Axyl Palathar

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Axyl Palathar was the Earl of Soulport who has seen the change of his Earldom from a place of evil to a home for new settlers.

Coming from the noble house of Palathar, Axyl has followed his family tradition of fighting against the dark and evil forces in Eltrandor. He and his loyal regiment of Lightseekers have spent many years battling the opposition in the earldom which has numbered the Slavers, Pirates, Evil Temples and sites of Demonic incursions. He notably despatched the Hyddin Demon back to its dimension for the next 1000 years at least.

Axyl stepped down from his position at the Kings request to allow Princess Karyna to become the Countess of Soulport in 807.
Axyl has become a warden of Eltrandor as of Summer 808 and in this position he may continue his battles against evil.