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Ross plays the characters:

Ross also GMs the area of Tuscana which can be found as number 5 on the new map. He current lives in London.

Current house rules for Kanlaoise

  • Quickness - Gives additional pass action and 10 IV
  • Slowness - Reduces AG by -1 / 4 Ranks plus -10 IV
  • Phantasm - Like spectral warrior, dispel is Rank v Rank
  • Undetectable - Undetectable while stealthing
  • Transmutation - Back to Molecular Rearrangement
  • Light - All light spells are point sources, not volumes
  • Dark - Works like a fog
  • Celestial two sub colleges: The Sun, Truth and Revelations and Darkness and the Night's Sky. Star and Shadow don't exist.
  • Illumination -> Special
  • Chasimatic Aura -> Special
  • Hands of Earth -> Instant Duration
  • Water -> 13 MA College (Mage current, Nagivation, Ship Strength, Summon Aquatic Life & Wave control all specials)
  • Herbalist -> Cannot be magically preserved
  • Warrior -> Completely replaced but players can use current version

Changes to Fatigue

Fatigue is much more dynamic and drives most combat actions, including damage mitigation.

  • No FT barrier
  • Fatigue automatically regenerates at 1 / Pulse
  • Can regen additional fatigue at EN/20 rounded up as a pass action
  • All multi-target spells cost 1 FT for general, 2 FT for special per additional target
  • All attacks cost FT
  • EN can be converted to FT by taking Strain damage


  • All damage is EN damage
  • EN damage can be soaked with FT
  • Armour reduces physical damage (and potentially elemental magical damage)
  • Endurance hit is half armour
  • Critical hits ignore armour


Warriors get the following special abilities

  • Multihex strike
  • Two weapon attack
  • Unarmed kick
  • Shield bash
  • Cobra strike: +5 IV
  • Extra pass
  • Precise strike: +10SC -1DMG / FT
  • Weapon familiarity
  • Massive Attack: Half SC but maximum damage
  • Whirlwind: Hit all surrounding hexes at half damage, -20 DEF -20SC
  • Sweep attack: Multihex with single hand B-class or C-class
  • Strain
  • Titan Strength: +2 PS / 1 FT up to current PS
  • Sprint: 1 Hex / FT up to TMR
  • Dodge: Avoid tramples spending 2FT / AG multipler
  • Knock back: Force opponent back, half damage

Warriors get to stack up to Rank/2 (unlimited at Rank 10) abilities per pulse but can only make a maximum of two attacks.