Sigismund's Regalia

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The Regalia

King Sigismund the Pious went missing sometime around 494WK, leading the Great Crusade, somewhere in either the Sea of Grass or the Superstition Mountains. The last true king of the Western Kingdom many of the lands of Western Alusia have vowed not to rejoin the kingdom until the King is sworn in and crowned with the regalia of the king. Sigismund's regalia has been missing for some years now but is detailed below.

Crown of Peace

Crown of Peace
Crown of Peace

This crown of Mithril is of simple design and is decorated only with a thin band of Runes encircling it. The powers of this crown may only be used by the true king of the Western Kingdom and this attribution is part of the coronation ceremony.

While worn by the king all those within 500ft are compelled to speak the truth and are also under a mild charm that encourages people to reach compromise in any arguments. Once the area of effect has been left those affected will be bound to any agreements made while under the affects as if it were a Rk 10 Geas.

This Crown has been held since Winter 806 by knights loyal to King Sigismund at a 'secure' location - see notes Temple of the Knights Templar.

King Maximilian's Censer

This censer is a simple ball of Mithril with a threading of Star Silver. The censer is incredibly simple in its design and there is only a thin pattern of symbols around it's circumference. The Censer absorbs Mana and then releases it on command. This creates a High Mana area that covers a 200ft radius and also has the effect of a Rk 20 Enhance enchant covering all three catagories. The area lasts for 1 hour after which an area of 1000ft radius will become a low mana zone for three days as the orb recharges.

Autumn 805
This item has been recovered by an Army of Stone Elves from it's resting place. It has been taken to Masada to assist in the eradication of Evil that resides there. - GM: Mandos

Orb of the Western Kingdom

This item is known to have been recovered late in the Middle Duchies War and is presently in the possession of a shadowy figure whose identity is as yet unpublished.

King Otto the Gentle's Sceptre

This sceptre was rumoured to have been lost in the Baronies war during a particularly vicious battle for a major city but this has not been substantiated.

The Signet Ring / Seal of the Western Kingdom

This item was recovered in Autumn 805 by a party undertaking Grave robbing and Temple desecration on behalf of a Gabrialite Priest and was handed to a Church Representative in Seagate for safe keeping.

Crown of the Western Kingdom