Sword of Solomon

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Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar شمشیر زمردنگار

This Scimitar is an ancient artefact of Justice, its purpose is to enforce the ancient laws of magic.

The sword has the standard damage and strike chance of a Scimitar. But it may always hit, hurt, and kill someone that has broken the laws. Any form of defence, draining, retributive strike, damage reduction, or damage avoidance from magic (spells, talents, rituals, shaping, innate abilities, etc.) will be ignored. Transgressors that may only be killed by specific conditions may be killed by this sword.

Magical Laws Examples of Transgressions
1. Thou shalt not kill by use of Magic A mage that kills with a spell.
2. Thou shalt not transform others Mol Rec/Petrifaction/Skin Change on a resisting target.
3. Thou shalt not invade the mind of another Control Person, Telepathy
4. Thou shalt not enthrall another Charm, Bind Will, Compel ...
5. Thou shalt not reach beyond the borders of life Creating/raising/being undead. Does not include Resurrection.
6. Thou shalt not swim against the currents of time Time Travel
7. Thou shalt not seek beyond the outer gates. Summoning creatures of Chaos. Powers of Light & Dark are ok.
Value: 	20,000sp*	Weight: 	3 lbs		
GM: 	Jon McSpadden	Adventure: 	She is Made of Truth	Session: 	Winter 808wk.
  • Justice has indicated the sword is on loan until it is needed elsewhere - which could be a few days or a few centuries.


Solomon, a legendary wise and wealthy king on another plane, reputedly possessed this sword until his fall from grace. Some stories state the sword was lost when he was no longer worthy of holding it, others attribute his fall as a consequence of losing the sword.

Justice is sometimes known as the Queen of the Underworld, Dike, or Ma'at. She is believed to have given law to mortals and she passes judgement on the dead.

This sword and this aspect of Justice is more about application of the law than about 'true justice'.

Most adventurers have broken some or all of the above laws and are subject to the judgement of this sword. They may find it will be reluctant to mete out justice when wielded against someone who is equally or less in breach of the laws than they are.

It is possible to atone for past injustices or seek absolution. Justice may grant a stay of execution for those actively on the path of redemption.

As of Winter 808wk, the adventurers Sasha, Braegon, Engalton, Erzsabet, and Serendipity were judged sufficiently wise and just to wield the sword. Their actions from this point on could revoke this accolade.


15th Frost 808wk
The Sword is used to slay the Avatar of Arioch, the Knight of Swords of the Courts of Chaos, who was summoned to Alusia by the blood cult based in Kirkul.