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Ian Anderson


This is written based mainly on information recorded in scribe notes from previous parties, as such it may not be entirely accurate despite best attempts to do so, and it should not be relied on as such.


This is a full plane, not much is known about most of it, with the guild having visited an area ruled by an Orcish Empire. There is known to be a huge city, known as Big Smoke at what is believed to be the centre of this Empire, at a meeting of many rivers. This City is spread across multiple islands between the rivers, as well as the land alongside the rivers in the area.
Roughly speaking the rivers flow in from the W, N & possibly E, exiting in a vaguely S direction.
Slavery is common in the Empire, even if you are an Orc you are at risk, and non-Orcs at great risk if they do not belong to a recognised guild or organisation in the area. Guild members who have been there recommend joining the Big Smoke Friendly Healers Society.

Big Smoke

Big Smoke is a massive Orcish city of perhaps a million people (plus uncounted goblins) located on the conjunction of at least 5 major rivers. The area has a significant number of decent islands which form their own districts, extensive settlements along the banks of all of the main rivers, large underground areas, and slums located outside the walls as well. The entire city is in the tens of miles across.
Big Smoke is suspected by Guild Members to act as the Imperial Capital, due to the clear division of Imperial & City affairs here, however as no Guild Members have gone into any of the inner districts this has yet to be confirmed.

Districts of Big Smoke

  • Funkytown, one of the Outer Districts. Known for it's eccentric population, and currently has a large buried Colosseum beneath it.

People of Big Smoke

  • Lavinia, head of the City Jail, known to be a Namer Warrior with magical hand & 1/2's, usually accompanied by a horse sized wolf.
  • Murphy McThumpalot, Runs McThumpalots, a Smithy located near the N gates, is a Fire Mage.
  • Major Oncoming Death - Orcish Major in Big Smoke. Connected with the Host of the Unworthy.
  • Bookie Bob - Information broker in Big Smoke.

Places of Big Smoke

  • The City Jail. this Jail is run by Lavinia, and is distinct from the Imperial Prison.
    • Of Note the Jail has been used as a refuge by people before to keep others out, as well as the usual keeping prisoners in. Thus keeping Lavinia on your good side and aware of the guild presence in town may be advisable.
  • Street of Steel. The place to go for the best armour or weapons. Most of the smithies on this street have a unique speciality and try to avoid direct competition in their main fields.
    • StabbyStabby DieDies. Known for specialist pikes.
    • Benny's Bastards. Known for specialist unfriendly barbed crossbows.

Turgid River

This River comes into Big Smoke from a roughly W direction, and has a mostly lazy flow.
Going upriver from Big Smoke you come across the following towns and locations in order.

  1. Foggy Bottom
  2. Vale
  3. Farknuckle
  4. Enchanted forest, home to halfling 'rebels'. Enter through an illusion covered Gothic arch and past the Orcish attractant traps.
  5. Arkwrights Ferry - Home to the McTurnies a Mob type family.

Paradise City

This is a perhaps independent town somewhere on the borders of the Orcish Empire. Exactly where it is in relation is unknown as the Guild party entered and exited via planar portal.
Paradise City may also be on the border of the Eagle Empire and it's Capital, Georgetown. This is a bit unclear but it is unlikely the two Empires are the same.

People of Paradise City

  • Mr Toliver, owner of The Grand Angus.
  • Charlie Unter, owner? of the Bullock general store.

Known ways in

  • Through a ghost & bramble protected tower in the Valley of the Trinity. Comes out in a storeroom in an Orcish Fort about 200 miles N'ish of Big Smoke.
  • Via the deep ways, cavern portals that open and close on some complicated astrological time basis. Known to come out in a semi-magical cavern below Big Smoke, almost certainly comes out elsewhere.
  • The Dark Mile, a long tunnel under a Necromantic tower in the Valley of the Trinity, must DA as Undead to use this. Comes out near Paradise City only time used.


The goblins of The Valley of the Trinity have a means of bestowing Orcish, having at least some orcish is critical.
When in the Orcish Empire join a guild for protection from slavery
Heavily armed means plate and multiple pole weapons
The Fossegrim in the basement cistern of the Ghost Tower can be bribed with greek fire for safe passage & one vial of water each to drink.

Known Adventures


Written by Kurt for reference for parties travelling that way.