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Candlemansa is also known as the Coming of Light, or Imbolc and celebrates the start of Spring.

Rites or rituals of purification using rain water often form part of the ceremonies and candle and torchlight processions are held. The Yule decorations are taken down and burned and houses are cleaned. Dances are held and many people decorate their clothing with new foliage.

A common figure is the Green Man, dressed as a wild man of the woods and clothed only in twigs and leaves, leading the dancers through the streets.

In the Norden lands goats and sometimes dogs are sacrificed and youths have their heads smeared with blood and then washed off with milk. They run through the streets clad only in animal skins and attempt to strike the womenfolk with the strips of animal fur that they carry. The Norden women consider being struck with the fur both purifying and full of fertility magic.