Won't you go to funky town

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Won't You Go to Funky Town
GM: Ian Anderson
Session: Summer 821
Night: Wednesday
Location: Birdlands, Massey
Level: Medium


  • Uthgard - Hill Giant Mind Sorcerer Played by Anne
  • Kerry - Human Dark Celestial Played by Helen
  • Eugene - Human Necromancer Played by Sam
  • Rhiain - Human Ice Mage played by Chris
  • Kurt - Human Earth Mage played by Bernard
  • Sno - Half Sea Elf Ice Mage Played by Annuskha
  • Cipher - Dwarven Rune Mage Played by Beth



  • Some bags of gold each (actual value of ??)

Scribe Notes

1st and 2nd of Meadow

We were meet in a guild meeting room by two 'Halflings' who are accompanied by a cacophonous racket of music going on about a Firestarter. They inform us that we are being hired by the Power that Be to stop the music and we are being paid 10,000sp plus potions plus whatever loot we find. Along with this we are told that a Dragon is coming to pick us up from the North Common tomorrow evening. In all of this we learn that Johnny knows that Funky town, the place we are to be going, is in Big Smoke in the Orclands which we are getting to by going through what the Halflings call the Scary Tower. When asked they seem to think the source of the music was a Bardic Demon but The Witch thinks it's Bunnies.
With this we got into Guild required paperwork. The party consists of:
Cypher - Dwarven Rune Mage
Kerry - Human? Dark Celestial
Eugene - Human Necromancer. Party Mil Sci
Rhiain - Human Ice Mage
Kurt - Human Earth Mage
Sno - Half Sea Elf Ice mage. Party Leader
Uthgard - Hill Giant Mind Sorcerer and Party Scribe

After this we went to Slippery Rock to pick up some party member Amulets, having decided to do get our Greater's done to the other end. On the evening of the second we meet Misty the Dragon in the North Common where he dropped us in Glows workshop. Glow tells us that she needs a couple of glass jars gotten rid of before the goblins decide that they want to through them and given they have 90ft explosion radius and can only be thrown half is far isn't necessarily an object they want around in largely populated areas. So Kurt spends a few hours making them harder to accidently set of by encasing them in hardened stone then we headed down stairs to meet with Gablebrocks and be hit with a book of knowledge.

3rd and 4th of Meadow

We spent 2 days suffering with headaches in the goblin caves. During this we had guides to the tower organized.

5th of Meadow

We headed our way over to the tower traveling through a forest with no North according to our plethora of Rangers. Just before dusk we made it to a bramble wall around the Tower. Some of us made our way to within shouting distance of the tower and let them know that we were looking at coming through in the morning.

6th of Meadow

In the morning we headed through the tower which was singing something with lyrics that were something along the lines of 'Monster Mash'. We were lead through the Tower by what was identified as a Flesh Golem to the Necromancers Workshop. In a discussion with the Necromancer he wanted the Music to end as well. So as all good problem solvers do we arranged for him to pay us to make sure we end the music. From there we headed down to the cistern and Kurt voluntarily is controlled to talk to the Fossegrim. And yet again we arranged to be paid to stop the music from the Fossegrim with Magic Coins to end the music. Travelling through the cistern taking some magic water with us. Making our way through the keep the other side Kerry may or may not have been intentionally spotted which led to

 "Who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing here?' Sarge the Orc
After a moment pause "Sneaking" Kerry

Having to climb long distances we tied Eugene to me and made our way down. Once at the bottom we started to make our way to Big Smoke. At about Lunchtime we saw and axe lying in a tree. When we stopped to investigate Kurt spoke to the tree and we meet a group of Orcs. Boss asked us to turn over some hay insisting it would be good for our lives. So, we did so having a nice chit chat as we went about the work and learned that we had been being followed by a group of slavers. Deciding it was probably better for long term health to hang out with Boss and his men we had lunch with him and stuck around. Then his Animal Mage woke up and said all of three words.

 "Shit. Three Minutes"

With this being announced everyone fell into fight prep. Following Boss' lead we engaged in a fight with slavers who weren't backing down, controlling some of the Wargs they brought into fight and walloping the slave boss with a row of trees because he was just in the wrong place. At the end of the fight we walked away with some loot and the majority of the wargs. However, having learnt we had 12 hours to get out of dodge and hide from a Necromantic Power of darkness who was turning up to claim a worshipper's soul, we bid Boss and his men goodbye and ran on Wargs all the way to Big Smoke.

We made the cities outer wall and settlements just after night fall and just as we start walking our way through the gates a gang of orcs steps out in front of us and starts to hassle Kurt who is at the front. Further down the road a group of orcs are blocking off the road. A moment later when the Orcs down the road cough to get the Gangs attention the Gangs go running. We are addressed by an Orc who we learn is called Boris from the Big Smoke Friendly Healers Society. Luckily just the people we wanted to see. We discuss with Boris our Guild arrangement, being the Kurt was already a member just with some overdo fees this was simple. Turns out the Healer Society has had a healer taken into Funky Town that they wanted returned. With this information we arranged to meet their enchanter and got some directions to a smith were we could deal with our current problem. Making our way further in and to the smith to spend a few hours avoiding said Necromantic Power with the smith Murphy McThumpalot, who also conveniently happened to run an underground temple to a certain Fire Marquee.

From there we headed to Station 23 Of The BSFHS. Here we meet with Old Frances the Enchanter and prepaid for our Greaters and arranged to meet him in the morning for them. Once this was sorted we went and found some accommodation in the form of a warehouse which we leased for a couple of years.

7th of Meadow

We meet with Old Frances for our greaters then went and found Lavinia to let her know that we were in town and to see if she'd scry shield our warehouse.

 "Why are we going to see a Jailer?" Rhiain
"Cause you've been bad" Kurt

Lavinia mentions that there are some items she want's recovered from Funky town and informs us that they are sending a Host of the Unworthy into Funky town to see if they can end the problem. So we head over to a Bards guild on the way over to get some invested Shells of silence and short term counters and then make our way to funky town to watch from a roof.
As we watch it starts to rain and a multihex being with an umbrella swings from poles within funky town and Kurt describes hearing a song saying purple rain when he's stood outside the bubble. The hoard stops in its tracks and turns and walks away. Kurt and Kerry bound across the roofs to DA the being. From up close they can see it's some sort of large troll, ogre thing.

Once things has settled down a bit we followed the large troll, ogre thing through town hoping it would inform us about something. When the ogre went into a tavern we stopped on the roofs above. Deciding we didn't want to pop physically into every tavern if we didn't have to given we could see about 6 more down the road from where we were, we magically searched for minds who stood out above the rest. Picking up a set of three in the tavern bellow us we went in to Big Als. Recognising a set of 3 old men in the corner we went and said hello and asked why they had come into town. For those who are lost like Rhiain, these old men are The Willing Prince, The Beautiful Marquee, and the Marquee of the Pentacle. Three Daemons that most of the party has meet on previous adventures and have been quite helpful.
Once we had finished our pleasant conversation with these men we went back to the warehouse. Having learnt from these 3 old men that there is an Ascension happening somewhere in the lower district of Funky town we decided that an astrology reading might be called for. So we went and bought Sno some coloured rune stones and a Viking compass to do the reading with. Once back at the warehouse we introduced 5 master thieves, 3 orcs, a goblin and a halfling, to the new security and rune warded the building, and did our Astrology reading. The reading came back with:

 "The Fairies will play
On the big day
The music will play
Everyone will pay"

This let us know that the Ascension was happening on Midsummers Eve also known as Faerie Day. With all this information acquired we sent Lavinia a Coded message to let her know what was going on and looked at hiring a spy.

8th of Meadow

We meet with Lavinia and got our long-term Bardic Counters put in place. Lavinia informed us that we need to give fatigue to the enchantment every dawn to continue the magic. We agree that doing it every dawn and dusk will also work. We also got a better ranked rune ward put on the building. We meet up with a couple of thieves who gave us some information on a spy that could be useful to us known as Booky Bob. Coincidentally Kerry already knew him personally having 'rescued' him from a gang of thugs in the past. We got his new address and arranged to meet him.

9th of meadow

At about dusk we made our way over to Booky Bobs and watched him walk out of his house. We 'bumped' into him on the street and informed him we would like his help with some information. With this we walked with Bob down the street. Firstly we get some information on potential large concerts going on in funky towns underground on Midsummers Eve and learn that there are rumours of someone excavating the buried Colosseum that would hold somewhere between 50 and 70 thousand people. Along with this there is a ring of concerts happening around that one point. This sounds like our man, person, lesser daemon thing. Next we get some information on the missing Healers and we learn quite a lot. We learn that a gang is holding them in funky town 3 blocks south east of Big Als and 2 floors down from street level. There are about 20-25 gang members and 5 important leader types. They are known to have some Earth mages or magics and a few Mechanicians. With this information we thank Booky Bob and head over to Station 23

Informing the BSFHS about what we had learnt we had the go ahead to drop the building on them as long as we can get their men back to them in a few hours after this happens, they don't care what method we use to put the gang down.

We plan out a rather thorough infiltration method. Mainly planning to drop their own roof on them.

 "This time I'm not confused" Rhiain
"For once" Uthgard

Scouting the building out we find a couple of suitable rooms we can rent and hire one 1 floor down from street level and furthest away from the stairs. With this all set up plus and emergency escape route to the next building over we get started.

Dropping the floor from most the level a couple of orcs who came up to see what the noise was drop with the floor, leaving them and 2 other orcs on that level with almost definitely a large back up amount coming from somewhere else. The fight ensues and as expected the back up orcs arrive. As the orcs start to fall the lone Orc still standing in the doorway throws a grenado of some sort and ducks behind a wall that appears in the doorway. From the Grenado an earth elemental appears. While all this is going on Kurt is pulling our missing healers out from under the one bit of the floor we did not drop. Towards the end of the fight Kurt starts to hear noises of the building creaking. So as the earth elemental drops we grab our fallen party and 5 orcs and use our pre planned escape route. We precured our loot from the bodies we brought with us, dumped the bodies on the street by the pile of rubble that used to be a building.

With all this done we brought the healers back to Station 23

10th of Meadow

Once we had done this we started preparing for what we expect to be a big fight so we talk to the BSFHS about getting some invested Mind College Healing. Then we headed over to Murphy McThumpalot's forge to craft Kerry some claws for her were form. During this discussion we learn that Murphy can get them to shift with her between forms. And this is why he is the master smith and we are not yet.

11th to 17th of Meadow

We spent a week with Murphy making the claws for Kerry Amrouring and arming the Wargs for resale and gaining trust to see a friend of his about getting some Fire Berries for Sno. We also learnt that if you want some nice A class weapons you want to see Staby Staby Die Die on the Street of Steel.

18th of Meadow

We went and 'dropped a delivery' off to Murphy's friend who had the stock of Fire Berries picking up about 5 in total for Sno. With this we also discussed some other opportunities with him that might be in favour of his Patron and learnt about a Temple of The Duke of Thrones that was summoning some undead which sparked some cogs in Mil Sci Brains. With this we went back to our lodgings to discuss using the undead horde they were summoning to our advantage in the bigger fight later.

  "I finally follow what's going on" - Rhiain
"We want to save as many of the undead as possible" - Eugene
two different points in the same conversation

So with this plan concocted we sourced ourselves some nondescript robes to cover the undead with if this worked, along with arranging with the BSFHS about getting Eugene's Necrogeny Talent potioned for the rest of us.

19th of Meadow

We meet with Lavinia in The Cavern to follow up with the missing items now that we had some definite time to kill. She lets us know that a set of 3 chalices and 3 plates have gone missing from a case. We get a description akin to Gold Gordy Gem covered. Which are holy to a local god and rumoured to be about life giving. The locate we have done on them brings them within 100ft of the undead temple. So we set off and rented a room in one of the neighbouring buildings and got some nice rat scouts to do some work.

20th and 21st Meadow

Spent getting rat reports and some Necromancer Training. Learnt that the place we are wanting is the 12th floor and has about 6 people. Some of the windows are open some are shuttered. The open ones are trapped. Plan to break in, in the middle of the day and murder them all, either with a distraction or coming in through the windows.

22nd Meadow

Get on the roof of the building and have Kurt realise we can come in through holes in the celling made of slate. All prepare then drop in on top of sleeping orcs with death from above. Our only casualty was self-inflicted in the drop phase. Fell 10 feet then slipped and cracked open skull after impaling a sleeping orc. So he held up in the hide out healing Rhiain, sent a runner to Lavinia and loot and divinated some objects. Most importantly finding the chalices and plates. Through Divination we learnt that these if eaten from and drunk from in the right order will increase the imbibers Fatigue and Endurance by 5 points till the next High Holiday.

23rd and 24th Meadow

We spent a couple of days gathering some potions of quick cast for Eugene and getting Kerry Crafting a couple of Heal over time potions. We also get some Necromancer Ranking in during this. During this time we also get some information on the Temple to the Duke of Thrones so we can plan our attack.

25th of Meadow

We headed over to the main entrance in the hour time span we knew the shift change would be in and in our favour the guard change happened moments after we turned up. So we descended 2 wargs 2 Beastmaster animals and Kerry immediately into them followed by Kurt and Sno as the next stealthy party members and Eugene opening with some magic putting the 4 guards down rathe quickly. When lighter armour guards made their way out Kurt very cunningly lured him out far enough so the animals could close from behind him. Entering the temple dragging in the now dead guards we closed the door behind us and left the Wargs to guard the left corridor while we went right.

The first door on the left, was the guard barracks with 5 on break guards who we had to put down twice because they would stand back up after the first death. During this fight Eugene was attacked by a chicken that also stood back up afterwards.

The next door down was a double door which we bypassed by putting a hole in the wall finding a Necromancer and 3 more orc fighters. We got Schwartz on the mage while Eugene Dropped quickened counterspells under the mage and the rest of us dropped the fighters one after another.
After this we went round a cleaned up making sure we leave those pacted till last and got ready to desecrate the temple.

A moment later we heard a change in the dine from outside. We worked out that this was a very large animal landing we guessed it was the griffon. Admittedly the mumbling priests should have given it away a little bit on timing. With this warning we beheaded the priests and Kurt started digging up altars. A pair of Shades walked through the wall either side of the door with trumpets. Moments later the Duke of Thrones burst through the door. I charged into a fight with the Duke and Sno dropped Magma around his feet and I got to play bouncy ball for a round by falling over then standing back up again immediately with a small black spot in the middle. Shwartz leaped into close with the Duke and mauled him.

With the Death of the Dukes avatar the room fell through into the hole bellow crushing a bunch of undead and the Sno melted the rest of them with a small volcano. We collected the loot from room and leave the temple with all the temple loot as well.

Outside we convinced the Griffon to go seek a god in the mountains because we didn't really want him around with us and the Duke would probably appreciate him back cause we weren't really interested on being the top of a kill if around list. With this we went back to the healers to remove the infection we were sure we had and then we wandered our way back to the Temple of Marquis of Fire, were we handed over the agreed upon relics of the Duke and got some nice changed or items in return.

26th to 27th Meadow

Spent healing and down time from potential officials

28th Meadow

We acquired some digging tools after joining up with the Diggers Guild and were informed about some of the jobs going around in Funky town. We learnt about someone shipping an awful lot of dirt. With this we went and started work on the basement of the temple job that needed a volcano dug out of its basement. When we got over to the hole where the building with the temple used to be we took in the destruction of the rest of the building that we indirectly caused. We spent some time shoring up the buildings either side of the hole or finding the faults in their walls when they refused to pay the guild anything to make sure their walls were strong.
Then we snap froze the volcano in the basement which settled the not so strong building next door and then over the next couple of days filling the hole of the temple in with dirt bought from the guy selling obscene amounts of dirt

4th and 5th of Heat

We spent the days standing in the back off some work lines. On the 5th we got approached by 'arry the Fix and asked to meet him at the Drowned Goose at midnight. We got 3 orc to join our ranks as Diggers, Arg, Thumper and Bash and meet 'arry while getting drinks. 'arry was hiring us to help with the Colosseum Dig being paid 100sp a day plus some benefits just in case accidents happened. We would be working in tandom with a Necromancer and his 20 skeletons and a Binder and a couple of golems.

With the briefing on the job we went and got some extra digging kit and bought our Orc friends some silvered weapons, slong with buying a special hammer the seller calls a Sledge Hammer. Picked up some goblins as runners then we followed 'arry into a warehouse and down a tunnel into the Coleeseum.

6th to 10th of Heat

We did some actual digging work among some sabotage work. We spent the first two days down time inviting the necromancer to drink with us on the third day we hypontised him to keep drinking and forget to renew his Binding lesser. In the early hours of the 'evening' the next day some skeletons wandered out from where the Necromancer was working and the goblins brought us back the necromancers loot.

11th to 13th of Heat

We spent these days finding out where the other employees stand on Deamon's. During this we learnt that there is a Short well dressed man, that he calls Mr Oaky, hiding out at the Binders theatre that's across the road from Big Al's. While talking to the Binder he showed us how the lighting system in the Colosseum for the show worked. And we discussed the plan on how we were going to take down the trying to ascend Demon.
On the 12th we heard the music again and worked out that none of us were cursed with tone deafness anymore which we took down to being the Demon trying to reach as many people as possible. In finally stages we set up the scorpion in some place out the way to throw a grenado at the stage first round we opened up on the demon. Along with this Kurt sacrificed a pig to a forest god.

14th of Heat

We let Arg, Thumper and Bash know about the deamon imposter that was infiltrating the concert and had them in on our plan. We also sent word to Lavinia and The BSFHS about what was about to go down. The BSFHS let us know that there would be healers nearby ready for when we came out of this fight. As the concert drew nearer and people started gathering in the colosseum, we started setting up some Crowd Management Incentives. This included paying members of the crowd to make sure everyone stayed behind them and their friends, and having the goblins light fires at random intervals throughout the concert in the gap between the crowd and the front stage security. We had it arranged so that our front liners were part of this front stage security and most the rest the party nearby. We meet Major Oncoming Death of the Host who was sent by Lavinia to help 'control' the engagement. He turned up with his personal guard and arranged for his said Host to come in during the fight.

As the concert started we got started and had Kerry start DAing the members of the stage and the pools of mana. We also saw a person standing invisible at the back of the stage. Five minutes out from the mana pools filling we started our attack. As Kurt charged down from the scorpion on Swhartzs back time froze around him and he was approached by a man laying sideways floating through the air. The fight started and we executed our plan. Eugene dropped walls between the stage and the crowd. Our front liners drove poison stakes into a couple runes we couldn't manipulate. The Bard summoned a couple of golems and the fight ensued. The bard spoke to us between 6 second intervals which lead to:

 "You wont even be the second demon we've killed this week. Cause your not one yet" by Kurt

As the band dies around him the Bard in a last ditch effort tries to pull Rhiains head of with the whip round her neck using the stage. When that doesn't work and with Kerry in behind him trapping him out of the mana pools he takes off in flight which does pull Rhiain's head taking her head and landing it in the lava pool. Kurt took off in flight after the Bard. Cypher in a moment of realization went looking for Rhiain's soul that most likely was getting sucked into the mana pool with the rest of them and held it down so we could attach it to her body for resurrection.

Shortly after Kurt returns some Fae turn up and Trees sprout up from the group around us. With the mana pools threatening to explode we considered this our priority and Kurt and Eugene started to see if they could disperse the mana so the explosion would be less imminent. Major Oncoming death and his men beat up the fae then left.

At about this point Kurt noticed the taps about to buckle and let the remaining mana in the pool out all at once with this warning Kurt nobly stayed behind with Shwartz to see if he could control the mana flood while the rest of us ran collecting people's packs on the way out, Kerry carrying Rhiain's body. At the time what we did not know is that Rhiain as a spirit tried to interact with the mana and tore her newly reattached soul from her headless body.

The pool of mana exploded and caught us as we fled doing some significant damage. When we get out minutes later Kurt's limp unconscious body was dragged out to us by a large dog spirit reminiscent of Shwartz. Then the healers turned up and let us know Kurt wasn't dead but Rhiain was beyond resurrection we would have to find her soul again. Deciding that we couldn't ask the Fire Marquis to find her soul so we asked if there was a power of Ice priest around, we could ask. Apparently there was on the Street of Spirit. When we went down we paid the temple in Rhiain's Fire Arc Bridle and her Chain Mail Bikini. Then Rhiain paid in a bunch of Ranking order requirements and a 1,000sp fee every season for 10 years to an Ice Temple.

With this we took her back to the Healers and started getting her head regenerated to start the resurrection process.

15th to 21st of Heat

We spent a week waiting for Rhiain to be discharged. During this we cremated Shwartz' body, and cleaned up the last of our city stuff like leaving our warehouse in the charge of Arg, Bash and Thumper and selling the Wargs on. Then we left for our travel home deciding on the long way cause we had some payment to collect on.

22nd to 27th of Heat

This time was spent on the trail home collecting our payment from the appropriate people, e.g the Fossegrim, Necromancer and Goblins. Boated from laketown to Sandspit and then spent 2 days flying home.


Important People Involved

  • Misty, Dragon power, Took us to the Valley of the Trinity.
  • Gabblebrox, the Brox/Shaman of the Goblins, gave us assistance and Orcish.
  • 'Boss', Retired veteran of some Orcish war, has an experienced unit with him, taken up farming about half way between Forsaken Fort in the N & Big Smoke. Helpful vs Slavers.
  • Lavinia, head of the Big Smoke City Prison (Distinct from Imperial Prison)
  • Murphy McThumpalot, Fire Mage Smith located near the N Gates.
  • Boris, Senior member of Friendly Healers
  • Old Frances, E&E with good Greaters, works for/with Friendly Healers.
  • Bookie Bob, Information Broker, reliable when paid.
  • Duke of Thrones, Mad at us because we killed an agent of his who was a slaver. we assaulted & desecrated his temple and killed his avatar.
  • Marquis of Fire, Hostile to Duke of Thrones in Big Smoke, therefore helpful to us.
  • Mr Oaky, Almost certainly not his real name, a Bardic Want to be Greater Demon, currently has wings etc. Mad at us we stopped his ascension and also mocked him.

Mil Sci

Main Mil Sci
Eugene - D + 21
Ambush/Start of Combat Mil-Sci
Uthgard - D + 21


Daily Routine
14 hours in camp. 4 Hour watch, 7 hours sleep, 2 hours for rituals each. Plus Breakfast & Dinner.
10 hours 'on the road'. 4 hours travelling, 2 hour break for lunch/rest, 4 hours travelling.

Ft Recovery (not counting bonus for high En)

  • 21 Ft overnight.
  • 3? Ft per hot meal.
  • 2 Ft for lunchtime break, if not used for an additional ritual.

For a total of 32? Ft a day - travel & casting.

Watch Order

First; Rhian, Kerry
Second; Kurt, Cypher, Sno
Third; Uthgard, Eugene
One see invisible per watch & one not.

General tactics

Default Battleplan
Slow movers form a front line. Fast movers position to support based on terrain.
Ranged casters engage enemy, Kurt to act as healing dispenser & take care of utility actions.

Combat Capabilities
Fast Moving Melee

  • Kerry
  • Uthgard

Ranged Combatants

  • Eugene
  • Sno

Slow Moving Melee

  • Rhiain (unmounted)
  • Cypher


  • Kurt


Significant healing options with good success chances Healers & relevant healing sub-skills.

  • Kerry Rk 6? Subskills of note?


  • Earth Healing (Ku) - 5 mins cast, 13 En wrap Ft healing
  • Lesser Healing Rune (Cy) - 1 mins cast, 6pt healing
  • Greater Heart Rune (Cy) - 10 mins cast, 6pt En healing


General Buff Notes

Buffs listed in the table don't need to be detailed, other buffs not on the table must be mentioned at the time they are cast.
Y means always on, N/- means never on, 'Sit.' means when the party has time for buffs before a fight.
Weapon Spells which weapon/s it is going on normally should be noted also

Long duration buffs

Everyone has a Lesser from Kurt, Kurt from Guild.
Special Bardic Counterspell, +50% vs Bardic magic. Requires daily blood sacrifice (2Ft Morning & Optionally night)
Greaters. Rhiain & Cypher got at Guild, self organised, rest of party +20% 4 areas in Big Smoke.

Magic Rk Effects Dur Ut Ke Eu Rh Ku Sn Cy Do Ca
Witchsight (Ke) ## Night Vision, 150' outdoor, 75' indoor, See Invisible # Day - Y T - - T - - -
Cat Vision (Ku) 11 Night Vision, 160' range 12 Hours Y - - T Y - T(Dw) - -
Coruscade/Shadow-form (Ke) ## ???? ? Hours ? ? ? Y ? ? ? ? ?
Armour Of Ice (Sn/Rh) 8/10 7 AP Armour +/- temp (4.5/5.5 Hours) ? ? ? Y ? Item ? ? ?
Resist Cold (Sn/Rh) 6/6 +2 gauge towards 7, -3 points from cold damage 7 Hours - - - T - T - - -
Rune Sheild (Cy) 10 15def, 2prot 11 Hours Y Y - - - - Y - -
Greater Heart Rune (Cy) 6 6pt En heal upon next taking En Damage 7 Days Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Name (??) ## ???? ? Hours ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Short duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Ut Ke Eu Rh Ku Sn Cy Do Ca
Mind Speech (Ut) 6 7 Targets + PT 70 Mins PT Y Y Y Y Y Y - Y
Weapon of Light/Dark (Ke) ## ??? # Mins - - - - - Tulwar ?? - - -
Weapon of Cold (Sn/Rh) 6/10 SC + 7/11, DM + 3/4 Cold (more vs fire creatures) 11/15 Mins - Axe 10 - Spear 10 Mattock 6 - ? - -
Diamond Weapon (Ku) 7 +7% S.C. 12 mins - - - - - - - Bite Bite
Creating Rune Weapon (Cy) 10 [D-5]+4 acid, D10 pulses 15 mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Fossegrim Trade

  • 1 Dose magic water each, effect unknown.
  • -1 Fire Egg, given to them

Slavers Fight

  • 3 horned Helm (2 * Healing, 1 * Other Potions stored for later use) Currently in use by Kerry
  • 7 2 Wargs (Currently Bound, Kurt suggests selling before return as difficult to bring back with us. Selling Arranged through Murphy The Master Smith)
  • Resurrection Dagger of Murmur
  • Misc Mundane Loot - Sold to Smith in Big Smoke

Thugs Apartment fight

  • 5 * Cold Iron Chain, 1 well ranked - Sold to Street of Steel in Big Smoke
  • True Silvered Glaive, Ranked
  • 4 * Silvered Battle Axes
  • Some Amulets (At least 1 * Diamond)
  • 2 * Healing Potions
  • 3 2 * Tunnelling Invested
  • Some other unidentified investeds

Thieves Apartments

  • Assorted Gems
  • Various Wiccan Amulets
  • Some Badges with Rabbits
  • Thieves Personal Equipment
  • Various Magical trinkets
  • Salvage Fee

Purchased in preparation.

  • 2 * Mind Mage Healing Rods, Rank 12, 90%, 5? charges each?
  • 12 * short shelf life Necrogeny potions, from Eugene's Talent
  • Assortment of Fire Berries, several used
  • Alchemical Healing potions
  • 2 * short shelf life Quick Cast potions

Duke of Thrones Temple

  • 4 * Gaudy Silvered Plates, Ceremonial more than practical
  • 12 * Regular Guard weapons & other personal effects
  • 8 * Practical chain sets
  • Guard Captain, personal armour & possessions
  • Orcish War Club - Probably shaped
  • Some amulets
  • 3 * Temple Guards possessions, Bone Chain, weapons etc
  • 4 * Priest equipment

+ More
Underground Ampitheatre

  • Magic Boots
  • Potions
  • Amulets, 1 non standard
  • Mages Robes
  • Assorted minor items
  • Bard Demon got away, room went boom, no real loot gained


  • Fosegrim - magic coins, potentially mixed effects
  • Tower Necromancer - Recon Rats & Books of knowledge (Flesh Golems, Smithing)
  • Goblins of the Vale - As above cash & goblin potions
  • Powers of the Vale - No payment negotiated but TBC

Loot Split Order




  Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Meadow (1)
  1 Guild Meeting 2 Leave guild in Evening 3 Vale Goblins Caves 4   5 White Lotus
Travel to Bramble Tower
6 Seagate Light Festival
Forsaken Tower, Fight with Slavers
7 Warehouse Fortification 8   9 Rescue BSFHS Healers 10 Preparation & ranking 11   12   13  
14   15   16   17   18   19 The Castellan Borderers Ball 20 Spy on Thieves;
21   22 Bring justice to thieves 23 More preparation & ranking 24   25 Do over Duke of Thrones 26 Seagate Crafters Ball
27 Healing
28 Start fixing a volcano 29   30    
Heat (2)
  1   2   3 Finish fixing a Volcano 4 Seagate Guildmasters Ball
Fake digging
5   6 Hired to dig out cavern 7   8   9   10 Seagate Races 11 The Duke of Carzala's Summer Ball
12   13   14 Midsummers Eve (Faerie Day)
Do over 'not a demon' Bard
15 Solstice
Start regenerating Rhiain
16   17 Seagate Summer Fair Day 18 Seagate Summer Fair Day
19   20   21 Ressurect Rhiain 22 Start home 23   24 The Castellan of Brastor's Summer Ball 25  
26   27 Arrive at Guild 28   29   30    
Breeze (3)
  1   2  
3 Day of Death 4   5   6   7   8   9  
10   11   12   13   14   15   16  
17   18   19   20   21   22   23  
24   25   26   27   28   29   30