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Tall and muscular, short blond hair over a well used but charismatic face. He is pretty much always seen dressed in grey lightweight combat leathers, cut short at arms and legs, so think "blond beefcake in leather muscle shirt and shorts" He has varyingly sized daggers in sheaths all over his body, and given his clothing style, they are not even remotely concealed. 4 in a bandolier across his chest, 2 on each arm at forearm and quadricep, 2 boot knives sitting above his sandals, 1 on each thigh, 1 on each hip, 2 between his shoulder blades. He is a noted master of daggers, especially thrown. Rumour is he can hit one wing of a moving fly at 50 ft without looking, but he probably started that one himself.

Lorto is an open, friendly, engaging character who is very open about his profession of master assassin. He definitely lacks the stereotypical qualities of quiet disguised stealth, and goes more for the overt, memorable and in your face approach. He is brutal when crossed, but loyal to those who gain his trust


Lorto is a sometime resident of the Tower of Camdindel, but also travels a lot on and off plane with no other known residences

Skills and Abilities

Master Assassin
Master of the Short Blade
College: Nightblade
Web of Deceit - Anti Scrying, Locate, Prophecy, etc
Short and Long Range Teleport


Lorto has employed a few guild parties, either directly of or on behalf of Camdindel. He has also invited several guild members to join his Assassins Guild