were working for his bad brother who we killed, with the help of their not-so-bad brother.

Then back home for Autumn to start some civic improvements.


Made a bet with Vapour, got cold and had fun holding up my end of the dare.
Spring, saving Alfheim
As part of The Lord Protector's Army of 5 Men we stopped an Elven army from invading Ladlaugh and Lieusen, then rescued the army from hell and being turned into Devils, brokered peace between Elvandar and Eidolon, the evacuation of Eidolon royal tour of the provinces and conversion of Eidolon back into a war fortress manned by the Wild Elves of Elvandar, Beltan, and Isil Eth's army.


Summer Sailing

Espírito da Glória first ship of the new Ebolan Merchant Fleet is launched and sent east to establish new trading routes.

Autumn, helping Kern
Helped Kern as Warden of the Northern Marches of A&F out with an ancient Dwarven problem he built his house over.

Ira do Mar joins her sister-ship Gloria in some training exercises. Troubadours in Plaz'toro start singing songs and telling (mostly true) stories of my heroism and what a great ruler I am.

Winter on Purple
To buy peace with Raniterre I take some friends to Purple where we punt some Orcs, kill a Black Dryad, recover the Road Builder and make friends with some (HyBrasil) Dwarves.

Donna Ana flagship of the Ebolan Fleet is launched, shakedown cruise, the fleet patrols the coast a bit and visits neighbours.

Spring - The Founding of the Kingdom of Del Toro

I take over as the new Military Governor of Plaz'toro, build some roads, appoint some Baróns, combine Plaz'toro and Ebola into the new Kingdom of Del Toro with Dolores and I as Queen and King, build a new capitol for the Kingdom and have a big party (Coronation).


Autumn in Bowcourt
While working on some trade stuff with Amelia & Hagan, Broc pops in to get some help with some trouble in Newcourt and Faircourt, naturally I tagged along.
Winter in the Middle Kingdom
Boulder invited me on his epic quest to save the greatest warrior of all time from the wrath of the Jade Empress.
Spring is in the Air
Followed the Fumes to stop an Earth attack on Air


Summer in Perfidious Albion
Investigated evil doings in Perfidious Albion, captured Blackrod.
Winter in Hell

Vanguard of the Elemental Invasion of Hell



Within and Without

Equipment and Abilities

Mil Sci (10/12), Warrior (10), Navigator (8), Kingliness, dancing, posh talk (8), Weaponsmith (8), Armourer (9), Ranger (8), Sailor, Shipwright, Street Smarts, Spy detection
Quickdraw, Epuration, Spell Shatter (Special Attack)
Ballistic Navigation - the fastest way to get around, but not for the faint hearted.
Air, Great Axe (7/8), Hand & a Half (8), Sabre (7/10), Broadsword (6/9), Long Bow(8), Lance (5), Pike (5) or anything else that comes to hand.
Main weapons at the moment are an extremely large Axe, Hand & a Halves (Thunder & Lightning), Broadswords (Bring on the Vampires) and spreading enlightenment, and Sabre (Weapon of Flames) or Shield.


Oz Sight
Equivalent of Rk 20 Witchsight, except that invisible things are green not blue and range is 250'.
Any Weapon
Paired with a piece of bonded chaos stone, Aryan can use the talent to turn the stone into almost any weapon with which he is familiar.
Fae Heroism
When engaged Aryan is an inspiring leader, those in his command are less likely to be affected by fear. Does not affect those immune to Fae Glamours.
Once, on Mondays.
A little harder to scare than your average guild loony.
Does not stun, hard to scare, harder to kill. Staunch!
Magical Affinity (Me Too/More, more)
Aryan counts as 0 targets for multi-target spells (good and bad). Single target spells last twice as long.
Homing Moon
Once(ish) a session, can pop back to the guild to drop off the dead and pick up more healing potions before returning to the fray.
Endurance damage heals rapidly. Other damage sometimes heals overnight.
Satyr's Endowment
When naked, Aryan is (mostly) irresistible to women
Enlargement - Oooh Yeah! Bigger is better!
Dolphin Transformation
Equine Transformation
Leaping - (small) buildings in one bound
Breath Holding
Air Blades
Paragon of Manly Beauty
An aura of leadership and command.
In the Shadow of Death
Does not fall unconscious from low EN, active until death.
Traverse the Valley of Death
May enter, traverse and leave the Valley of Death.
Eye of Flame - Pyrogenesis


Aryan's visible equipment, now looking more the part of an adventurer with black cloak over black plate, pity about the peacock feathers (you can take Hick off the farm...).

Details of some items are specified here and some here for GM reference. NB this does not mean that the detail is public knowledge.

  • Black Mithril Plate, Plate armour sparking with galvinism, Dragon Scale, or Misty Grey Fighting Robes and Dark Angelic Vestments
  • Shadow Reaver Great Axe - 8' shadow wreathed stone great axe. The solution to every problem! Doesn't always appear to be there when not wielded.
  • Weapons Belt - seems to hold more than you'd expect without encumbering Aryan.
  • Chaos Stone Club - stone club with glowing flecks. Can be changed into other weapons.
  • Hand and a half swords:
    • Thunder & Lightning Paired Swords
    • A cold Iron Blade of Destinian Steel
    • A well made silvered blade.
  • Broadswords - one Aryan used to talk to merged with a fine Elven blade. Joyeuse, delivering enlightenment, one blow at a time.
  • Sabres - one is exceptionally well made and balanced, the other has an odd hilt and may burst into flame when drawn.
  • Mace - Vassago's Sceptre, bane of Fools.
  • Mattock - great for those days I'm having personal space issues.
  • Blue Steel blade, may take the shape of any weapon on command, usually a dagger.
  • Daggers - one emanates cold, especially when unsheathed.
  • Kite Shield - has a large white snowflake design on the front.
  • Empty quiver - yes, it is odd to carry an empty quiver and no bow.
  • Ostentatious Codpiece of the Wandering Eye - half a dozen ethereal peacock feathers, the eyes seem to watch you, especially the pretty girls.
  • Sammaelite Cloak - Full circle black fighting cloak with gold candle buttons.
  • Amulets and necklaces
    • Silver Feather - usually prominently visible
    • Wiccan amulets - most of them, not necessarily visible.
  • Spiked choker - some might call it a collar but carefully, the implication may sink in.
  • Golden Wolf Helm - full helm, enhances hearing, has a wicked bite.
  • Rings - usually concealed under gauntlets, almost every finger has a ring or two in a wide variety of materials and designs.
  • Great Ring of Plants - Lore, Protection from, and control of Plants.
  • Boots - remarkable only in that they seem (and are) quite normal sturdy boots.
Aryan is a Charming Rogue and Paragon of Manly Beauty
+25% on reaction rolls (only +20% when wearing misty grey robes). Faux-pas and social insults are forgiven from such a likeable guy.
Air Ship
An upgrade from the old Aeir Skiff. An 8 Tonne, 30' long deformed metal whale that flies, more comfortable (and survivable) for the passengers than the old skiff. Can be reduced to pack-size for transport.

Also Refer