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Maelstrom normally appears as a 5'6" tall human male of unassuming aspect. He dresses in a comfortable, well used fashion, with no trappings of mage nor warrior. He is a shapeshifter of unknown power, college or abilities. Unfortunately attempts to DA him for further information have normally ended in some sort of entrancement effect.
His wife is an air spirit named Zephyr. It is guessed she is very highly ranked within the Air and/or Elemental courts given she is attended by at least one Djinn and Lesser Elemental Prince at all times

Maelstrom is known to be, amongst other things, a Mirror Dragon. Currently known or observed characteristics are:

  • 12 hex creature
  • Highly reflective scales
  • Able to literally "reflect" some types of magic
  • Capable of multiple images
  • Breathes single, forked, ball, cone or chain lighning
  • Creates mirror mazes

Maelstrom has had various dealings with the guild. Both him and his wife were targeted by a party who were employed to assassinate the supposed assassins of the king of the employing realm. Maelstrom was last on the list, but the party did successfully cause Zephyr (2nd to last on the list) some serious headaches, pushing her nigh on to death. Despite this, Maelstrom appears to bear no ill will to the guild or its members. He is often seen working with Camdindel the Sorceror, and is a known member of the assassins guild headed by Lorto.