The Hunting of the Omnicognitron

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Game Master
Ross Alexander


Date: 01/04/805

Lord of Fate (Baccarat) from the pocket plane of ??? contacts Turf. Turf gathers party and we fly to seven sisters and pass into pocket plane, we are met by a servant of Backerack who takes us to Bacerack's casino where we meet him. Dr VonSprocketset a Gnomish inventor has gone missing leaving a large glass making invention (Omnicognetron) on the rampage. The Omnicognetron may have been reprogrammed by a minion of the Blood Lord as it is now actively hostile when anyone approaches. It is large enough that it has messed up Metastopholies (a semi senile gold dragon that lives on this plane). During its rampage it has released two vampires by smashing through their prison (the Blood Lord's temple a large pyramid).

Stop the Omnicognetron.
The Omnicognetron

We gather information from Torquesdriver, Dr VonSprocketset's assistant, Metastopholies and Delerium (the Lady of illusion and faces). It appears that Sin and Bad the two Vampires have take Dr VonSprocketset through a protal to a plane called Victoriana about 5 days ago.

We also fly out to investigate the Omnicognetron, which is out in the desert. A plan is formulated, we will attempt to lead it into a trap which is charged with a spell of confusion by Delerium. We will attempt to damage it by breaking its cooling tanks and keeping it confused until it overheats, or we damage it enough that it stops. We power up and head out. Plan works, the Omnicognetron explodes. We find no one inside controling it.

During the fight agains the Omnicognetron a phantasim attacks Tulip and then flys off, we follow it back to a glass dome in the dessert which now contains two dead bodies with tubes in their hearts. We estimate a Rnk 20 enhance and Rnk 20 mind mage from the 600m distance required to set off phantasim. We return to Backerack's casino, he would like us to find out what has happened to Dr VonSprocketset.

Find out what has happened to Dr VonSprocketset.
Enchanted weapons or other.

We search throug Dr VonSprocketset's workshop and find an invoice for glass from Johnsons imort and export, with an address on it. It seems the Gnome's were doing some elicit trading on the side. We power up and go through the portal to Victoriana. We arrive in "London" by Cleopatra's Spire, its very foggy and we cannot see far, all magic is gone except for permanent and intrinsic magic … there is no mana. We are attacked by a boat load of 4 wriths, Sebrina and Blitzkreg kill one in the first 1/2 pulse the others take off. Turf has a potion of locate and attempts a locate on one of the Vampires. We all follow Turf, eventually we get to a burning building, Sabrina, Turf and Blitzkreg charge in Ty, Tulip and Ajax (the horse) keep watch outside. Blitzkreg and company dispatch both Vampires, Blitskreg sucks one into his scythe, but they were using children to drain damage into (2 each), and so 3 children are killed, one is still living. We regroup and return to the needle. Divinate needle, it takes the passing of a mortal soal to activate. We banish turf who summons us back to Alucia. Kids are dead and non-resurectable. We travel to Ichpar. Summon an e&e (Ular Rah Shan) so we can locate Dr VonSprocketset when we return to Victoriana. He doesn't understand our urgency and arrives 2 days later.

Date: 02/04/805

Waiting for Ular Rah Shan. Spend some time going through papers that were grabed from the burning buiding which turn out to be financial records. Much of the glass was sold to the "Great Exhibition Company", an address is found.

Date: 03/04/805

Go to Five Sisters and pass through the portal. Talk to Backerack power up and go back throug to Victoriana. Takes a day to make some investeds???

Date: 04/04/805

We arrive very early in the morining so find a hotel and then climb out the back and go t check out the Great Exhibition Company's headquarters which is near to Hyde park. We find details of a "Hypergismatron" and a flyer advertising a large palace to be made out of glass. The structure will be held up by iron made at the Hellsgate Ironworks in Shefield, we think this is worth investigating after a small rest return to hotel. Sleep. Get the train to Shefield. Go to Hellsgate Ironworks. They don't want us to investigate, we go in anyway, large metal things attack and the Hypergismatron attacks with lightening strikes. Sabrina finds Dr VonSprocketset, and talks him into shutting the Hypergismatron down. We find the "Boss" who is just a money grubbing mortal. We leave taking Dr Von Sprocketset and the most important components of the Hypergismatron, and poor molten steel on the remaining bits. Return to london, sleep the night.

Date: 05/04/805

Visit the site of the Crystal palace, to try and determine what the Vampires were up to. We think they were going to attract a large crowd to the glass building (especiall as there is a head of states visit planed) and then turn the Hypergismatron on, shatter all the glass and release lots of blood maybe.

We try to find out what the spire is so that we can get back to either the pocket plane or Alucia and find some info in a book that says it is a release point for souls going into the "Western lands". Find out when it is next due to open, and arrive to observe, we notice that the river changes and DA shows it to be the river Styx, we see souls passing into the river and disappearing. We all "jump in", we "die" and travel the styx untile we are "reborn" on the pocket plane. Backerack meets us.

Experience & Loot

01/04/805 WK
05/04/805 WK
5 days
14600 (5400 for Ular Rah Shan)
Time Playing
6 sessions
Goods Received
20,000 - 30,000 sp worth of raw materials in form of scrap bronze and iron (the exploded Omnicognetron) [4860sp per adventurer after tax].