The Chaos That Sleeps In The Deep

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Adventure: The Chaos That Sleeps In The Deep
GM: Keith
Session: Autumn 822
Night: Wednesday
Location: Smiths online
Level: Medium+


  • Rhiain - Female Human Ice Mage
  • Rowan - Female Elven Binder
  • Minerva - Female Human Solar Celestial
  • Sno - Female Sea Elf "Icelandic Volcano Mage"
  • Lim - Male "potion mage"

Employer: The Aventi of the Coral Sea
Mission: To Trade with House Sulis
Plane: Alusia and maybe a few others.
Pay: 20sp per day per person and Loot (there's bound to be some. Right?)
Days on Adventure: We'll know when we get back

Scribe Notes

the start

we started the adventure off, like most adventure in the guild meeting room. our nervous but studious employer wishes the explore the depths of the aventi/abolyth temple during Coral Sea Colony. Interested in the adventure were three of my fellow adventures from the aforementioned adventure. Sno - the icelandic Volcano mage (and her cute car Shadow), Lim - the potion anti naval mage, Minerva the Blast Solar mage. A forth adventure Rowan, a ranged focused adventure and binder with a multitude of golems (that will be very helpful bolstering up the front line alongside me).

After establishment payments of

  • a small amount of silver
  • an Item from the mermaid royal vaults of our choice (from a range)
  • a Shrivable talent/potion (details unclear as to the specifics and range of whats avaliable)
  • Rank 16 greater enchantments, all 4 areas (most likely to have full party enchanted on docking in Pacifica)

Our employer is due to travel back the next day on a house sulis merchant Carrack vessel the next day at mid-morning so after affirming everyone is equipped for underwater combat, we decided to start gather supplies of (good) food, ingredients. Minerva decided to start asking the sun for advice, and without going blind got the following anwsers.

  • Nasty Horrors in the deeps
  • New alien civilization in a place where no adventure has gone before

That last one we believe has the potential to allude to a portal for a new plane.

we board the ship, I was able to bring my horse Octavia without issue as Rowan is able to turn it to stone and back again. Lim set about ensure the ship moves in very quick time towards Pacifica on a very direct route towards the great shallows in a couple of weeks. however we strayed a little to close to the demonic worship mermaid cult and encoutered three young incohesive mermaids look to have "fun times" with the male crew members (in which Minerva seem to think was a good idea) before incidentally sacrificing them presumable for their cult after extending the population. (Minerva did not think this part was a good idea). Lim deciding this was more trouble that it was worth used his mage current to completely disengage with the questionable "friendly" mermaids and we carried onto our destination


After leaving the "cultful" mermaids behind we continued sailing towards are destination, however will still hadn't overcome the issue of our lack of Mur or ambergris (amberised whale "product" to fully greater enchant the entire party with all four areas of benefit. we contemplated summoning some whales to see if they would offer us some. unfortunately that would actually solve our dilemma as the "raw ambergris" would need to be dried and processed according to Harmony, a process that takes a very long time. Minerva asked the sun for some guidance again and was able to get a rough location of a possible island not too far off our original course. we reach the island late evening and decided to weigh anchor and explore the island in the morning.

In the morning, Harmony and melody (our mermaid and aventi colony envoys) decided to go swimming and found some dolphins to aid in getting a good location for what we were after. however the party very quickly stumbled upon a large deposit of raw ambergris, which we reckoned given the quantity we could sell to someone who would be prepared to the long time investment of processing it. we estimated that the entire raw chunk was 40 pounds (of which about 1/2 would be actual ambergris). Minerva reckoned the estimated value would be able 20% of the value of processed ambergris. I used my ice magic to freeze it making it easier to transport and Rowan then made a bubble of force which could hold the ambergris without its aweful smell affecting the crew.

Having secured the raw deposit. I started to see if there was any other deposits and started searching the area using similar technics to herb hunting and found a small lump. Rowan then made some instant golems to help with the search imbued with my knowledge of herb hunting to aiding them. over this search period we managed to find about 8 ritual candles worth. Sno however managed to hit the jackpot and found a Massive chunk that was mostly buried. While it took a lot of time to carefully excavate the chunk weighed in at 23 pounds, far in excess of what we needed and coming to a huge worth of 368,000SP. (based off the Essences & Perfumes per ounce in the players guide).

Happy with our find we headed first to Rangaferra for our vessel to do its trading. Awaiting us was a fellow very high level adventure, Aqualina, who treated us to fine meals and set us up at a high end tavern in the area. meanwhile Minerva using her impressive bargaining skill managed to sell our raw ambergris at above our estimated value at 1/3 the value of the processed amount bringing in another ~106,000SP.

Saying goodbye to aqualina we headed towards our main destination of the Aventi colony. there was some interesting splash competition which I suspect went very interestingly with the aid of Lim having fun with magic. I aided in the precision unloading of our vessel using and dispelling Icebergs that acted as a form of "tug-boat" to accurately position the cargo over its needed drop zones. the aventi colony was intersting place with development well on its way. they had created a small mirror of the Seagates guild mage training areas to aid in training local magics in an academy called "the pearl tower" run by Spiker the aventi, while the town was administered by mermaid Vidia.

Delving - the beginning

The party, lead by harmony and melody entered the old abolyth ruin. after some trouble with "paperwork" and the guard we managed to enter the deep chambers and passed the area that was previously hidden from us by impenetrable darkness
after swimming down were we immediately set upon by several weird tentacle bearded statues that we dispatched with extreme ease. after opening a large door we found a series of corridors that we "very clean" and were set upon by a huge cube of jelly that seemed to dissolve things. rowan decided to "heat the area" with Smoking Magma pits while I blocked its escape by summoning an Ice wall behind it and summoning a a short lived "arctic zone" that eventually destroyed it.

with the north passage safely blocked by my ice wall for another hour, Lim suggested (due to the narrowness of the corridors) that we split the party to take the two remaining pathways (that been a corridor to the south and another set of big doors from the entrance).

Delving - beyond the entrance

We opened the doors and found several weird armored worms things nesting in some holes. they were capable of far reaching attacks and acid like spray but they were easy, if someone time consuming to defeat. we found more information about the symbols of the floor, and melody took a great interest. downward led to a weird door with what looked like an opening for a book to be placed inside like some key.

I removed the Ice wall to let us explore to the north and we find 2 weird chambers, one with 3 colored pools. we make an interesting note that this may not have always been underwater given that existence of stairs. we also find a chamber off to the right that had a hidden door connecting to the main entrance chamber we arrived in. opening a door down the left pathway we may have found our book we need but we also encountered two.... things, everyone is on edge and quickly getting ready to fight.

This was all the notes that the scribe had filed. Fortunately we were able to obtain a copy of the notes filed in the Arcanamirium at the Aventi settlement in the Coral Sea. These were written by Melody Capella.

After defeating the creatures there we obtained the book, labelled as the Necronomicon. However this was not it's true title as it's contents dealt with much information on the Inner Elemental Planes and including diagrams on the Platonic Solids associated with each Plane. We suspected we would need to obtain each solid, containing pure Planar Essence, in order to restore Harmony, and I do not mean my sister, to the area that was now out of balance with Chaos. The size of the book also was the right size for the depression in the door.

A Platonic solid is a convex, regular polyhedron in three-dimensional Euclidean space. Being a regular polyhedron means that the faces are congruent (identical in shape and size) regular polygons (all angles congruent and all edges congruent), and the same number of faces meet at each vertex. There are only five such polyhedra: The Tetrahedron, made of four equilateral, triangular sides; the Cube, made of six squares; the Octahedron, made of eight equilateral triangles; the Dodecahedron, having twelve sides, each being a pentagram, and finally; the Icosahedron with twenty side, each an equilateral triangle. According to this book, each Elemental Plane was associated with a solid. Earth was associated with the cube, air with the octahedron, water with the icosahedron, and fire with the tetrahedron. As for the dodecahedron, that became associated with the space between, i.e. the Ethereal Plane which connects the Material Plane with the Inner Planes.

Before we slotted the book into the depression, another door was opened letting loose a bunch of chanting lacedons (aquatic ghouls) who were determined to reach the temple and summon their Dark God, an Elder God by the name of Cthulhu, by using a repeating chant which was [Redacted by Guild Security - the writer has been severely reprimanded]. It could be that this is the entity who is sleeping at the bottom of the Abyssal Trench and, by it's mere presence, is causing the instability in the area.

Upon opening the sealed door with the book we were met by several beings from the Plane of Good and Law, i.e. Lantern Archons and Hound Archons. They were here to make sure that creatures of Chaos and/or Evil did not reach the Planar Gate below. This Gate was actually designed to be able to be dialed to eight different destinations and the sigils for each destination was arranged around the device with the opposing sigils on opposite sides, i.e: Fire-Water; Earth-Air; Life-Death; and Space-Time. Currently it was set for Time but since the central section was not depressed, the Time Portal was not active. There had actually been attempts to erase that sigil, presumably to prevent passage to the Plane of Time.

So we had a way to access the Inner Planes and to access the Elemental Solids but it was decided to defer that for now. Instead we went with some of the archons to consult with their supervisor, a Trumpet Archon. This plane shift resulted in us, arriving in an ocean surrounding the Plane of Heaven. To test our worth, the Trumpet Archon set us the task of retrieving specific information from their Library, after which we were permitted a limited time to do our own. It was here that Harmony discovered the formulations for the Music of the Spheres which was another part of the solution to restore Cosmic Harmony and expel the Chaos. Unfortunately the composition of the music was specific to each solar system, or Prime Material Plane, and the only reference to where we could find an example of where such a composition existed was on the Plane of Golarion. We would need to find that, then tweak the composition in order to make it work for the Alusian system.

So, after leaving Heaven and arriving back to the Gate with the archons, we journeyed to the Seagate Guild and, from there, portalled to Golarion. It was then a long trip on Wings to a country called Ustalav, which is a fog-shrouded nation of countless horrors. Undead roam the land and the fog keeps them safe. It is said that there are castles, inhabited by powerful vampires there. Certainly some are inhabited by mad necromancers, as we were about to find out.

The Pathfinders wanted us to go to one of these seemingly abandoned castles and retrieve as much as the library as possible before it was destroyed by the filth and decay that existed in Ustalav. We found the library alright but discovered the place was occupied by a mad scientist/necromancer that used lightning to raise undead and music to control them. He also had an assistant, a female dwarf who was tainted by negative energy but not actually undead.

The final fight to defeat the mad scientist and his dancing zombies, which he controlled with a large pipe organ was ...... interesting. Fortunately Harmony was able to reach the keyboard and play counter tunes while the rest of us took down the opposition. She was most disappointed though that we could not take the pipe organ home. Still, this person was also a collector of sheet music and musical instruments and. with those, and the library, we were able to study the Golarion Music of the Sphere and puzzle out how it worked. We soon realized we would need the services of someone very knowledgeable in the Alusian night sky.

Fortunately we found such a sage and with the aid of several cups of tea, we were able to figure out all the changes we would have to make. He even helped us make a device to play all the planetary notes at once. So, all we have to do now is to figure out how to make the ritual to remove the Chaos Taint from Pasifika.


(in order of appearance))

  • Melody - Party Employer. Female Aventi. Magus (mixture of Colleges) - Shy but with a streak of curiosity a mile long.
  • Harmony - Melody's mermaid sister - Bardic Mage and Troubadour
  • Captain Andronicus Sulis - Commander of the Sulis Aquae Tranquillitas
  • Priscilla Sulis - First Mate and the Captain's wife.
  • Hermas - Bosun
  • Adagio, Aria, Sonata - Three Sirens encountered near the Shallows
  • Spica - Aventi Arch Magus - Melody's mother - Runs the Arcanamirium - a training school for Adepts
  • Vydia - Spica's mermaid wife and Mayor of the Colony as well as the Aventi representative to the Merfolk - Also a Siren (Bard)


To be filled in by the scribe

  • Whale vomit (sold)

Celestial Library
Player feeling from what was said, study in the Library counts for more time than normal at some ratio, so the studied topics will get more value/ep discounts for their time, while copied books get studied at normal time & EP costs

  • Minerva - Studied Philosophy books/Locations of the artefacts.
  • Rhiain - Studied Philosophy books/Locations of the artefacts.
  • Sno - Studied books relating to Volcano Magic
  • Rowan - Copied books on Mechanician, Flying Ships, & Names/Becoming a Namer. Sufficient spy to memorise and reproduce after. Will have to invest more time into study later to get use from the books.
  • Lim - Copied books on Celestial Dictionary, Repurposing Necromantic artefacts, & Becoming an Illusionist/Star Celestial(Whichever he found first, I suspect given the plane Star Celestial might be a more common book?) Sufficient spy to memorise and reproduce after. Will have to invest more time into study later to get use from the books.

If for some reason Spy is impossible, also possible to reproduce up to six books via Binder abilities and copying while in the Library, so comes out the same either way.

Celestial Bazaar
To be filled in with confirmed purchases, discussion on purchases goes on discord. Current split of silver gained on adventure is about 80k each, plus personal funds.

  • Minerva - huntian avian storage gauntlet
  • Rhiain - portable stable : 15,000sp (deduction from lootshare)
  • Sno -
  • Rowan -
  • Lim - Blessed hand-1/2,


  • Minerva - Holy Water (*2)
  • Rhiain - Holy Water (*2), Silversheen (* 2, 6,000sp)
  • Sno - Holy Water (*2)
  • Rowan - Holy Water (*2)
  • Lim - Holy Water (*2), Silversheen (* 10, 30,000sp)

Creepy Musical Manor

  • Book on Alchemy (Copy)
  • Book of Golarian Geography (Copy)
  • Sold information on Organ & Library.
  • Copies of texts from the library (for anyone who wants them) (some 3,000 years old)
  • 10 * Silver Lanterns + colour filters
  • 3 * sets Orchestra of instruments
  • 6 string chortets worth of instruments
  • 5 rock bands worth of music
  • 1 set of weird armor - conductor of undead
  • 1 "funkyish music mace conductor baton thing"
  • 1 * degiory do (more like digory don't)
  • other unidentified exotic instruments
  • 1/2 pound of true silver


  • Amulets of Jasper - 1 per person (5?) & pet (3?)
  • A few miscellaneous items.


Daily pattern

Travel Magics

Instilling flight, you can each have your own carpet flying at 50 mph for 7 1/2 hrs Range over 350 miles.
Mage Current, +20 mph to Ship speed. (Roughly 30 mph for most ocean going ships)

Watch Order

Day Watch
First - Second - Third -

Night watch

  • First (short 4 hrs) - Rhiain ------- First (long 6 hrs) - Lim
  • Second (short 4 hrs)- Sno
  • Third (short 4 hrs)- Minerva ------- Second (long 6 hrs) - Rowan
  • Active Golems all night.

Marching Order

Pets/Golems with owners.

Skirmish Formations (Front)
Double File

Rhiain / Rowan
Minerva / Sno

Single File



Raspberry Volcano flavoured restoratives available 1*Person with each Meal, Waters of Healing chaser. +24 Ft per meal as required.

Circle magic ritual; ritually cast travel or buff spells as a group each entity pays its own ft cost for the spells. (A different spell from each mage present or increase of rank in same spells).

General Buff Notes

Buffs listed in the table don't need to be detailed, other buffs not on the table must be mentioned at the time they are cast.
Y means always on, N/- means never on, 'Sit.' means when the party has time for buffs before a fight.
Weapon Spells which weapon/s it is going on normally should be noted also

Long duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Lim Min Rhi Row Sno Bear Sla Spi Sha Oct
Ithans Armour (Row) 12 130 points of Ablative Armour 12 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Waterproofing (Li) 10 Resist harmful water effects 33 Hours Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water Breathing (Li) 15 Breath Underwater 16 Hours Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Bouyancy (Li) 10 Go up or down 25' a pulse 5.5 Hours Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Armour of Ice 16 9 +/- Fatigue Armour -2 AG, WGT-F 5 8 1/2 Hours Y Y Y Y Y
Enhance Animal (Li) 15 +40% MR (Bonded animals may get less), +3 Prot, +15% S.C. +2 DM (Natural weapons only, not unarmed or weapons) Days Y Y
Coruscade (Min) Rank 14 +30 defence 7 1/2 Hours Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Witchsight (Min) 12 See in the dark, see invisibility up2 rank 12 #6 1/2 Hours Y (N/T) Y (N/T)
Name (??) ## ???? ? Hours

Short duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Lim Min Rhi Row Sno Bear Sla Spi Sha Oct
Waters of Strength 20 [D-2]+20 to PS 105 Mins Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit
Weapon of Cold 10 11 SC/+4 cold damage 15 minutes Sit (Trident) Y Sit Sit
Branch counters (Row) 7 27 MR on entities, 51 on area 12 mins
Sword of Light 8 +9SC, +3Damage to dark aspect entities 13 Minutes Sit (Hand & 1/2)

Effects a GM needs to know

Effect Effects Dur Lim Min Rhi Row Sno Bear Sla Spi Sha Oct
Chalcedony/Jade Amulets 10' / 30' keep undead away - 10' / 30' 30'
Iron / Jet Amulets 10' / 50' Keep Demons away - 10' / 50' 50'
Finding Find Traps, Secret Doors, Compartments, etc - 97% 72%
Detect Ambush Spot Ambushes, etc, Bonus in Terrain. 100% (Woods) 83% (Woods) 62% (Jungle)
Predict Weather Predict Weather for the next few days 126%
Sixth Sense That thieves bad feeling about... 107% 102%
Heroism (Lim) +15% vs Fear to anyone in line of sight to Lim Y Sit Sit Sit Sit - - - Sit Sit



  Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Fruit (4)
  1 Guild Meeting 2   3 Leaving Guild. 4   5   6  
7   8   9   10   11   12   13  
14 Arrival in Pasifika 15 Arrival at the Temple 16 17   18   19   20  
21   22 Return from Celestia 23 Return to Rangiphero 24   25 Return to the Guild for layover. 26   27 Go to Golarion, Arrive Absalom
28 Spend a week flying to Ustalav 29   30    
Harvest (5)
  1   2   3   4  
5 Arrive at Caliphas in Ustalav 6   7 Deapart for Haunted House 8   9   10 Arrive Haunted House 11  
12 Finish looting Haunted House + curse removal of Iloise 13   14   15 Equinox 16 Return to Caliphas 17 Seagate Autumn Fair 18 Seagate Autumn Fair
19 Harvest Moon 20   21   22   23 Return to Absalom 24   25 Return to Seagate
26   27 Back to trhe Aventi to get promised rewards 28   29 Michaelmas 30 Retern to Seagate for loot split etc  
  1   2  
3   4   5   6   7   8   9  
10   11   12   13   14   15   16  
17 Blood Moon 18   19   20   21   22   23  
24   25   26   27   28   29   30 Beerfest