Red Red Wine

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Scribe Notes

Adventure: Red Red Wine
GM: Chris C
Season: Winter 813 wk
Night: Thursday
Level: Low-Low Medium
Location: Royal Oak/Onehunga


Game Details

Employer and Mission Details

The party Employer is the scion of a rich family that has lost a valuable ship The Late Harvest and its contents in the Far SE Archipelago. He seeks a band of competant adventurers to aid him, beautiful human females preferred but other entertained. The ship was en route between the Pavoni Vineyards in Lunar and Port Avalossa along with sundry other cargo and it failed to dock in Chingkapur as expected as well as failing to arrive at Port Avalossa as its final destination.

See Autumn 813.


Guild rates plus bonuses - to be negotiated with the party employer

Scribe Notes

1st Frost 813wk

Poppy writes:
Guild Meeting Day

We meet up in one of the Guild Meeting Rooms with our employer, Mario. He's a male human, a wine merchant and Mind Mage. Also there is Mayhem, the male hobbit who is a Namer and an apothecary. Bobdul is a human ranger, very tall. Poppy, a female human gypsy warrior.

The job is a wine boat of Mario's family has gone missing. We need to find the boat and get it returned. And there are 5 Guild members on the boat too. So they are now missing. We need to find them too. One of the crew is a water mage.

The boat traveled part of the way to it's scheduled destination. It got as far as Port Ebola and left there. But didn't make it to Port Avalossa in the Theropsid Isles. The boat travels there with wine, trades them and collects spices and fruits and other things from the Isles. And then goes back home.

So we plan to catch a boat to it's last know location and try and find out what's happened. Retracing the boats footsteps. So we discuss payment, expenses and plan for locating missing boat. We discuss protect and buffs and what we need to do here before we leave. Greater Enchantments are discussed. Mario offers to cover some of the expenses so we can all get some protect.

Poppy spends 2400sp to upgrade the job offer so she has 3 areas covered by the Greater. We also discuss tropical areas and insect repellants, winter clothes for the first few nights and when we round the Cape of Maelstroms. It will be cold but the final destination is a tropical jungle. While preparing for the trip Poppy checks out any scribe notes in the library about the Therupsed Isles. She makes some notes and gets some copies of what Guild maps there are of the area. I also buy $500 of dyes and other items for working cloth with an idea of trading them at the end or along the way.

Mario, Mayhem and Bobdul go out on the town. The One-Horned God Temple is having a festival so eventually they all end up there for revelry.

Mayhem's Notes

Went shopping. Got some meat and a bonfire itemised. Looked for explosives. None.
Went out. Got laid. Had a smoke.

2nd-4th Frost 813wk

Poppy writes:
We catch passage on a ship which is fast and reliable to Port Ebola. Ship is called Queen Esmeralda. She docks for 3 hours here, so we have to be prompt. There are 26 other passengers.

First destination is to Saint Aleena. It takes 3 days to get there. The weather is very odd so my Mana Sight gets a work out looking out watching the seas for maelstrom ripples. We don't want to bumb into any wild magic that could cause us damage.. we chat to the crew and train with some. Some of us don't travel so well when it's rough or the ship isn't under the mage current.

Mayhem's Notes

Got on boat. Got sick. Went ... away somewhere, probably south. Fenced in the rigging.

5th Frost 813wk

Arrived in St Hylena at dawn, Departed at 9am heading south towards Raniterre.

Poppy writes:
We arrive at port and have exactly 3 hours to have a walk about to stretch our legs. In port is Mario Amazonian women. He goes over for a chat and takes Mayhem with him. Bobgul and Bob and I go for a walk also. The Amazonian women on Mario's boat seem to know him well. He chats to them, and gets some wine skins with Urgla and a wine skin of (insert name) He asks the ladies to keep an eye out for the stock that is missing incase it turns up somewhere else. Bobdul has some luck chatting to some local ship hands. Learns that the missing ship did travel this way. The chaps were called Mad Jack and Hook Hand Bart.

Once the loading and unloading happens they call everyone back onto the ship and head off to our next destination. Port Arantea.

Mayhem's Notes

Got off boat, had a look around, met some women with architecture. Assaulted their south-facing features. Had a smoke.Picked up some Urgla and some other stuff named Jyice which looks useful if we can find a way to distill it down and pour it into a grenado.

6th-7th Frost 813wk

Poppy writes:

2 more days traveling along coast. During these travels we have chatted to some of the other passengers. Mario has especially become friendly with members of a family, Hogswoth, on the boat. The father is an alchemist so they have things to chat about. They have 3 daughters Hannah (15 yrs) Elise (17yrs and Hilda (18yrs) Hilda.

More of the weird magical Maelstroms are spotted and avoided.

Mayhem's Notes

Got on boat. Got sick, went away somewhere, and I'm saying it's south. Fenced in the rigging.

8th Frost 813wk

Arrived in San Carlos, a port in greater Raniterre at 7am, Departed at 10am headed to round the Southern Horn known as The Cape of Maelstroms on route to Ebola.

Poppy writes:
Day 8 sees us arriving in the port. Poppy and Bobdul go for a walk with the dog. Looking for anything suss. Chat to workers etc. Hear more rumours about the unusual storms for this time. A weather mage came to the city and explained it to the people of the city. The weather is disrupted because of all the magic being drawn to the north where the battling is going on.

We find out about local pirates and who is still actually around. We get 2 names and ship's names. - The Flying Roger - (can't remember name)

Mario and Mayhem wander and Mario uses his telepathy to try and see if anyone reacts to him arriving and wandering around in the open of the docks incase they have something to hide. It worked and they picked up an alarm from someone watching the port. Mario follows and discovers the watcher works for a local family. And the father seems to be the head of the house.

He follows and ends up outside a very nice mansion. It appears that Beatrice, the daughter of the merchant who owns the mansion is very pregnant. Most likely Mario's. He heads back to the boat quickly and tries to hurry everyone along so the ship can leave on time.

Mayhems Notes

Arrived somewhere reasonably nice. Had a look around with Mario wearing his family's colours. Very pretty. Followed some guy who was interested in Mario.
Went to a nice house that looked as if the second storey windows were easy well-appointed. Feminine cries within, followed by a young and extremely swollen human girl appearing at afore-mentioned window, uttering pathetic cries of 'Mario, Mario, wherefore art thou,Mario?'. We left, sudden like, brisk saunter, then jog, then sprint for the boat, which was making ready to go away somewhere that I'm pretty sure was south.
Got on boat. Got sick. Fenced in the rigging. Apparently Mario knew swollen girl. Carriage appeared on dock and waved at us. Well, think they were waving. Couldn't see weapons, anyway.

9th and 10th Frost 813wk

Poppy writes:
We head off again and spend a day traveling around the Cape of Maelstroms to our third port of call, Port Ebola. It's very rough seas on the way and Mayhem and Poppy are a wee bit sick. We eventually get round the Cape and head towards the harbour.

It's the morning of the 10th day and we arrive at the headlands outside Port Ebola.

Poppy writes:
(Session 2)We come round the coast line in towards the Port of Ebola. The cliffs along the coast are very impressive and tower above the ship. There are towers built into the cliffs. And we see many caves and openings on the cliffs. Some empty, some with siege weapons and as we get closer to the wharfs we see houses and other buildings inside the cliff holes. As we come into the wharfs we see the bigger picture of the port. A large tunnel further back where it looks like 2 ships are being constructed. High up on the cliffs overlooking the main Port area is a large house, apparently the King of the place lives there. So many peoples moving around the area.

We decide to split up as we get off the ship to collect info and travel to an Inn. The crew mentioned a place called the Broken Drum. We arrange to meet there. I hire a porter to help carry my chest of stock. There are so many beggars. And they try their luck with Mungo who gives them coins. He's soon swamped with kid beggars that the wharf security start pounding on them with truncheons to make them clear off.

Mario flies off to his wine stewards quarters.

Mayhem follows some of the beggars back to an alley where they enter into a buildingvia a doorway. He comes back looking for us telling us about what he's found and convinces some of us to follow him back into the alley. We go with him. But Poppy and Bobdul stay outside in the alley as Mungo and Mayhem barge into the building. Language is a problem as we don't speak what they mostly speak, but Common is found as universal with one of the older gentlemen. He talks about Ranke merchants. Mayhem is introduced as Majic and Mungo is introduced as Lathron the Elf. Mayhem is looking for pirate gear, clothes, wooden peg and parrot. Needs to be halfling sized. Different items are mentioned for purchase. They mention wanting wine and a bigger discussion comes from this. 10 tonnes of wine for 45,000sp. We ask for a meet and some sample of the wine. 10pm is arranged at the Broken Drum.

We eventually head to the Broken Drum. We book rooms, the guys in an outside edge with balcony room. I get a room inside with many good locks. The manager is called Rowena, very nice lady. Mayhem hits on her and she tells him about the unisex baths up the hill and how he needs a wash. He decides to head up for a look.

Meanwhile Mario has been visiting his steward factors. Chat about the missing boat and business. At the factors is a Watermage called Caros who was the Last Harvest's actual WaterMage. He got sick and the ship had to get a replacement from the boat Neptune's Storm, captained by Inigo. 100ish crew on the Last Harvest. He's been staying here for the last 3 months recovering. Mario arranges to stay with them. He talks to them about how he wants to make it known he's hunting for the missing wine. So he arranges for the steward to hire some ruffins who will attack him on his way from visiting another wine info source. And how after a bit of a fight he will win and announce "no-one steals from the Pavony Family". So it's set up, he visits his source, and gets attacked. There is a big loud fight and he gets a bit roughed up but wins. He makes his big threat. Bad guys run off. And it looks good. He even gets swooned on by ladies who thought he was very brave etc. He picks one for dinner later at the Dempseys Dinner location. A red-haired Sephena.

Boadhil decides to go shopping for local clothes. I accompany him and talked to some merchants about my chest of stock I bought in Seagate. They are very knowledgeable and seem reputable, a tailor/clothing person called Jacob, and we came to a deal where he buys it all for 2520sp. And they are interested in more. Perhaps I might be able to set up a regular trade going here. Much to think about. We chat to stalls, ask questions like tourists. With my healing type skills and dyes type skills I ask about things unique to the area. Find out that there are lizards that live in the caves that they use in lotions. Something to look into if we have time.

We head back to the Inn, have dinner and mingle with the Inn's evening crowd. There are many rumors. There is a reward out on a scruffy Halfling 130sp dead or alive, something about a scuffle in the Baths. We haven't seen Mayhem for quite some time... A famous Pavony family member is in town and something about a scuffle. Some house slaves were whipped.

Mario meets his lady for dinner, and says he needs to pop out for a brief moment but will be back.

Mayhem comes back with some tale about getting into trouble with the baths security. Mario turns up in disguise. Eventually it gets late into the evening and Mungo, Mario and Mayhem head up to the rooms to meet with the thieves. Me and Boadhil stick around in the Inn bar area. There are at least 2 groups of folks in the bar that peek my interest. Not sure if they are guards or working with the thieves. They do seem to watch a lot.

In the rooms Madrado and his crew (the thieves Mayhem/Mungo had talked to) bring along some wine samples for Mungo/Lathron and Mayhem/Majic to check out. Mario tastes a Laghue Boudaley, possibly from Shingapor location. A pretty good wine. He thinks a profit could be had on the wine. It's 40,000sp will need a 5,000sp deposit. Which Mario sorts out. And it will be delivered to a location in 2 days time, on the 12th.

After the thieves crew leave, Boadhil and I notice the guard groups in the Inn leave, one not long after the group leaves the inn, and then the 2nd group about 3/4 hour afterwards again.

We meet and discuss what's happening, share information. We head back to rooms and a wee boy called Ranaldo turns up asking for Mayhem/Majic. Talks about how there is a ranch out of town with bad pirates are, waylaying until their ship comes back. We ask him to come back in the morning to show us where.

Mario heads back to dinner. [Rated content] And eventually ends up back at the Factors place. Talks to Caro, checks him by hypnotism to see if his sickness was deliberate to get someone on the boat. Doesn't find anything to suspect Caro or foul play. He just ate bad crab and got sick.

Poppy writes:
(Session 3) We get back together to discuss who the boy was, and how he knew where we were and why we would be interested in pirates. Is it a trap? By whom? Night gets late and we head to sleep.

Night is interrupted by guards looking for a skiraloss hobbit. Wanted. They banged on my door wanting to search my room. They said there was a 180sp reward for the hobbit. And I was shown a wanted poster. They then banged on the boys room. Mayhem hearing what they asked me got out onto the balcony and climbed down the cliff stone walls. So when they entered the boys room there was no hobbit there. They were offered 200sp reward. Interesting.

While they were investigating the rooms and talking to us (Mungo and Boadhil) Mayhem hid in the shadows below the Inn. And discovered someone else was also hiding in the shadows. Someone who had killed someone else in the shadows by the body slowly going cold and bleeding all over the place. The shadow tries to set up Mayhem for the kill, and a fight ensues. Mayhem kills the assassin, sets it up so the 2 bodies look like they killed each other. And pockets all the loot and heads down to the wharf to clean up since he's now a wanted hobbit... and is currently covered in the blood of 2 dead people. Leaving bloody foot prints leading down to the wharf too.

Lisa, one of the blonde waitresses from the Inn invites herself into Mungo's room. Boadhil gets paid by Mungo to leave the room for a while so he can [Rated Content] Boadhil makes 10sp.

Eventually Mayhem gets back and climbs back into the room via the balcony. The other 2 guys were asleep... and get disturbed by Mayhem's break in. A thrown dagger misses him and Lisa seems a capable woman. They all go back to sleep.

Mayhem's Notes

Got off boat at this place that was a lot like a pirate hangout.
Turns out it is a pirate hangout.
Lots of pubs, everything built up the side of what looks like a volcanic crater.
Me and Mungo met a gang of thieves. We told them our names were Mad Jack and Lathron the elf, but kind of hard for Mungo to pull off the elf thing, so just stared them down when they looked at us. They had some stolen wine to sell, arranged to hook up with rest of team (and Mario). Said they dealt in slaves.
Found a place that sold pirate hats, patches, parrots and wooden legs. Also, some kids hanging around with an unhealthy interest in pirates. Asked them about pirates. They said they'd keep an eye out.
Stayed at this pub which was nice.
Met this woman who ran the place who was nice.
Went to the baths to get a root clean. Not so nice
Got familiar with local young noble, attracted elements of the local constabulary, got manhandled by big, hairy element. He asked me for my name, and I said "Mad Jack", and pretended to be staying at this hole in the wall I thought was the other end of town. 'Escorted' to a pub I pretended I was at. Fined me 100sp. Had to do a runner when hairy element found out I was making it all up, and because I forgot I had 1,000 sp in my other loincloth. Hid until dark, snuck back to inn, found out there was a "dead or alive" poster up for me, value 130 sp. Undervalued. Bloody cheek.
Met with local thieves, Mario okayed the wine, but was de Hoe   de Hock   d' Heog not Pavoni wine. Steal at 45,000sp. Didn't think there was that much silver outside of a dwarven mine.
Kids come around to tell me about pirates hanging out at inland farm.
We plan to "investigate" pirates.

11th Frost 813wk

Poppy writes:
Breakfast, and the night's adventures are discussed. Mayhem shares with us his loot of 150sp, a couple of gems, a pack of tarot cards and an odd icky necklace of teeth.

At 10am Rinaldo arrives and will lead us to where the place of the bad pirates is. I ask for a picnic basket for lunch from the Inn kitchen and off we head. Apparently there are 9 pirates from the bad ship out on a ranch not far from town. We guess the local pirates want rid of these foreign pirates as they are bad for business. Mario joins us for breakfast. Will go visit the local King/lord and then fly out to meet us along the way.

We lock up our belongings in my room with the good locks, and follow Ranaldo out of town.

Mario visited the Vizier to talk to him about the missing boat. He had to organise a meeting time the day before so didn't want to miss the time. They chat about ships and pirates and missing wine.

Mario flies to catch up with the rest of the group. We head towards the "pirates".

We travel past an Inn, and onto a farm where the pirates are hold up. Mayhem sneaks ahead for a look. Mario uses his mind skills to work out there are some out the back of the house. A couple are working in the fields, and their child is being used as a hostage inside. And several more pirates inside the house, probably where the child is. They are bored pirates and think about waiting for another phase of the moon. So we have to get to the child and protect it. Mungo turns into a wolfman.

We look to attack from the side of the house to get in quick to get to the child. Mario will super charge in to protect the child.

Combat happens. Part of the plan works. Some of us got into the building and got to the child to protect it. The it was all on. Fighting inside, fighting outside, panicked parents trying to get to their child. In the end we killed a bunch and ended up with the leader of the bunch, Berish. And his lady companion, Lundra who surrendered and 4 unconscious pirates. The rest were dead.

We questions the pirates to find out what was going on. They were a spotter crew. Find out about possible ships to target, whisper the info out to the ship and at a certain time of the moon they would go out in a boat and get picked up by the main ship again.

We learn they were the spotters for the Late Harvest. And also 2 other ships, the Restatution, and the Hofflong. The pirates have some safe friendly ports they visit. Pearl Bay, Noth Watch and Ligue Isle. And that Fog Isle is a possible hideout.

Loot from the pirates - 1289 sp, 5 true silver guineas, some weapons.

We recruit Berish and Lyndra. Mario hires them as staff. We will go to the des Torro (pirate ship) as recruits as something befell the other members of this spotting crew. Berish has a rumor of a juicy tidbit boat. But the boat will actually be a trap ship with good guys on it. And they attack the ship once the pirates are on their ship.

Mario hypnotises Berish so he will start hiccuping if he's going to betray us. Berish gets rid of the bodies of the dead pirates. The family move out of the house as we take up camp in it. Mario goes back into town to meet again with the Vizier and arranges a deal where the Vizier will help with the trap ship and crew, and the ship will leave port not long after the full moon so it's close by for the target trap to work.

The deal with the Vizier is 20% finders fee on Divina Pastora, after boat is returned. Other ships he will get a 20% value fee. He also buys some water breathing and ring with 4 charges of Rank 12 Shadow Wings.

Trap Ship, Virgin Dolores, cargo "iron ingots and other precious metals".

We camp out on the farm to wait for the moon phase. Discover the corn in the fields on the farm are magically blessed.

People break out in some sort od Ebola Pox. Blotches and pustles was the worst with Mayhem. Icky. I fix everyone up including Berish and Lyndra.

Ranaldo turns up with a parrot for Mayhem. Discover it's a changed goblin but it appears to like being a parrot. It's a blue Macaw parrot in a cage, cause it's an attack parrot. Get's called Grag.

Learn that the leader of the local pirates is Estelle, who is also a witch. She's married to the head wrecker of the crew. The parrot is a token of a job well done.

Night passes.

Mayhem's Notes

'Pparently, after checking out wine, Mario headed off to talk about clothing with woman he didn't introduce me to.
Anyway, hairy elements turn up at Poppy's door. I recognise knock and make for window, reckoned they'd have hairy elements at other exits.
So, slipped down building into shadow-infested alley behind pub. Make out a couple of shadows, one breathing, other cooling. Also leaking.
Exchanged courtesies with breathing shadow and tried to pretend hadn't noticed cooling shadow, but he didn't go for it. Pretty obvious I was only living witness, and living status pretty negotiable at this point. Breathing shadow asked if I would carry body while he kept a look out, and I'm thinking you don't ask a hobbit to lift an adult human unless you plan to give him a proper stabbing. Politely declined.
As expected, bugger went for me with short sword, but my armour held, just a bruise. Wonder if I could get Poppy to apply ointment to it...Anyway, went for bugger's gonads and got in a lucky hit. Went into stabbing frenzy until dead. Bugger vindictively bled all over me.
Bugger had a couple of specially sharp swords. Drove them into all of the wounds I had inflicted and then leant both cooling shadows against each other in alley. After looting, of course.
Had to sneak down to the docks to wash off blood. Snuck back to our pub, climbed up to window, but it was temporarily locked. Opened window. Mungo in bed with naked girl but not smoking. Strange.
Bobdul turns up, and naked girl gets dressed, but Mungo won't let me watch. Back to normal.
In morning, kids turn up to show us where the pirates are. Mario hypnotises kid, casts Telepathy etc. Turns out kid's uncle is local pirate, wants us to get rid of non-local pirates. Used kids to stay out of it. Sounds like a bugger to me.
Recce out place while Mungo goes all wolf. About nine of 'em, five outside having smoke, chatting, see two inside, guess there's another couple somewhere else. Farmer and wife are poking at ground with pitchforks not far from smoking pirates. Mario casts Telepathy and says there's a baby boy in house, farmer and wife being held hostage by non-local pirates.
Mario goes first, protects baby and Controls red-hat pirate to attack other pirate, Mungo runs to window, bursts into room, lays about with big wolfy claws. Me, Poppy and Bobdul chase after. Poppy throws little dog into room, tells him to protect crib. Engage incoming smoking pirates. Mario tears his pirate entirely new arsehole, same as me and Bobdul. Mungo tickles pirates till they go all coy. Poppy attracts tough pirate, takes a hell of a blow straight up the jacksie. Must have hurt. Wonder if she'd let me apply ointment...
Mungo flings himself out window, but can't get to Poppy's attacker. I close with piratess and molest her, while Poppy takes another whack but lives. Mungo jumps on guy from behind, more tickling etc. Still, distracts tough pirate from Poppy. Call for their surrender or be tickled by big hairy wolf thing.
We prevail.
Turns out pirates are spotters for Divina Pastora. Expect boat back in couple of days at next full moon. They meet boat off point in dinghy. Confess to history of piracy. We consider handing them over to local pirates, selling to slaver, or giving to hairy elements of constabulary.
Still undecided.
Kid turns up later with blue attack parrot from wreckers local freebooters. Special present from their boss. According to parrot, she'll hellfire it and anyone else as tries to bring it back.

12th Frost 813wk

Poppy writes

Poppy writes:
We hang around in the ranch waiting for the time of the moon. Training time.

Mayhem's Notes

Play cards with new tarot deck, fence in the corn

13th Frost 813wk

Poppy writes

Poppy writes:
A cart and servants turn up with food. From the pirate crew. We chat to the servants and crew. Mayhem leers...

Mayhem's Notes

Play cards with new tarot deck, fence in the corn, practice leering a bit

14th Frost 813wk

Poppy writes:

Poppy writes:
It's the Full Moon, we hang out but no ship.

Mayhem's Notes

Play cards with new tarot deck, fence in the corn, give up on leering 'cause of sprained eyebrow.

15th Frost 813wk

Poppy writes:
It's the Full Moon, we hang out but no ship. More servants and another cart comes out to visit us.

Mayhem's Notes

Play cards with now reasonably used tarot deck, fence in the corn, eyebrow still not recovered

16th Frost 813wk

Poppy writes:
It's the Full Moon, we hang out and the ship comes. While on the way out to the ship the dinghy we are in capsizes and we have to right the boat and carry on. The parrot in the cage is an interesting crate. Survives the dunk.

We get to the ship, we climb in. Berish vouches for us. Captain Gaunt has a stutter. We get shown to our bunk areas. Mayhem is sick on the ship until Lyndra put a pebble on a string around his wrists. The seas sick would blow our cover. Mario scanned the ship, found a water mage and an air mage.

Mayhem's Notes

Boat came, got sick, got wet, got on boat, got bit sicker, got pebble, got better. Still wet.

Some days after the 16th Frost 813wk

Mayhem's Notes

Landed on pirate island, had a look around. Ran into prides of aggressive black panthers. Dicked 'em. Got shot at by James, marine hairy element with a bow, hangs around in crow's nests. Plan to hang him from other parts of ship.
Got some bushes 'n' shit Poppy wanted. Fell into overgrown gorge. Well, looked like overgrown gorge, but windows and doors gave it away. Ran into big fabric eating spiders , could be good for someone who has cornered the silk market, vile, twisted corruptions of life etc, etc, etc. Did not dick 'em in case had established civilisation of their own. Hadn't. Met kobolds, took us to wyverns, who are not like the wyverns we know, being about 25 ft long, fangs that could credibly shear off a giant's thigh. Wondered if the words 'pastry casing' went through their minds when they looked at hobbits.
As it happens, very friendly. Offered to make poison tonic for us, also said they could divine our loot for us, and said that they might be able to help me learn the College of Shadow Weaving. Rolled onto back and purred while belly was stroked.
Read our futures using demon tarot cards. Some weird shit happened.
Spent time slothing around putting on condition for assault on pirate base.
Went back to boat, picked up marine hairy elements, led them back through jungle towards pirate base. Ran into 20-strong hunting party (14 pirates, 6 slaves). Recruited slaves, dicked 13 pirates, kept one for dessert.
One survivor, "interviewed", updated our maps, said hunting party had been going to harvest smilodons. Interesting.
Later that night, Mungo and I snuck into pirate camp, added herbal excitement to pirate water supply, returned to rest, moved back into jungle for tonic to take effect.
Spiders take a dislike to some of us. Fair bit of biting and squealing. Offer to show Poppy where I got bit but she doesn't believe a word of it.

The day after that

Mayhem's Notes

We play with some of our loot. Promise Mungo I'll throw poison ring into volcano.

The day after the day after that

Mayhem's Notes

We slack around during the day, and at night, sneak into pirate compound, general stabbery. Rescue ice & water mage but bard is obviously an idiot, so left him in chains. Liberated arms and armoury, freed slaves & equipped them.
Move to other side of compound where tough guys hang out. Arrayed marines and armed ex-slaves in skirmish lines, and arrange for them to attack house containing captain, first mate etc.
Find necro and spell caster minion. Also, half dozen garden zombies. Cast counterspells on party which likely mostly work. Ish.
Mario flings himself into hideous danger through window. Mungo and Bobdul try to batter door down, but jammed by warping wood spell. I climb onto roof to try, pick at the thatch. Poppy watches rear, details 4 marines to destroy zombies.
Mario faces off at one end of room against shadowy, cowled figure, who prongs him with sissy rapier. Mario immolates, stabs back. Also not stunned. Well behind shadowy figure, elven necro (who knew?) wiggles fingers. Down throat, apparently. Column of vomit surges over cowled figure and Mario.
Make a hole in roof, attempt to swing down onto cowled figure, but slip on rat shit. Land behind door, just when Mungo and Bobdul kick door open, bowled for six.
Mungo charges into close with elven necro, takes vicious wound, gets poisoned, bones go all brittle. Mario's dog jumps on necro, too, gets stabbed, bites. Poppy bursts in and takes swipe at cowled guy while I stand up and point out big bruise that needs healing. Poppy rolls eyes, hits guy again. Stagger over the elven necro to position for proper stabbing. Mungo goes down from injuries, Bobdul thumps hell out of other elf with bastard sword.
Poppy pulls out antivenin and sticks it in Mungo, but still a funny colour. Mario drops cowled guy, crosses room toward rest of party.
I stab necro, get poisoned, take waters of healing, pass out, Mario heals me, stick dagger up necro's jacksie who barely shrugs. Poppy applies same to Mungo. Bobdul & dog slam necro. Mungo gets healed and lays into necro, too. Cowled guy lying in pool of shadows, might have been spilled potion.
Necro pulls out spell device, Mario interrupts with his pervy hand, still going off. Mario targets himself, the necro, me and Poppy, take damage. Necro goes down under hail of blows. Loot him before he hits the floor.
Unfortunately, necro pacted and big hairy demon claw appears.
Someone does some weird shit thing and he stops being dead for a minute, while Mario covers floor in 'Truth'. Avoid stepping in it case it's catching.
When necro completes dying, no big hairy demon claw.
We prevail.

We find
necro's robes (size 5, Prot 7, Damage Reduction 3)
his minion's armour (size 5, Prot 5, Damage Reduction or Endurance Armour 5)
necro's knife
necrosis spell device
minion's potions
invested shadow wings x 2
minion's blade(s) (can't remember if he had a shield or another weapon in his off hand)
jewellery etc?

Notes incomplete

Mayhem's Book of Pointy Reckoning

No one so far, but it's early days yet.

  1. big, hairy elements of constabulary
  2. red-handed muggers
  3. James, the crow's nest archer.



Magic Rk Effects Dur Ma Mu Po T1 T2 My
Spell name (Cast by) ? hours
Enhance Enchant ??


Skirmish Formations Watches
Default Double File Single File 3-4 Hrs per Watch



- Carlos. Watermage from The Late Harvest who got sick and had to be replaced in Ebola
- Rowena. Inn manager of Broken Drum in Ebola.
- Rinaldo. Kid messenger from local pirates.
- The Davina Pastora. Pirate ship of the bad pirates. Captain Gaunt - Destinian
- The Late Harvest. Missing Pavony ship with cargo of wine and 5 guild members.
- Ara - Missing Mind Mage. Guild member. Body Recovered - DEAD
- Ash - Missing Ice mage. Guild member. Recovered alive
- Richter - Missing Bard. Guild member.Recovered alive but Tongue cut out
- Lendal - Missing Water mage. Guild member.
- Lexi - Missing Celestial Mage. Guild member.
- Estelle - eminence grise of the Ebolan wrecking community. Capable witch. Has Skin Change, Create Restorative, possibly Hellfire. We suspect she has high ranked Windwhistle to pull ships onto rocks.

Bad guys

  1. DEAD - Captain 'Sword Jugglin' Bobby Ferrus
  2. ESCAPED - Water Mage named 'Splash' McManon
  3. DEAD - Necromancer named Horace de Mort, pacted to Bifrons
  4. DEAD - Neomancer named Smersh
  5. DEAD - Guard Commander Nigel Tomoson
  6. DEAD - Shadow Mage



Winter: Frost 813 (7)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Samhain 1 Guild Meeting 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 1 2 3 4
Winter: Snow 813 (8)
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 Solstice 16 17 18 Yuletide
19 Days of Chaos 20 21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30 Twelth Night 1 2
Winter: Ice 813 (9)
3 4 5 6 First Plough 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30


Mario Mungo Poppy Boabdil Mayhem TBA3
3750 1850 4400 3350 3500 0
After racial tax:
3750 1850 4400 3350 3500 0
Weekly Bonuses:
0 0 0 0 0 0
Final Bonuses:
0 0 0 0 0 0
After Loot Split:
Lucre (in Truesilver Guineas):
0sp 0sp 0sp 0sp 0sp 0sp

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