Valley of the Trinity

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Ian Anderson


A mystical valley, this is believed to be a sub plane located somewhere in the overall vicinity of the Five_Sisters.
Exactly how to get there is a closely guarded secret with most guild parties that have visited having gotten there via portal magic of differing means from near Seagate.
The Valley of the Trinity appears to worship three powers or gods, that go by the common names of Misty who is associated with air, the Deep One who is associated with water, & the thirds common name is not known but believed to be associated with earth. These are guesses from Guild visitors, so accuracy of the aforementioned is not reliable yet.
Also of note is that there are a number of highly magical towers which possess sentience in the valley that seem to act as portals and magical focuses. Of these two have been visited by guild parties, rumour places at least six in the valley.


Lake Town

This is the main town in the valley, built partly on platforms out into the lake. The lake itself is large, and a Kraken avatar of 'The Deep One' can often be found when crossing the lake, requiring a particular ritual for safe passage. The Boatmen who are a powerful guild in Lake town and often water mages are the main keeper of this secret. Lake Town is run by Mayor Thomas, and his Assistant Mayor Edward.


A significant town about four days walk north of Lake Town, this town forms a three way cross roads with Gloomy Vale.

Gloomy Vale

Both a castle & fortified town and a side branch of the main valley, Gloomy Vale is known for often overcast weather with clouds coming off the hills. It is reached through a narrow pass found east of Junction that reaches a single cart width at a number of points.

Goblin Caves

Further up Gloomy Vale is known to be a large goblin settlement, led by King Fred, who have been visited by & assisted adventurers a number of times. Their Shaman is Gabblebrox, & Johnny is an apprentice shaman who has gained standing by accompanying adventurers several times.

Western Valley

The Western Valley branches off the main valley somewhere between 1 & 2 weeks north of Lake town, depending how fast you travel. It is a large valley at that point, narrowing a little at the Town of Milhouse, a stronger settlement in the area leading the development of the western valley region.

Other places of note


Not technically in the Valley of the Trinity but located along the coastline in the area of the five sisters about two weeks sail from the guild, this small town of 300 or so people serves as a gateway into the Valley, with a river emerging from the cliffs into a lagoon, separated from the sea by a sand bar. The passage up river from here requires mystical knowledge as it is a branching set of canyons that enters the space between planes. It is suspected that there are multiple possible destinations and possibly even crossing paths through the area, but one particular destination ends up in the Valley of the Trinity.
It also serves as a supply spot for less reputable vessels, some of whom may be actual pirates but most are merely privateer types. As such it has a warehouse district far larger than normal for a town of 300, and sees a steady trade of goods of uncertain ownership.. Locations of note in Sandspit.

  • Donkey's Haven Inn. The only Inn in town, though a good one with plenty of rooms.

Ruined Towers

A strange part of the valley, there are a number of semi ruined or abandoned towers that appear to be great magical focus points. At least some of the towers are sentient entities in their own rights, often inhabited by other magical creatures or undead, & in at least some cases partially associated with planar portals.

  • Mr Grumpy; Located about a day ESE of Junction Mr Grumpy is a Necromantic tower, defended by a large undead army. He does not appear to have succumbed to the usual necromatic desire to conquer everything and turn them into undead, possibly due to his inability to move, instead he has simply protected his area. He has aided adventuers on several occasions when mutual interests have been in play.
  • The Water Tower; Located about a weeks travel by foot up and to the N side of Gloomy Vale, this tower is protected by a ghost infested bramble patch surrounding it and skeletons at the gates. Inside the tower at least 1 Necromancer is conducting research into Flesh Golems, and there is a portal to Orkland/Orcland. In the Basement is a Cistern which fills with magical water, guarded by a tribe of Fossegrim. They are known to be fond of Greek Fire grenadoes as bribes since they burn underwater.

Known connections to other planes.

Orkland/Orcland. A plane where the Orcs have formed a large kingdom, with a city of perhaps a million orcs at the middle of it. This is not to be confused with Salamakar.
Connections to Orcland exist via at least two of the magical towers in the valley.

Known adventures.

Adventures known to have at least passed through the area on their way to somewhere else, or that took place in the Valley.

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