The University of Mount Everwhite

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This University dates back to the time of the old elvish empire.


The University is situated high in the mountains a few 600 miles to the South-West of Cuzco. In a high pass above the snowline a river flows a pair of large waterfalls. In between the falls the river splits around an island bearing a atrium styled building and a minurette.

Behind the upper waterfall lies a corridor leading via portal to the eclectic group of buildings that make up the University.

The University

It was a place of great learning and research where many studied. It was cut off from the empire at the time of the War of Tears and is now mostly ruins.

The Buildings

Currently there are six functional buildings at the University.

  1. Deep Ether research Facility (A sphere with half above ground)
  2. Planar Travellers Lodge (A building with an arachnoid appearance of a central oblate sphere with 8 legs ‘standing’ on the ground)
  3. Intra Dimensional Facility (A Tetrahedryl Pyramid)
  4. Transmogrification facility (A twisted tower in the shape of a double helix)
    This building comprises two long ramps with various portals along it's length. When an entity passes through these portals they are transformed into a creature for a duration of one hour.
  5. Temporal Transition Studies (A Large tower with a ‘Cup’ on the top around which a ball slowly revolves)
  6. Mana Extraction Research (A stone ring building with minaret towers topped with onion like spheres)
    This building holds a large number of entities held in stasis. These beings are believed to have been the recipients of experimentation into Mana Extraction, a subject placed under Imperial Ban by the Elves prior to the War of Tears.

The People

The university is mostly empty except for the Chancellor and the crystalline entities Eunice and Lois. and Alita?? (From the ship Pallaran see Quest for Lost Dragons)


The Island houses a building containing a number of portals that are part of the Elven Portal Network.

There is also a time portal back to any time prior to the War of Tears.