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Rowan is a female Elf played by Helen Saggers. Not to be confused with Father Rowan.

She is a member of the College of Binding and Animating Magics.


Rowan is 6' 2" female Elf (Wt 110 lbs PB 24), she has long dark red hair and Green eyes.
Her PB is one below elven racial max so she quite a beauty even for an Elf.
Rowan likes to wear clothes in various shades of green & brown, in public or for traveling she favours a long dark green wool cloak with a deep hood.

On Adventure she will wear Black mage robes with a fine spider web pattern embedded, and is usually only armed with an (invested item) quarter staff, a silvered dagger and a cross bow.


Rowan maintains with the help of a number of golems a small house on the edge of the village of Daggergrove not too far from the guild.
Rowan's house is the one with the petrified dead creatures in the garden (a wolf like creature with wings and a scaly tail, and a 7ft scrawny Gorilla like creature with large pointy ears and patchy fur, among other more regular animals).

Rowan likes her privacy and does not encourage uninvited visitors, who may disturb the extended rituals she performs. Callers are likely to be met by her butler Oak, a 6' wooden golem, and if unexpected will be turned away.
Those wishing to speak with Rowan would be better advised to leave word at the guild.


Rowan usually brings on adventure Two large wooden Golems. One named Eeyore has been carved in the form of a donkey, painted grey and fitted with panners it usually carries her pack. The other is a more menacing 6 ft humanoid Retainer with a bear like head called Bear.
She also has a several Ceramic golems, a Horse named Tiny and Buck & Buster a pair of 6ft werewolf like warriors.
Plus two Orcish 5ft Iron golems, as well as a number of Rag & String Golems of varying sizes (some of which fly).


Rowan is a member of the rare College of Binding and Animating Magics.

For a price she will:

  • Preserve items, for 100+ days
  • Itemise items (they shrink to a 12th their size and a 10th their weight) for at least a week.
  • Link Life-force
  • Petrify or Unpetrify, objects or entities.

On Adventure these magics and others give the party a wide scope in the collection and transportation of loot.

Rowan dislikes to get into melee, she prefers to let purpose built golems do the fighting. To direct them properly, she has studied and continues to study the subject of Military Science.

Although Rowan has some skill to defend herself with her staff she prefers to backup her golems with spells or her crossbow.


Rowan completed her magical training with the guilds College of Binding and Animating Magics and started her Adventuring in the winter of 799 wk. Her first mission was to help secure a new silk supply from the Emerald Isles, and she still receives a small quarterly income from this trade.

Very little is known about Rowan's life before the Guild; what is known is that her parents are wandering toymakers, and that as the youngest of a large family, she was constantly being unfavorably compared to her older siblings.


  1. Winter 799 wk Silk from the Emerald Isles (GM S Whitaker)
  2. Summer 800 wk Evasional Ethics (GM W Dymock)
  3. Spring 800 wk Going On A Bear Hunt
  4. Autumn 801 wk Into A Strange Land
  5. Summer 802 wk Pasifikan Plundering
  6. Winter 802 wk The Needs Of A Tree
  7. Winter 803 wk Escorting a Lord
  8. Spring 803 wk Hunting a Maiden
  9. Winter 804 wk Rings of Deception
  10. Winter 805 wk Poison Cloude
  11. Summer 806 wk McBright Masterwork
  12. Spring 806 wk An Outbreak of Strangeness
  13. Winter 807 wk Neither Hare nor Thar
  14. Autumn 808 wk Chasing White Elephants
  15. Winter 808 wk The Sun, The Moon, and the Piper's Song
  16. Autumn 809 wk Looking for the Ladle
  17. Autumn 810 wk Slow Portal to China
  18. Spring 811 wk Manhunt - In Search of RocSingers Past
  19. Summer 813 wk When my Ships come in
  20. Summer 814 wk Those Dripping Bones
  21. Winter 814 wk The Cleansing of the Shire
  22. Spring 814 wk Tears of Salt
  23. Autumn 816 wk Winter is Coming
  24. Autumn 817 wk Through A Mirror Darkly
  25. Autumn 817 wk Ten Days to the end of the world
  26. Autumn 820 wk Into the Sky Rock
  27. Autumn 822 wk The Chaos That Sleeps In The Deep